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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
A question about this goal: How do I get my parents to let me go? (What lie should I tell?) February 24th, 2006 17:59


you don’t tell a lie…. and you should be of age in order to take that trip.If your parents are elderly and you are a child who is way past age of adulthood as some children are permanent parent companions, then it would be to just say I have to see who I am and go… but only if you are old enough.

I took my first road trip when I was 19 with my friend from Long island NY to canada and back were we stayed in toranto and got back 4 days later in 1984 cost us about 250 bucks a piece for that trip then
and with todays prices road trip are even more so I start saving for it now and when your older and do not need your mother permission is when I go and always take a friend

also if you think you can pull a fast on your mother think again and rember she was your age once plus she get more experenced every year she got older so any lie you might think of I bet she eather heard or tryed to tell her mother and also you do not want to be in the untrustwory mode with your mother so dont lie

yes, don’t do it if you are still living under your parents orders. i did mine when i was an RA in the dorms last year; it was a fireable offense but it was at 2am and i had like a month of my job left and i didn’t care anymoe

Yes.. I agree with you

NEVER lie to your mother. She will ALWAYS find out.

Besides, you need people who will worry and send out the National Guard if you disappear.

Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but mothers always know. They are scary like that. You are better off to convince a trusted family friend to go with you. Then there are no lies and no one gets killed by their mother out of relief that they were not killed by some road psycho. ;)

Or you could tell them you are running away with a drug dealing psycho boyfriend, and then after they freak out, tell them, just kidding, you are really just taking a road trip with a friend. They will be so relieved they will pay for your trip.

Definetly NEVER lie to your parents, they will find out. Just tell your parents that youd just like to see the states and as long as you are OF AGE to leave and have a valid drivers license, I dont see there to be much of a problem!! If your parents give you crap and whine, I would go anyways, again as long as you are OF AGE!! As long as YOU had the money to put into gas for the vehicle AND money to eat and stay at a hotel, they cant really complain much. If you have a friend to go with you,..Id advise you take them along with. Its nice to have someone with you to ease the nervousness of going on a LONG journey of find yourself and to view the states!! Good Luck!!!

You know that no one is going to tell you to lie – especially to your parents. What you might want to do is include them. Tell them you think it is a really fun idea and then butter them up by saying it is just the thing to make you close – and it might be. My daughters and I often did whacky things like that together. And when my mom was still alive, she sometimes joined in!

umm so what planet are you on?? rents can be dumb so you lie and cover your ass! adn what the hell take them on the raodtrip?? yeah that would be pointless you might as well not go!
love me

I seriously doubt your parents are as dumb as you think – mine weren’t. Nor was I as dumb as my daughters thought when they will young and immature. Now that they are nearly grown, we joke about how parents get wiser as we get older.

I think you could be missing out on building a great relationship with your parents…

The one thing I can tell you that is a fact: One day you will wake up and your “dumb” parents will be long gone…

The other thing that most likely will happen – you will lie to them and sneak off on a trip. Then when the car breaks down or you get arrested for something stupid, you will have no one to call.

my parents are as dumb as i say they are. i love them to death but they’re lds and like to try and keep my locked up. you sound like an awsome mother and someone your kids wouldn’t have to lie to but my parents wouldn’t let me out of my house if i didn’t make up bullshit lies to tell them. it’s just my life. get over it.
if i do get put in jail or my car breaks down you can be sure as hell i wont be calling my parents. i have plenty of friends that would come and get me out in a heart beat.

I am sorry. And I do know there are parents like that out there. I see it all the time with the people I work with.

I am glad you have friends you can trust, and I hope you have funj on your trip!

yeah well thanks i guess…

I seriously doubt your parents are as dumb as you think – mine weren’t. Nor was I as dumb as my daughters thought when they will young and immature. Now that they are nearly grown, we joke about how parents get wiser as we get older.

I think you could be missing out on building a great relationship with your parents…

The one thing I can tell you that is a fact: One day you will wake up and your “dumb” parents will be long gone…

The other thing that most likely will happen – you will lie to them and sneak off on a trip. Then when the car breaks down or you get arrested for something stupid, you will have no one to call.

yah, i def agree with the rest. i told my mom that i was going on a road trip and of course she asked where i was gonna be and wanted all details because thats what kinda mom she is. i told her that we didnt know where we were staying each day cuz we were just going to see where we got. but i promised that i would call her every day and stay in touch. i did, and she was cool with it. for sure just dont leave and lie to your parents…. it will be all bad in the end.

my 2 cents :)


since everyone else addressed the lie thang….

