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Painting living/dining room apple green and tangarine. Just so!

Recent entries from Almog
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AlmogHave you heard? There really is NO Israely occupation!

The settlements are thought illegal according to international law, because it is illegal for an occupier to settle its citizens in occupied territory. On top of that, most settlments are built on private property of Palestinians. Some of the land was officially appropriated, some was evacuated on a military pretext (“it’s a fire zone!”, and later suddenly there’s a settlement on it), some is said to be bought but when you look into it, it turns out it was “bought” from someone who’s dead or five years old, etc.. And many times they get away with this, because the previous owners can’t even get to their lands anyway, and because the Israely law was never applied to the territories. The law that applies there is the military law, and the military is more concerned with safety and short-term stability than with justice.
Sometimes a case of apprehended land does come before the Israely court. Then the court avoids the international law question, and simply rules that the land belongs to the Palestinians, and that the settlers should be driven out. And then usually the government just doesn’t do it. The ministry of security, which is responsible, asks for a postponement, and the court grants them, and then they ask for another postponement… until at some point the court gets really angry and tells them off properly, and then grants them another postponement. And all the while the Palestinians don’t get their land back, and this is percieved as a conflict between the court an the settlers/government, the Palestinians who have lost their land and their living don’t even count.
The settlers argue, and in a way they are right, that they have settled there with the approval and support and encouragement of the government, and so it is unfair to drive them out. So the current government, which is the biggest supporter of the settlers, started thinking what can be done for them (that does not inculde giving them alternative land within the internationally-accepted boundaries of Israel, because where is the fun in that?). So, Prime-Minister Netanyahu apointed a commitee to compile a legal opinion about the status of the settlements. The appointed chairmen was a retired judge of the supreme court, an orthodox, known to be right-winged, but still, a respected and appreciated figure. And the commitee came up with the legal opinion, that the territories are NOT occupied.
Ah really? Then why the military law? And why don’t all inhabitants get Israely ids and vote for parliament?
I’d like to see them officially accept this opinion. I’d like to see them deal with the implications.
Another example of how things go in the not-at-all-occupied teritories:
The biggest settlement got acknoledged as a city, although it is really too small. This, of course, means bigger budgets and more priviledges. They even have a city college. That college wanted to become a proper university, which of course means bigger budgets etc.. But does a small state like Israel, with 7 universities already starving for funding, need another full university? Well, there is the council for academic aducation to determine that. But the council would not discuss institutions beyond the Green Line. So they appointed a LOCAL council (unlike any other locality) for academic education in the territories. Who appointed? Why, of course, the authority. And who is the authority in the territories? The military. So the chief commander of the military in the territories appointed the commitee, and the commitee, surprisingly, decided that the college becomes a university. It’s just pending the approval of, no, not the general commitee, not the minister of education. The authority – the cheif commander.
No occupation. No – none whatsoever.
I’ll just go band my head on a wall. 2 years ago

AlmogThis month is so-so.

It’s difficult. Ugh. I should marry a rich man. No, I shouldn’t really. 2 years ago

AlmogIn reality, I've never enjoyed being in a relationship

except maybe at the very beginnings. I’m either not that good at it, or I find the wrong men, or I attract intense emotions that are short-lived, or whatever. It may not be very important why, because I don’t plan to be in this distressing and painful situation anymore.
In contrast, I am very happy by myself. It’s been less than 3 weeks since we’ve finalised, or formalised, our breakup, and while I’ve been indescribably miserable at first (you have no idea), I’m already feeling almost happy now. Three weeks. After seven and a half years. With a man that I adore (still do, I’m afraid, but I’m almost over him by now). 2 years ago

Almog 2 years ago

AlmogI did not let the fact that I woke at 6 instead of 4:45 to stop me

from attempting at 16 km at 2 hours today.
This was my 2nd attemp. The first was not successful. I had started too slowly, tried to compensate, dropped off my plan completely, and barely managed to finish the 2 hours at all, with a little over 15 km. Worse of all – it took me most of the day to recover, which is a first. I’m used to feeling very energetic after my runs.
So today I started with a little more spring in my footsteps… I did fine the first half, then lost some momentum. I finished with almost 16 km, with no unexpected difficulty, and felt excellent aftwerward. So a big improvement! 2 years ago

AlmogNow that I'm single again

I will watch more films, I’ve already started. Today I’m going to watch one. By myself, yes.
Tomorrow I’m visiting a friend. I will have friends now. 2 years ago

AlmogThis month I did so-so.

