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Sleep Under The Stars

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Sleeping Under The Stars

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sleep under the stars
A question about this goal: Is this better done alone or with company? December 21st, 2005 14:46


Both are wonderful and enjoyable experiences…though each in a very seperate kind of way.


I don’t like non-commital answers.
With a girl is better :)

Niel is doing whatever it takes ...

I’ve only done it on my own, and it was good. I think doing it with somebody would be better.

Well, I would say that it is perfectly fine all by your lonesome. I sleep under the stars every single night!
I guess i’d be happy if my owner would come out here and sleep with me, but that’s what beds are for.

BELLALOUISA has gone to doggie heaven

My mom and I have gone camping together, and it is for sure much better with someone else.

This is so much better with someone else, I guarntee you…


With company of course! If you are alone, and some wolves come, you are screwed at that point. With at least 3 people, 1 can go get help, and you and the other person can stay with the wolf and keep it back. Unless you’re not in the woods and in your backyard or something. Even then it’s still better with other people.

unless yor a man of steel
(very brave)
do it with someone else
pluss its probaly best to do it wiht someone else for fun

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