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How Can I Get Super Powers

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How To Get Super Powers

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get super powers
A question about this goal: how can I get super powers ? May 5th, 2006 02:25


Powers List:

Rub an icicle over your full body and pierce your palm with the pointy end.

Put your hand over some fire and get your mate to pour oil over the fire. (Note: You must keep your hand over the flame)

have you ever tried this or are you just retarded

what the fuck that means?

you moeron dont curse or ill band you:(

Getting super powers is easy. Get knocked unconcience on an ancient Indian burial ground or you can eat nuclear waste. Or take LSD :)

man you guys are really retarde except for lovehillie

yOu all have nO life what sO ever
and yOu need tO find 1 immediately
nawl jest playing

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