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A question about this goal: I suck at sketching....help!!WHAT DO I DO 2 GET BETTER? Go to some place called SDA(suckish drawers anonymous) March 27th, 2006 18:08


Don’t be so critical of what you DO draw. Get a pocket sketchbook and fill it up, page by page, even if you think it’s rubbish. As you fill it up you WILL improve, and by the time you fill the book you will see it for yourself. Then go back and fill up the empty spaces, or colour the pictures in. Then start a new book and fill that the same.

You have to keep drawing, almost obsessively, but without self-criticism. Eventually – say after a year – you will start to see yourself develop. It’s the only way, but it works.

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Hello. :)

I agree with pigpigexpress. You really need to just start drawing no matter how bad you are.. and you have to love it. If you don’t want to work to get good you’ll end up giving up. Everyone starts out bad and gets better. That’s just how it works. You should join www.deviantart.com it’s really helpful to have artists to look up too. DeviantArt is probably the biggest reason my art has improved over the last 3 years.

Thanks you guys…...I am being a little too self-critism-ist lol thnks

Read “Drawing on the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards.

It will explain the whole process of why people think they can’t draw and gives really cool exercises for changing self-defeating notions and learning how to translate what your eye sees into what your hand draws. It’s for everyone who wants to draw but thinks they can’t. Fantastic book. I highly recommend it.

Good luck! Have fun!

I agree with what everyone else says, you have to draw everyday.
Classes would help.
“Drawing ont he right side of the brain” and “the Natural Way to ddaw” by Kimon Nicolaides have very good exercises.One of my favorites is to draw the contour of objects without looking at the paper, you just imagine your pencil is touching whatever you are drawing. After a while, you’ll be surprised at the results. The drawing may be crooked, but the essence of what you have been drawing is there.

I have the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain DVD (well, sort of, I downloaded it ^^;) and though my final projects are consuming all my time, I still found this thing quite interesting. It will tell you why engineers seem to only be able to draw diagrams and function graphs, and how to overcome the “ultimate suckness” level.

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