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A question about this goal: commiting suicide February 26th, 2006 06:40


WEll, I highly am opposed to this method.
The bible asks us to die to ourselves. And so in my particular case my reference to ‘die’ is, dying to myself. Living in Christ Jesus instead, the only one who has the power to change the man I am/was.
Put on the new creation and be born again.
I pray this will give you insight at least if nothing else from my angle. Life is precious, even now in my darkest days, (having made 2 precious baby boys and ending up later divorced-or-soon-to-be), I have hope, hope that all of this pain and refining will be used for gods glory and I am coming out the other side with a testimony. I pray that all will find Christ Jesus and that none will perish. Life and Life more abundantly. Dying daily to ones self is not easy, I am still beginning to learn. But LIFE is something I have seen, I must learn to walk in newness of life. Be well, stay, and live. I am here if you need me.

dude,get a life

Dude, don’t be unnecessarily rude to SirDanielSan. He was just trying to help/offer his opinion. And he even offered help to others, which is a great thing to do.

If you don’t agree with his particular outlook/beliefs, that’s fine; I don’t agree with him on all things either, but there is MUCH truth in his words (whether you believe in Jesus [pbuh] or not). So don’t dog on him and tell him to “get a life,” because he obviously DOES have one!


crazy_lu is smiling

so i figured out that there is no perfect way to kill yourself…anything you do will be messy….the only non messy way is hiring a hitman or jumping out in front of a speeding car…i mean yea thats messy but that should definitely be a sure way of dying. i would recommend jumping out a bldg or something…but im scared of heights.

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