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get high
A question about this goal: how do you get high with just random stuff January 20th, 2006 14:26


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what do you mean “with random stuff?” do you mean if you don’t have a bowl or papers?

i mean if you don’t want to buy grass. just…. household objects.

um…yea i know i can get high on household objects but which 1s? so um..ill be bak so can sum1 tell me wat houeshold objects can i get high on? lol

hey guys… you know the stinky markers??? like expo or jiffy? you smell the odor for like 5 min. and you get a bit high. and if you have gasoline around the house… huff that and you get a pretty good high.

yeah and then theres sudden sniffing death syndrome, you can just die by huffing, first timers or long times users. is it worht risking your life to get high, if you really wanna fine, just dont huff

crunch fruit loops and snort them up your nose with a straw. just imagine that its possible to snort anything. just break it first or get a bigger straw lol. snort powdered sugar too, its great. drink a ton of soda and eat a ton of sweets.(pull a cornholio) go to and search the great cornholio.

seriously? crunching fruit loops? get real dude.

Grab a bunch of peanuts in there shells. Take the shells off and then peel the peanut skin off. Eat the peanuts if you like. Then crush the peanut skin and mix it through tobacco and smoke it. Trust me, you’ll Enjoy it!

Also, I once mixed crushed panadol through a ciggarette and got pretty damn high of that. Just like weed. Not too sure what it does to your health though. ;)

hy man what is panadol?

holy hell i just did that, it does give a high but still not like the weed though

Get 4 bananas. Peel them and discard (or eat) the bananas inside. Scrape the inside of the banana peels…the inside is the white scrapings. Put all the scrapings onto a tray and grill them until there like ash (or crispy). Then chop the grilled scrapings and mix it with tobacco and smoke, or have just plain scrapings in a joint form. This gave me the most fucked up high and I was jumping around like a fruitloop. Enjoy!

you can go to a store and get some CCC’s it has DXM in it it will let you trip hard as fuck. coricin cough and cold its legal to. be carefull i overdosed on this shit

fuck no. do not do triple c, omg, NO. i almost died because i took way to many on one of my trips, i felt like i was on fire and i had halucinations like crazy. i still occasionally have fire-like flashbacks and i did this months ago. get robotussin or something if you want a dxm high.
but then again, you’re talking to a major cokehead, so i don’t know. i don’t personally like pot that much too (people were talking about it here, so whatever) it’s too smelly and too easy to get caught on. that’s why i love cocaine so muchh.
ugh, i’m broke though, haha.

if you’re worried about weed smell just get a vaporizer. no odor or smoke and gets you fucked up in 1 hit.

Its best to take just 8 ccc…lol..I have heard about alot of deaths from taking more..that why I take 8 every 2 weeks so that the high is always intense

I’ve taken 26 ccc and was fine. Well i started with just 8 and within 20 minutes was annoyed that i wasnt feelin it yet so i took the other pack of 8 and about an hour later i was gone. shortly after downing the second pack i took ANOTHER pack and like 1 or 2 from another while my friend took the rest because her DELSYM was wearing off. I dont rec delsym. I did that once and had a bad trip. i was itchy as hell and my face and arms were swollen from scratching. F that! but on the ccc I was trippin my face off!.. i could barely walk and my speech was all slurred.. like being drunk. But i guess it’s different for everyone.

Lol if u smoke weed with CCC IT.helps kinda balance it out some just be careful cause. Depending on the weed it can make u more trippyer lol. just don’t take 64 of them like me shit gets crazy at 64

hey man where can i get this CCC? and how much of it would i take?

Usually From a drug store Grocery store an u would want to start with 8 then the 30 min wait an the fun begins if u wanna take more after that u can just be careful .

Ya dude just a roll some fuckin dried up tea and crushed nuts if u got em, im on that right now and its pretty crazy. The proteins from the nuts will mix with the tea and it creates a substance that is not dangerous or illegal but it fucks you up pretty good

try passing yourself out bend over and take in about 10 deep breaths then stand up and squeeze your neck with both hands for about 10 seconds and let go you will get this weird head rush high that lasts for like 10-20 seconds. and you don’t need anthing your can do this in jail all day long to get high

yeah, if u wanna die. that’s cool

NOOOOOOO that is horrible a buddy of mine used to do this and his little brother who was 16 caught on to it and did it alone one day. His dad found him in his room dead
It killed him, so never try this

here you go bud, heres the greatest legal high ever… i dun want you fricken tellin everyone though cuz it’ll get all liek cough syrup and everyone will be crazy when you buy it… go get motion sickness pills… any kinds work with diphenhydramine… it feels really nice… just liek lortabs if you get it right… i took 6 my first time… but you might need to take more… but i wouldnt go crazy with it cuz i took 8 thinkin it could only get better and it hurt so bad… and if you ever get to the point where you gotta take 14 or 15 at a time to get high… then you’ll hear vioces and stuff and have hallucinations… which is cool but it scares the hell out of you when your trying to sleep and you hear your own voice saying crazy random things to you lol try it out, its fun

I just took 12 of the motion sickness pills hopefully it’s fun…also I read somewhere else that you should take about 12 to 17 but never more than that and also you gain a tolerance very fast

