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Recent entries from A_butterfly_kiss
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A_butterfly_kiss 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissWant to go sugar free or just have healthy snacks only next week

One of the reasons I want to have to have this goal for a week is that after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations I feel like I need a little bit of careful diet. Also, I am going home again tomorrow. It is very easy to pop into those cafes and have one of my favourite desert while I am there.

The plan is I will only have dried fruit like dried figs or apricots or piece of dark chocolate if I have to.

In the mean time after all of the sweets I had during festive season like guylian’s shell chocolates, marzipans and other things I don’t remember now, I have not put on weight at all. I am very happy about it :-) 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissSome facts about International Space Station

Did you know that the ISS goes so fast that it would go the Moon and back in a day, that you can connect a hairdryer in Newark to a power plug in NYC using its electrical cables, that is almost as big as Princess Leia’s spaceship, or that three crew members will eat the equivalent of 32,558 Big Macs in six months? Read on for 15 awesome facts about the ISS.

15 years ago today, Russia launched Zarya (dawn) atop a Proton-K rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Two weeks later, NASA launched Unity. Those were the two first modules of the International Space Station. Here are 15 amazing facts about it:

1. It took an astounding 136 space flights on seven different types of launch vehicles to build it.

2. It flies at 4.791 miles per second (7.71 km/s). That’s fast enough to go to the Moon and back in about a day.

3. It weighs almost 1 million pounds including visiting spacecraft. Picture 120,000 gallons of milk in supermarket cartons in your mind.

4. It has 8 miles of wire just to connect the electrical power system. That will be enough to connect a hairdryer in Newark, New Jersey, to a power plug in New York City.

5. It has a complete surface area the size of a US football field, which actually makes it almost as large as the Tantive IV, the Corellian Corvette that carried Princess Leia.

6. It has more livable space than a 6-bedroom house.

7. It has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a 360-degree bay window.

8. It’s been the spaceport for 89 Russian Soyuz spacecraft, 37 Space Shuttle missions, three SpaceX Dragons, four Japanese HTV cargo spacecraft, and four European ATV cargo spacecraft.

9. All its research experiments and spacecraft systems are housed in a bit more than one hundred telephone-booth sized racks.

10. The US solar array surface area on the is 38,400 sq. feet (.88 acre), which is large enough to cover 8 basketball courts

11. According to NASA, “there are 52 computers controlling the ISS.” Just for the US segment, there are “1.5 million lines of flight software code run on 44 computers communicating via 100 data networks transferring 400,000 signals.”

12. Its internal pressurized volume is 32,333 cubic feet, which is about the same of a Jumbo Boeing 747.

13. The ISS crews have eaten about 25,000 meals since 2000. That’s a staggering “seven tons of supplies per three astronauts for six months.” That’s 32,558 Big Macs.

14. 211 people from 15 countries have visited the ISS so far.

15. When it reaches the end of its life, some of the most modern Russian modules—like Nauka—will be reused to make a third space station to support interplanetary mission to Mars, the Moon and Saturn, serving as a launching and return point. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissWaltz from the Maquerade Suite

Apparently there are other versions of this. I will listen to them this week. But this is the version I heard this on the classic fm recently. And I like the fast speed. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissMore party foodies

This is my last entry here. I loved this whole experience of cooking new or old things that I knew already of cooking.

Loved this goal. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissSome party foodies

. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissCooking the mulled wine

There is cinnamon sticks, an orange and some cloves stuck into it and sugar in this pan.

I always make mulled wine at home around this time of the year. I will make mulled cider for a change next year. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissMulled wine

. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss43 - Some seasonal drinks and party food to finish this goal with

I will add some more drink on the comments.

First is bucks fizz with freshly squeezed oranges. I like orange bits in the bucks fizz. Even if I was to purchase the juice I’d buy it the one with bits in it.

Homemade mulled wine

Little snacks M prepared to go with the drinks

And mackerel pate with yoghurt/mayonnaise carrot salad with hint of garlic 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissFondue at the tea table

I feel like writing that I had this beautiful 8 people settee walnut tree table. This table had an extension in the middle to make it for 12 people. But when M moved in with me I wanted him to help me to cut it in middle and make it a smaller table. That was the day I lost my elegant table. What I have now is that a table cut and doesn’t look good with a funny shaped legs. I use that as my work place these days. I want to get a new one but we kind of keep neglecting it. Hence we keep eating at this little tea table. And can no longer invite people for a proper dinner at my place :-(

Anyhow, this is a great winter food we had recently. I have not been cooking for a month. I was away for three weeks and M deals with cooking since I returned. Which is perfect for me. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissWhile cooking

in the pan 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissSeafood risotto made by my man

M made me this super delicious and creamy risotto recently. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss 23 months ago

