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PepperyJasmine is trying to keep it together.

lose weight
A question about this goal: What do you think about exercising in the week before your period? I've read that you are more sensitive to pain then and should avoid strenous exercise... July 22nd, 2011 14:20


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Niel is doing whatever it takes ...

My (short) answer is that you don’t need to do strenuous exercise to lose weight, and in any case should not exercise to the point of feeling pain.

I would say that personally I found exercise actually makes me feel better, however – I tend to be a little clumsy so avoid weights and the treadmill in case my co-ordination is out! Good luck!!

Where did you read that? I’m not sure if the pain sensitivity thing is true, it may be. But exercise releases endorphines and it actually helps relieve period-related pain… and unless you’re overexerting yourself (which you should never do), it shouldn’t hurt you at all whatever time of the month it is.

I’ ve never heard that before actually. But I don’t think that should stop you from exercising. You can always try something less demanding if you prefer but I don’t think there’s any relation between the two

PepperyJasmine is trying to keep it together.

I subscribed to an email list “” which supposedly compiles tons of scientific studies and gives you information like a daily horoscope for where you are in your cycle. i guess it’s not really that helpful for daily life though. maybe i should unsubscribe. anyways i made plans to go for a walk with a friend, which might be helpful. What the site specifically said was:

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of cycle
Today’s hormonescope: Pain and discomfort will be greater today due to plunging estrogen, which takes down pain-masking endorphins as it descends. Luckily, you can easily avoid unnecessary aches by wearing comfortable clothes, avoiding an overly strenuous workout and skipping the extra cocktail.

Upon re-reading it, it brings up some interesting questions like… why not try some strenuous exercise if that might release endorphins that the body is depleted of?

I would do walking if you feel you can’t exercise. I have lost over 320lbs by just walking and eating right. True it took me sometime to lose 320lbs by walking but I have my life back today.

el m find me on the popclogssssss

Congrats on the weight loss! Walking is the greatest cardio, imho. You burn more fat [%-wise] walking than something more vigorous and are less likely to be hurt.

sweetnam is growing stronger

From my experience exercise as actually helped reduce the pain. And I can see from previous answers I’m not alone. If anything, maybe don’t do such intense workouts during your period.

Good luck!

Stacy is STILL very happy about life... 2014 looks encouraging.

I agree with the posters who indicate it’s actually been more helpful than painful. I feel more “tired” the week before and the week of, however, I have had my best workouts three to five days before my period starts – and that includes heavy power lifting moves. There is something to be said for that burst of hormones, I think. I know for sure that I have less cramping and shorter periods when I am consistently working out HARD. Good luck to you!

Opera Riot feast when you can, and dream when there's nothing to feast on

A good, hard work out now and again is good for your overall health. I’ve noticed that my body responds differently to exercise at different points throughout my menstrual cycle, but it has more to do with performance than pain, i.e. I might feel more sluggish or lack the mental endurance when I’m premenstrual, but I ALWAYS feel better after I work out.

tapsy is going to handle more than i think i can...

listen to your body always!!

but i am doubtful about exercising a week before a period.

can anyone answer whether one should exercise during her periods??and if no what type of exercise one must avoid during periods…i do my abs also during my periods…which is not painful till now but i heard that it is it true??

First I must say that people have a million excuses not to exercise. No one should look for a reason. My wife tells me that being active before her period actually helps to deal with the pain. Also, she tells me that eating apples during this time is helpful. Look into it.

PepperyJasmine is trying to keep it together.

Thanks, that helps! I’ve read the following about apples:

“Eat apples regularly to ingest the naturally occurring antioxidant called quercetin, which will help increase dopamine levels, according to the MedHelp website.

Read more:

[end quote]

that might be why it’s helping… why knows. i do notice that i tend to feel better when eating more apples. maybe because of the fiber, maybe the pectin… i don’t know. i like to buy them in the big bulk bags and eat one a day… haha “an apple a day” right?

GrayPyre is trying really hard.

I do not change my level of excercise at any point during the month. I think the more I workout the less I have problems with cramps at all. I’ve even noticed that my period has become lighter. I think the best thing for you to do is to is to listen to your body.

I have never before minded if I get my period or if I have my period. I always do sports when I can or when I like.
I dont think you have to mind special dates.

I think gentle exercise is meant to help. So I’d just go for a nice walk or whatever. Strenuous exercise isn’t a great idea when you’re feeling bleh because of TOTM anyway.

Ayla is working

That is absolutely untrue . If anything exercise before and during menstrual cycle helps to relieve symptoms of pms and cramps.

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