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5PrincessThe pleasure of writing

I enjoy writting and find it a away for self expression. However, also enjoy writting a letter to my family and friends. So my goal is to write a letter at least once a week to someone in my life. Even if its just a short note. 8 months ago

5Princess 8 months ago

5Princess 6 years ago


I don’t have an extra room to have a library in my house since I don’t…...I built a digital library. I have over 1,000 digital books and that doesn’t included the other books I own. So I don’t have the library I thought I would have….....I have a better one…...I can take this one every where I go. :-) 15 months ago

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This took a lot of work, some ups and downs, tears and a whole lot of talking as well as rethinking things. But, with all of that I was able to make it through and now I’m in a great relationship that turned into me being happily married. :-) 15 months ago

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I’m so happy with my husband and this was worth all the work that I did to get to the point where I could get married again. I’m happy and love my husband so much. 15 months ago

5Princess 7 years ago

5PrincessGetting better

I dont eat nearly as much fast food as I use to. I am getting better with cooking instead of buying fast food. 2 years ago

5PrincessWorking it through

After 6 year of having this goal and not getting anything done, I am finally getting something done. Taking steps towards getting rid of this goal. It is a lot of work and I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I am sure in time I will get passed this and be just fine. 2 years ago


You are welcome, I’m glad I could share. Keep smiling and enjoy your day.


That’s the way to do it. Start off small and in time it comes natrually.




5Princess 2 years ago

5Princess 2 years ago

5PrincessFeel so good.

I have done this one a number of times, I dont like negative people so I keep them out of my life sometimes it is harder when they are close to you or even family members but I have learned how to deal with it no matter what and move on with life and not have negative people around me or in my life pulling me down. 2 years ago

5Princess 2 years ago

5PrincessI have done this before

I have done this before and everything worked out very well. However every so often I forget and have to do this again. 2 years ago

5Princess 2 years ago

5PrincessWorking on this right now

I am working on this right now, it takes up a lot of time, I love it through it. 2 years ago

5PrincessGood and bad to this goal

It is worth doing but you have to be willing to let yourself go to let others in to your heart. Take the chance of being hurt. The one thing is that when you do fall in love there is no other feeling like it. 7 years ago

5PrincessI have to do this

I wear glasses so I get new ones every year or so. 4 years ago


Have not started yet working on some other things that came up unexpectedly. Thanks for asking! 2 years ago

5PrincessNot doing it everyday.

I am not doing yoga everyday but I am doing it 3 times a week and it feels great. 2 years ago

5PrincessThis was the greatest feeling

I did this recently and I felt wonderful when I got my approval letter. This is a great accomplishment and a feel of joy and excitement that you would never believe until you get it done. 2 years ago

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