A_butterfly_kissSteps to stay calm

This goal is work on it a life time kind of a thing but I want to tick this off as done now. It was something for me to deal and learn what to do with it in 2013. Especially after having a small anxiety at the end of 2012 I had to do something about it. There wasn’t anything specific to have it but I knew it was the things built up throughout 2012. Now, this is the second important goal after my divorce recognition this year. I will write how I did it sometimes soon. But I feel like I have to list what and how I dealt with things shortly here one by one;

• When I am frustrated it is important not to make a decision straight away. Sleep on it and re-think about it about what should be done in a clear mind
• It is best to leave things for later rather than building up more frustration at the time of frustration hits. For example if you are changing a bulb and the lamp still doesn’t work after all your efforts best to leave it to later. If you go back to it another time it usually works without much of a struggle. I noticed that when I want something done there and then when there is too much obstacles I always get it done much easily when I try at another time
• Everything, almost everything has a solution in life
• Writing helps a lot to take the matter out of my mind and is a great remedy to have a good night’s sleep
• Most importantly do not expect people to be like you. They are not me. They do not have the same view, honesty, work ethic etc. Everybody is different and accept it and move on rather than struggling to accepting it 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss 23 months ago

A_butterfly_kissRealization is accepted

After putting this goal here made me realize that it is not my memory I have a trouble with but the changes happened in my life made me think it that way. And I know what it is exactly now. After working in finance for 8 years I had the numbers and all the info related to calculating was in front of me all the time. I knew the exchange rates daily and calculated things in my head quickly because I was used to play with numbers at all times. Not working with numbers anymore made my brain go lazy but not my memory. On the contrary my memory is quite good actually. And dealing with numbers is not as good as it used to be but this has got to be the acceptance now I am not in that environment. And it is normal and okay to feel this way.

I also have to realise the part of technology playing a bit part in our lives. We no longer have to remember our phone numbers. I just message it to the new people I meet. Excel does all the calculations for us. We use the calculator that are set on our mobile phones for even simple things. I try not to anymore for sure. The problems I have with people’s names have always been a trouble to me. So, it is not something new. I have ways of dealing with that now. But I now know that is not a memory problem. Now, I can relax and enjoy life the way it is. 11 months ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 52 - Christmas songs

I have been listening to the xmas songs since last week. It will be more of them this week too. Hard to chose one to say this is my favourite Xmas song though. I will enjoy them all this week. 12 months ago

A_butterfly_kissTracy Chapman - Give me one reason

I listened to Tracy Chapman on radio twice last week. So, this has got to be my favourite song of the week. 12 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss2013 & 2014

I am pretty much done with this list. There will be things I will add to my 43 account in time but I am done for now. But before I tick this goal as done I’d like to mention what I’ve done this year.

I had a really healthy life style almost all year around.

I travelled to Far East. Out of all my travels Japan was the best country to visit to.

I have cooked new dishes this year. And I am loving this new experience.

I watched 49 movies this year. Among those I watched a few foreign movies with great stories. They best foreign movies of the year were:
The Baader Meinhof Complex
The 400 blows
Battle of Algiers

I did learn about 40 new subjects.

I visited museums, exhibitions and galleries at least once a month. And attended to a couple of concerts.

Listened to the some good old songs some new ones on a regular base. Love my music.

Read 10 books. Out of those Utopia by Thomas More was the book of the year for me.

Achieved to get my divorce recognition finalised. Which was the best achievement of the year.

I am working on moving from London in two years time. And, my plans are looking good.

Now I am ready to tick this off of my list and work towards making 2014 a good year. 12 months ago

A_butterfly_kissThank You T

I am celebrating and will be celebrating until next year ;-)

Hope you are well, the leg is good and ready for Christmas celebrations.

Loved the Xmas card you sent. You put a great effort to it and it’s a lovely card. Thank You.

ps: I won’t be sleeping with my socks on :-)
A. 12 months ago

A_butterfly_kissI am now officially single

I got my finalised decision issued by the court last week. I got a divorce in the UK in July 2007 but without this recognition I was still tied. It took 3 years and 8 months. And now it feels so good. This is the best time of the year to get this done as well. New beginnings and a new chapter starts in my life in the new year.

I am so proud of myself as well. I was strong enough during this long, frustrating and annoying at times procedure. Plus I got this done without hiring a solicitor. Not sure if this saved me money with flight tickets and all. But at least I had the control of it. I could check the process of the file and all. I am so very happy right now.

Now, I have lots to do about obtaining my maiden surname. And get my I.D. card. driving licences x 2, passport, bank accounts, national insurance etc etc. get changed. This will take a while though. As I have multiple citizenship. Need to start getting all of these docs done at my home country first.

Happy days :-) 12 months ago

A_butterfly_kiss 20 months ago

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