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Manuchander S is a software designer

go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
A question about this goal: I'd like to do it ! but how long, is the question i have ? June 4th, 2011 21:36


Robert working with a difficult client

That’s entirely up to you … it could be a few hours, days or weeks!

I was going to say the same thing. I do one day trips all the time. I did a big week long one a couple years back…and this year I’m driving 15,000 miles (although I have a destination…or many of them)

That’s up to you. Like CoffeeGirl, mine was 15K miles, and mine took 39 days.

ohnomarie too much to do too little time

A road trip is the quintessential example of letting things go and roll behind you. Finding yourself on the open road may happen for some and may not happen for others. There’s no predetermined amount of time you have to spend behind the wheel to feel like you’ve completed your road trip goal.

If you find yourself satisfied and complete after a 2 hour long drive, then by all means, there’s your own road trip :)

Cheerful Bastard i should be more persistent

:)I went on a trip once and instead after 2 weeks ( like i planned ) I came back home after a month :) so if you want to go just do it. Say that you are going for a week then if you have some money left in your pocket stay longer or go somewhere else :))

Try it backward, figure out how much time you have and start out, when 3/4 of your time is up, take stock of where you are and how long it will take to return, and either do a little more traveling, or head for home.

Barb Sing along with me...

Great answers!
It depends on when YOU feel like you’ve done a road trip. Some of them we’ve done over a 3 day weekend, some have been as long as 2-3 weeks, depending on how much time we have for vacation.

Bernita Our lives begin 2 end the day we bcome silent about things that matter

a roadtrip with no predetermined destination has no PREDETERMINED TIME! just do it and see where it takes you for how long.

no need for any planning or thought there of. its the whole point!

life is short.
live a little.
let loose.
and enjoy the ride!

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