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Stop Procrastination

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viobio is accessing the underlying truths (until reaching sparkly happy!).

stop procrastinating
A question about this goal: I tend to make a to-do list then decide to be creative/rebellious/exciting by not following it. Suggestions? (I'm probably a perfectionist-type procrastinator, skating by on past luck.) August 27th, 2011 15:15


Charlye Trying to change things around, one step at the time.

What worked for me might not work for you… I needed a trigger. Someone saying to me the truth about the way I have let myself go, and honesty can hurt sometime. That’s what started the thought process. Do you want to be perceived as the person you actually show to the world right now?

I hope this helps. :)

Charlye, great point! That honest assessment can be a real game changer.
Do you think it’s an avoidance issue or an environment issue? If it’s environmental, for instance, I found to-do lists difficult because I am, like you, creative/rebellious and enjoy excitement. It occurred to me that lists are way to linear, so I created a to-do mobile. I clip pieces of paper onto it and as the float around, I decide what looks most intriguing at any given moment.

If you find that you avoid certain tasks over others, asking yourself some questions related to those tasks might be helpful. How would your world be different if you were to accomplish those things? Are these to-do’s generated by your true desires or are they someone else’s idea of what’s best for you? Here’s a great list of either/or questions that help jog insight: http://www.coachville.com/basic/cvcc/15clarifiers.html

Best to you, and keep us posted on your progress!

Jeremy Swaner is putting himself on 10 more siyestoday alone

shit 1 thing that drives me nuts is a procrastinator. It’s mostly a women thing i come to notice. from them taking their time putting on make up to getting ready to leave. i mean if they only know that if they would have prepared a little eariler they could be kicking back relaxing instead of stressing, taking any & every opportunity that may help them to just barely skim by by the skin of their teeth. see my mom made me do my homework as soon as i got home from school. so later in life i would do the same thing. even if it took me three hours to finish at least i know i had it done. not to have forgot or whine & bitch about having to do it. i find when i switch from a pessimist to an optimist that it doesnt do any good dreading having to get the task done. hell its even better to tell your self the exact opposition it makes the work go by a lot quicker. so instead of man why i hate…. tell yourself man this is the whole reason i got this job. see if that doesnt help

perpender is looking forward

Gnat58 – thanks for the great coaching site!

Viobio – I have several suggestions on this, depending upon what’s really driving your procrastination: trim your To-Do list to only a few items, and ensure they are things you really want to do. For instance, buy tickets for a concert you really want to attend. make sure you write it down. That way you get tangible success. As you find yourself consistently completing these tasks, slowly add in less enjoyable tasks, one at a time. Do not add a 2nd less enjoyable task until you are consistently completing 1.

AlternativeY, give yourself a reward for completing your To-Do list. Make it something you really, really want. Do not permit yourself this reward unless you are successful with your entire to-do list.

destinycalling http://www.thebigbiggoalsclub.com/assessments/cleansweep.php

My answer is not to have a to do list, they are too overwhelming and then you fall behind and then because its too much you do nothing.

If you read my latest post under “Stress Less” I learned how to make a better to do list. Blocking out times for “Chores” or “personal” time etc; and then knowing that during these times I want to get that type of thing done. I can then decide my pace or what exactly I do depending on my mood, and then since it isnt being forced on me I am not as rebellious and I dont mind doing it as much.

quitejaded 's video is added to the 43things youtube channel! & Free T-shirt!

For you, I would recommend that yes, you keep your to-do list, but then on a STICKY NOTE write the THREE MOST IMPORTANT things to do today. The three things that if you do [ONLY!] these THREE things, you can go to sleep feeling ACCOMPLISHED, PROUD, and PRODUCTIVE.

And take that around with you until you complete them.

This will help you a lot! smooches

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