2 Big Tips

  • Have plenty of cash/credit/gas cards
  • Have plenty of pre-paid roadside assistance, & all the car essentials: spare tie, quart of oil, jumper cables, gas can, etc….can NEVER be too prepared in this area

And i agree, you should 18 or 21yr so that you are legally responsible for all that may entail, Age of Consent is a key matter :D However, if you’ve grown up with parents like mine, theyre Never cool with you going anywhere, anytime, at any age (my parents literally “burst” into my apt in my middle 30’s because i hadnt returned a phone call in 12 hrs). So after a while, i gave up, went ahead with my travels, & told them about it afterwards…Kind of a ‘sins of omission’ strategy. I would Stongly Advise you tell someone you trust where you’re headed, & check in with them at each stop along the way—can never be too safe these days.

but so much of this depends on the relationship you have with your parents, & your own age. Are they good people, reasonable on most matters? Have they let you down in some major way, or have always really had your own best interests at heart? If you can yourself those things honestly, and answer positive, i think you have to trust that your parents can trust you. But if you’re over 21yrs, your life is your own—do what thou wilt

(but dont phone home for bus fare or towing fees…!)


Unfortunately, if you are still at the age you feel the need to lie to your parents, I don’t think you are mature enough to go on a road trip by yourself.

Either be honest with them OR wait till you grow up in a few years and you won’t have to lie.

i saw on your profile that you still are learning to deal with your parents divorce, sounds like you’re a bit young. a roadtrip is best for going on when you’ve already discovered or are on the path to discovering yourself. worrying about things that you have no control over sounds like you still have some ways to go to get on that path. the roadtrip thing will not solve your problems and shouldn’t be used to escape what’s bothering you now. deal with what’s in front of you, come to terms with it then say fuck it this is your life you’ll do what you want. then go out and enjoy life for the experiences that it can provide. escapism never solves anything.

cafegroundzero is catching up with his account on 43 things, and later going to work

If after reading all the above, you have any doubts about whether or not to always tell your parents the truth (unless of course they are the criminally abusive kind, and then, well, G-d help you!) go to this web site, and peruse the many profiles of missing children:

When I went on my road trip with my friend we had enough money to get us through the trip, but we didn’t bank on the car breaking down in the absolute middle of nowhere one night. It was only because we had told our parents what we were doing that we were able to call them and get them to cover the (expensive) car repairs.

As others have said, if your parents can’t understand why you are doing this, then you’re not ready to do it.

I am 28 now and I relize if I have to lie about what I am doing I should not do it.

going on the road is awesome, but wait till you can be honest about what you are doing.

join an extracaricular activity. then tell your parents your going on tour!!! make up fake shit and have them sign. it works promise!!
have fun and duh stupid people you should lie to your rents. if their that stupid and wont let you go on a roadtrip then of couse SNEAK AROUND!! goddamn all of you.

Lauren! :(

Yeah good idea, right.

If you can’t spell, then I’m pretty sure you’re not ready to go on a roadtrip by yourself.

okay dude i know this is like 2 years later but yeah i’m doing this cross country with a friend, i can’t even legally drive yet, but there are some things that you just have to do in life, and take big risks, i’m writing a book along the way. carpe diem. you only live fuckin once.

vivere_libero is imaging my future

i agree with starburst’s suggestion about the extra-curricular activity cause mine are the same BUT she left out that you should have a friend who sounds older or give some random dude a few bucks and ask him to pretend to be the teacher or guardian for the trip cause if your parents are anything like mine they’ll want to talk to someone!!! I SAY ASK A DUDE BCUZ WOMEN ARE USUALLY NOT AS HELPFUL! just coach that person on what to say, what you know your ‘rents will fall for and take a REALLY TRUSTING friend or at least one with money! lol and still be safe, have extra money but DON’T tell your friend that you take with you and keep it in something like your sock or inside the fabric of your bra! just incase they try to screw you over or robbery, stolen car, whatever you get the point! HAVE FUN!!!

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