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1RL 2 months ago

1RLIcestorm followed by snowstorm

Hello everyone!

I made it through a wicked power-outage that lasted nearly a week, an emergency room scare the week prior, and a terrible business delivery service.

Sparing the grizzly bits, your gift is on it’s way via express post! 3 months ago

1RL 4 months ago

1RLStudio workspace

After great lengths were travelled and negotiations were settle, I now have a second office space for critical work!

Unlike my home office, this studio is ideally set for smithing. 4 months ago

1RLSupply Swatches

In the early nineties my business started with selling hexadecimal colour swatches for 8bit artists using Microsoft Paint. Despite the fact that my audience happened to be elementary school students with an allowance of one whole dollar each month, making digital swatches proved to be a steady source of income (and ended up paying for my library late fees, lol).

While recently studying how to organize crafting supplies, the swatch system turned up again. An “ah-ha” moment occurred. Even now, I sit in a workspace of mildly cluttered inventory order and re-stock sheets, not to mention the scattered odds and ends of supplies. I could adapt my old method for my new work.

This swatch archive could prove to serve as an excellent source of additional revenue. And that is where I will start today.

Additional Notes – http://youtu.be/t_p7AYFa4zc 4 months ago

1RLAudio relaxation

I found relief from working by listening.

You may well know whom I am about to refer to, by his performance in the Avengers. Little may you know he is also a very well spoken audio-book reader.

If you have a moment, pay attention to the voice in this video:

Tell me you are not relaxed! 4 months ago

1RL 4 months ago

1RL 4 months ago

1RL+6 more days

I skipped a few days and yet I feel determined to pick up the slack.
Working hard should not usurp my hygienic routine!

It helps to:
  • brush and floss after every meal
  • brush and mouthwash after every coffee
  • drink water in between brushing and meals
  • avoid long sleep periods
  • take enamel enriching nutrients 4 months ago

1RL 2 years ago

1RLWe do what we must because we can

I found a treatment method for my arthritis! It works! I can run again, play games, fitness train, work hard and push myself to my heart’s content.

Self serving low antibiotics coupled with removing inflammatory foods has meant the end to a troubling time for me. And I owe it all to six years of medical research and active study!

Hurray life! 4 months ago

1RL 10 months ago

1RLThat mark their places, row by row


  • misc beads
  • beading pins
  • knitting needle gauge
  • chainmail or jump rings, to size 4 months ago

1RLCulinary Arts for Relief : The Chronic Pain Suffer's Cookbook

In the beginning, there was a need that created consumer pull, an artist who began writing to provide a service, and an idea that would improve the quality of other people’s lives.

A bit pretentious, but it’s something.

Rough draft contents page:
  • tea blends – soothing, aromatic, cold/warm/hot, mildly medicinal, hydrating
  • simple 1 serving meals – protein, carbohydrates, lipids, healthy, few ingredients, little preparation
  • meal plan for a week – how and what to prep. in advance, can you freeze this,
  • fresh kitchen herbs – rosemary, sage, chive, parsley, potato
  • anti-inflammatory meals – roasts, dips, smoothies and spreads

Extended for personal recipes
Inflammatory scale for common foods 4 months ago

1RLSide kicks!

Preparing meals ahead of time makes working at home fabulous!

Roasted vegetables gives me an hour of work time. When done it chimes at just the right moment for me to take a break. And it’s a side dish that most everyone can appreciated, more so when famished, lol.

Dips and purées with a bit of flat bread turn snack time easy-peasy, because that’s a wrap! In a pinch? Use crackers.

Soup can be served in a mug. If reheating a broth, toss in some pre-diced veggies, fresh kitchen herbs, and left over grains (pasta, rice, lentils, even beans).

I actually hate cooking with a livid passion, but when it comes to getting stuff done, many hands make light work in short time. And these days, time is in short supply. 4 months ago


26x recorded 4 months ago


http://find-a-driving-school.ca/free-g1-practice-tests/ 4 months ago

1RL 5 months ago

1RLCleaning up my $#*%

The things we do to clean up after our family pet.
Well I’ll tell ya! 4 months ago

1RLWhat the...

I’m not even sure what this all is.

To the packing boxes! 4 months ago

1RLTake product pictures

For those who don’t know, I not only physically go out and gather my resources, refine, manufacture, and supply into fine jewellery, but I also sell my own wares. It’s a boatload of work but no one else is doing it so I have a comfortable niche that has only widened over the past fifteen years.

I have sculptures, jewellery, prints, toys, and cosmetics to sell. Now to take the final close up before selling to the public.

I’m so excited! 4 months ago

1RL 4 months ago

1RLCreate options

How to stand out?

That question should be asked long before the actual work starts. It separates the product from certain success or ruin.

The product itself should draw attention to itself without a single word or description. Quality images, for both thumbnail preview and for a large focus gallery, can describe your product in further detail. Descriptions lead to final sale where scrutiny and highly finicky buyers hesitate based on preference. This should include any specialized or specific cleaning and care instructions, including and not limited to handling, shipping, packaging, and possible repair policies.

Where organic materials are concerned, some buyers are especially particular to the quality of life and manner to which the organic material was collected. Ethical treatment should be the highest quality sought after when manufacturing with supplies, so that upon sale, you can assert moral obligation with confidence and thereby open your selling audience to the highest volume of potential buyers with a flexible spending capacity.

This is where variety serves the seller best. Creating variates upon request while supplies last, creates a buyer “pull” and implies exclusivity or that it being lucrative. Stimulating buyer pull is a marketing tool that can emotionally charge your sales, and even future sales, to your benefit.

“You are noticed more if you stand on your head than you are if you are the right way up.”
- George Orwell 4 months ago

1RLPurchase supplies and inventory stock

It sounds funny out loud, but I hate buying my materials for work online due to it’s detachment, both from the seller-to-buyer and between the buyer-and-the-product. It’s next to impossible to quality control until it arrives and by then so much time has passed that deadlines are usually fast approaching.

The ideal is to manufacture and supply oneself. 4 months ago

1RLMulling Spice in a Tea Tin

  • cardimmon
  • cinnamon chips
  • cloves
  • allspice, whole (unripe pimento)
  • orange zest, dehydrated
  • star anise 4 months ago

1RL 4 months ago


http://asweeterthing.com/2013/01/31/no-bake-granola-bars/ 4 months ago

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