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learn to drive
A question about this goal: How do I get my license in a month, without a car to practice on? I could drive really well, the last time I tried, but that was 2 yrs. ago. I know it won't take long to relearn, but I need a car to drive. I don't want to be taught by a driving instructor May 23rd, 2006 00:58


Not to be a killjoy, but is this such a good idea?

Becoming av safe and good driver (behind the wheel, “good” and “safe” are synonyms) takes a lot of practice, and your skills need to be “kept warm”.

You say that you haven’t tried for two years, you don’t have a car to practice in, and you don’t want to spend time with a trained driving instructor. I say the odds are a bit against you and can’t recommend it – for your own and your passengers’ safety.

I live in Norway, where the programs you’d have to go through to get the licence consist of hours upon hours of formal training, both classroom- and in-car-lessons.

You should check with the local government administration what the rules are for required training where you live, and then decide if it is plausible that you can make the requirements in the time you have.


In Denmark, where I live, there’s no choice. The only way to get a drivers license is to pay a pro instructor about $1500. As far as I’m concerned I think that the law in US is different and you can learn it from f.ex an family member…
Ii agree with mrjorgen

Well I’ve actually already taken lessons from a professional. I don’t want to have the same thing, it’s redundant and it wasn’t fun. All I want is practice. I was a good driver 2 years ago, I’ve been in a car since, and I just need practice. I was wondering if there was some place that rents cars and a course to drive on just for practice. I don’t have familyor friends near me to do that.

Hmm, this will probably not be very easy but I think with some perseverence you can do it. Go down to your local drivers licence place and get one of those books for helping people learn to drive. Read it over and over, also talk to friends and family that have vehicles and ask them to let you practice in their vehicle. Now, I am not from the states so I am not sure how it all works exactly down there, but I assume it should be kind of like canada. Going to get your learners before driving other peoples cars would be advisable, unless you are going to stick to very very quiet back roads. It’s even better if you can find someone who has (preferably recently) taken a driving course and get them to tell you some of the things the instructor told them. Maybe there is even a webpage or 2 about the subject if you look around on google. I hope this has been at least a little helpful, if you have any more questions feel free to post them up and I’ll do my best to help more.

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