Motion Sickness pills are an awful high and can be deadly. I managed to put myself into a coma for 3 days. I had peer pressure to take 2 tubes (24pills) of Dramamine. My hands and feet went numb and appeared to turn purple. My friends faces seemed to morph into people who weren’t even there. Paranoia is so bad that I felt like my friends were laughing at me and plotting against me i felt enormously stupid and unable to communicate thoughts at all. I began to lose all strength and could not stand up from the recliner but instead drag my ass across the cushion and fall on the ground. Trying to comprehend what people are saying to you is impossible after an hour in. Your brain can’t make sense of more than one sentence every 2 mins. Any more talk and you wont be able to respond or remember what they said. Furthermore, if you are able to comprehend what they said and choose to respond you do not say what you think you said. For instance, when i tried to stand up my friend asked “where are you going?” and I thought i said “to the bathroom” in fact i said that I thought “the rags shouldn’t be near the camera.” I have no idea why I would say this. When I got enough strength to stand up I walked to the bathroom by my visual was fucked up and slammed into walls and doorknobs on the way there. I then puked next to the toilet thinking I had puked IN the toilet. While puking I almost suffocated on my own vomit as I couldn’t get air quick enough between dry heaves. Again not being able to describe that i couldn’t breathe to my friends they just assumed I was puking from the beer (one bottle that i drank) We then proceeded to take a walk at 3:00am along a bike trail in Milwaukee. After getting tired and seeing people watching us (who weren’t there) i began to climb up a steep hill along the path to get back home (short cut) where my sandal I was wearing fell off. I knew it had to be right next to my foot but instead kept seeing it everywhere i looked. When I went to grab it I just scooped up dirt, as i was hallucinating the sandal I was looking for. After arrving back home I went to bed, I hoped it would wear off by morning but was unable to ask how much longer this would last. The next morning my friends got me up for an interview. After the interview I went back home and to bed where I slept straight through for 3 days. When I woke up work had called me wondering why I didn’t show, parents where tiring to locate me as I hadn’t returned their calls, and im my living room was a soaking wet lampshade and an electrical flag which I had never seen before. When I called my friends to ask where these came from (because I have almost no remembrance of the past 3 days of my life) they explain to me what had happened and that I had asked them to pick this stuff up along our walk. Of course everything they told me seemed like a total lie, because I have no recolection of saying or doing anything. Worse experience of my life, I am lucky to be alive. It was NOT FUN at all for me as the whole time your on it you feel completely helpless, and unable to communicate with anyone, also you feel horrible paranoia and stupidity and fear. Up to 2 years after this experience I kept hallucinating daily. Driving by cars parked on the side of the road in front of houses that looked as though someone was sitting in the drivers seat only to look again and not see anyone there. Over and over and over again day after day. I am extremely lucky to be alive. Since that day I will never take pills again. Not even aspirin. I am terrified to take Dramamine even one pill ever again for fear of flashbacks. Stick with weed and don’t ever let your friends take Dramamine. One last point. Years after this I researched Dramamine and found out people began hallucinations seizures and comas on less than 12 pills is lab study’s and I took 24. Again DON’T EVER DO DRAMAMINE or any motion sickness drug. EVER. Think about it you don’t want to be responsible for killing your friend.

lol motion sickness pills.. i took 20 of them and i thought i was talking to people 4 lik 30 min wen i was in my room by my self…. yea that shit is pretty fun… and you hallucinate off em… i did em in skool and the chalkboard was fur sure going up and down lik a wave….

hey man where can i buy motion sickness pills? message me about, that goes for anybody. Send me a message if you know where to get motion sickness pills or coricidin cough and cold.

alright what ya gotta do is get an axe can wrap a towel around the spout and inhale tha pure vapors gets you fucked up for about 2 minutes but damn it feels longer. also you can get a bottle of dust off and in hale that shit dont do more than five hits though.

hey dabigguy, dude i huff about a can and a half every day and im fine.
i luv it.

yo criplife6, if you wana get the mean high then get panadol pills, crush them up and snort them or put them ina ciggarette. it give you a GUD high. its some fucked chemical in it, if you take it anyway other than through your mouth your stomach produces the chemical wrong and it turns the panadol into adrenaline…......homemade coke/speed yea!

p.s dont recommend snorting. it hurts your nose and the high only lasts 20 secs…lolol!!

if u wanna get reely fuked up stikk ur cock into a blender u get a crazy addrenaline rush and the blood loss makes u feel light headed but dont do it to much a buddy of mine went 2 the hospital 4 it we call em terkish smoothies round heer

lol fukin idiot.. u wana rush ill put your head down the shitter and tie you there so your heads stuck in aload of shit, then put yas onto a tredmill and tie the toilet on there so your fuckd lol thatll give you a rush ull never forget tit

codeine… took it one time cuz of a muscle spasm in my neck and i was trippin balls non-stop… a little crazy with the hallucinations though and it gives you the worst headache of your life….. other than that it was great :D

dude get like benydril(i cant spell) i took like 25 the first time u start seeing sht like crazy and i couldent fuckin walk strait i loved it hahaha

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