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Get my nipples pierced.
A question about this goal: Obviously it hurts, but how bad does it hurt? Compare it to something. For those of you who have had a brazillian wax and nipple piercings, what hurts worse? Also, how sensitive were your nipples before you got this done? How sensitive are you to pain? July 3rd, 2006 18:25


It’s the only piercing that actually hurt for me. I’ve had my ear lobes, industrial, conch, rook, belly button and lip done. It was definitely bareable though but I don’t know if I’d be too quick to get it done again. It’s like someone biting down REALLY hard on your nipple. I’ve never gotten a brazillian wax but I would bet that the piercings hurt more. I’m not very sensitive to pain at all really.

Before I got the piercing mine were barely sensitive at all. It was just kind of whatever. Now they’re ridiculous sensitve. It’s pretty damn awesome.

Thanks for the reply. I used to think I was unusually sensitive to pain, but having some people tell me that piercings I’ve gotten hurt them, when to me they were all barely painful at all, then I am starting to think maybe I am less pain sensitive than I thought. I hope I am. My nipples are not nerve dead, but they aren’t uber sensitive, either.

I have done the brazillian which is partially why I wanted a comparison, and lemme tell you, it ain’t fun. I did it at home, though, so I did it slower than they would do it at a salon, which may have amplified the pain. It was not unbearable, but it was definitely painful and it brought tears to my eyes. Plus, it is an irritating pain, if that makes sense. Also, for awhile afterwards the area was more sensitive, but not in a good way. It didn’t hurt to touch the bare skin afterwards, but for some reason it made me queasy. I’m not sure why. Now, it wasn’t simply that my skin being bare caused this, since I had shaved it before and this wierd queasy reaction never happened. It didn’t happen so much while I was waxing, but rather when I touched the freshly waxed skin. It sent some weird nerve impulse through me. I didn’t like it. The weird sensitivity linked queasiness reaction went away after a little while, though. Still, I’d rather shave or let it grow.

FromThisSoil I PASSED THE F.E.

I more or less echo this response.

I’ve had many piercings and most didn’t hurt. However my nipple piercings did hurt a little but nothing I couldn’t bear.

However, my nipples were pierced vertical and not horizontal, and being that it’s was, it needed to be done a little deeper. They were also done on a 12g which is a good size to start with to further avoid any rejection.

Mine were done horizontal but done at a 10 ga which could also add to how much mine hurt.


I’ve had both a brazilian wax and my nipples pierced. Getting my nipples pierced didn’t hurt, but there was about a week of tenderness that was kind of annoying. With the waxing, it doesn’t hurt as bad as you would think (I highly suggest to get it professionaly done. You need more than two hands to get it done right). And the pain only lasts for that 20 minutes you are doing it. Either way, both depend on if the person doing it is skilled and what time of the month you do it. A woman’s pain tolerance is higher about one week after her period.

I have never had a brazilian wax, probably because I am a guy. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and getting my nipples done was not a problem. They were freehanded with a 12ga. My worst puncture was my tragus (the little flap of ear away from the rest of your ear) but that is because it is mostly cartilage. So go for it, use photoshop with your picture and put a ring through the nipple and see if you like it, that should be your deciding point. The pain you can deal with if you really want to, it is the look of it that is what you have to live with.

I got mine re-done last night (first time was with a receiving tube & 14G… second was with clamps $ 12G) and it’s nothing you can’t bear.

Really for me, the worst part was the clamps… b/c yeah those sucked. After that they’re just sensitive as hell… but that extreme sensitivity goes away and it becomes quite enjoyable.

I have a pretty good tolerance for pain (had 14 piercings not including these two - labret, 3 in left ear 2 in right ear, industrial, helix, eyebrows - 3 in a row on the same night and prior nipples—as well as a tattoo on the inside of my arm near my armpit and by my elbow) but I also have a psychological fear of needles and tend to be extremely sensitive to touch.

Really it’s worth the brief moment of pain… my girlfriend loves the way mine look and I can tell you from past experience it def made mine more sensitive.

I had a vertical -re done horizontally about a year after… hurt way more than the original. Looking forward to the pain from re-doing them. To me, it was a brief burn then, a pleasant reminder of new metal in my nipples. I’ve always had sensitive nipples for a guy.. it was a reminder for some of my girlfriends to pay attention to this overlooked male erogenous zone. Others were too gentle.

Really, I’ve felt more pain stubbing my toe.

The worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life!

I would get a brazilian wax every day for the rest of my life before I’d have my nipples pierced again. so painful.

Oh, and before my nipples were barely sensory, you had to really rip on them to get to feel anything, and after if anyone touched them it made me cry. so, that sucked.

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