And it’s ok, because I still bit away at my debt, even if by less than I hoped. 2 years ago

AlmogSeveral more things about African immigrants in Israel

1. The cort has ruled that it’s ok to deport immigrants from South Sudan because they have a state, and they are not in constant life threat all the time. Just some of the time. They’ve started to round them up to be sent away.
2. Eli Yishay, the minister of internal affairs and the biggest racist of all, said that “many women” were raped by African immigrants, but do not report it because they are worried about the stigma of being considered potential HIV carriers… right. This is of course a lie. Extremely unlikely, and even if it were true, he’d have no way of knowing as they supposedly didn’t complain. Pure makebelieve! And I’m sure many people believe him. Why would nobody take him up on it: really? many women? how many, exactly? and how do you know?
3. There is a law that forbids people to help illegal immigrants by supplying food or housing or work. The punishment may be up to 3 years imporisonment. They are tryig to change it to 5, as 3 years for someone who helped a refugee in great need is obviously not enough.
4. And unrelated to African immigrants: on the high-school final exams Israely students have a subject called “Citizenship”, or “Civics”, in which they learn about the structure of israely regime, the essentials of democracy, etc. There is a book, not the official textbook but a widely used one that helps prepare for the exams, with examples of questions and answers.
An example question: there was a publicity that said that “the association of Jewish girls with Arabs is liable to undermine their right to life and security.” Give your opinion, supported by two principles.
Right, because this is a legitimate opinion that you can be against, or for, as long as you support your opinion stating principles that were learned in class. whaa??
The example answer: “I agree” (that’s right!) “because: 1. it puts a girl in danger to be involved with an Arab, and undermines her right to personal security” (very good! “Right to personal security”, a principle learned in class!) “and 2: because having Jewish girls getting involved with Arabs endangers the Jewish majority and therefore undermines Israel’s definition as a Jewish-democratic state”.
You see???
5. Oh and yes, another one: leaders of last year’s protest against inequality and the cost of living were called to be questioned by the police about their plans for this summer.
Israel is going down, quickly. 2 years ago

AlmogWe've broken up

I’m in unbelievable pain. 2 years ago

AlmogAnd by the way...

I think you’re following more than many Israelies do. 2 years ago

AlmogYou may be right

He might have said that. What he deffinitely said, was that they should be allowed to work, then there would be less crime. 2 years ago

AlmogI'm not sure.

I’ve seen references to several researches, they seemed contradicting but I don’t know. Maybe they measure different things, or over different periods.
Suppose there is really more crime? There may be crime where there is poverty, I suppose. 2 years ago

AlmogWell, seeing as we have a coallition

of 94 out of 120 MKs, all between right and very extreme right, and there is even one party in the oposition that didn’t join in because they ar even rarther to the right, I’d say, not a very small minority. Of course, the people who actually act with violence are a minority. But a very common remark I’m hearing is: well the violence is wrong, but I know what they mean by it, the foreigners are criminals, they are violent, they have deseases. 2 years ago

AlmogI have nothing to add to this. 2 years ago

Almog... and in the meantime...

Being right next to Africa, Israel has a stream of refugees and work immigrants. They are legally not allowed to work, it is illegal to employ them, and I now forget if they already passed the law that says it’s illegal to help them in any way, or not yet. Anyway, there’s poverty, and crime, and violence. In the last couple of weeks there were several mentions of violence and sex crimes in the news, some of which was performed by African immigrants.
Our racist minister of internal affairs was asked if there is a hunt for illegal immigrnats, and replied: if anything, there is a hunt of Israeli citizens by immigrants.
A charmer, no? 2 years ago

AlmogHey, what an excellent goal!

And this is indeed a great compliment. 2 years ago


I haven’t been here a while, and I come back to see that you’re healthy again, and winning in your age group 8) ... and then this.
There’s not a lot to say to people who are depressed, is there? Even if one really wants to say something helpful and encouraging. Your are strong and clever, you recognise your situation and do what you know you have to do to overcome it. 2 years ago

AlmogHere's mine:

- Who was your best teacher?
I’ve had many teachers that I loved, and that taught me well. What they had in common was, they all loved their subject and were experts in it, they all loved teaching, and they all treated their students with warmth and respect.

- What is your middle name?
I don’t have one.

- Are you more afraid of life or death?
Life. I’m not afraid of death right now. But I’m afraid of dying. The illness, the pain, the slow decay.

- Do you feel like you know who you are?
Well enough for my needs.

- Do you love yourself?
Deep down, no.

- Can you play chess?
Very badly.

- What was the last game you played?
I played my son. I won. He’s eight, though.

- What is your biggest goal for this year?
Sort out my relationship issues.

- Can you be alone without feeling lonely?
Oh yes. I love being alone, and I don’t necessarily feel lonely. And I often feel lonely when not alone at all.

- Should you take more or less risks?
I don’t always have a good estimate of what action is a risk i the first place.

- What is stopping you from doing the thing you’ve always wanted to do but still haven’t done?
Usually, it’s that I don’t know what that thing is, although I’m sure there’s something. 2 years ago

AlmogI did incredibly well this month!

So well, in fact, that I suspect I made a calculation mistake somewhere. Anyway, it’s not been proved, so I enjoy the benefit of the doubt. I went and bought not one, but two! pairs of lovely sandals. 2 years ago

AlmogI'm just glad you know

if this is dandelion or a rose. Becasue I don’t. 2 years ago

AlmogWell, a thing of cuteness, anyway!

Cuteness is every bit as good as beauty, in knitware. 2 years ago

AlmogThanks for understanding.

I feel that you understand exactly how complicated this is right now. I do wish I’d knew either way, but not a word is coming so far. 2 years ago

AlmogOh yes.

And I wish I would learn that lesson at last… thank you, A Staggering Rat. Your wishes mean a lot to me. 2 years ago

AlmogHere's mine:

1. backpack.

2. Camino de Santiago.

3. I’d give up the Internet, but it’s a tough call.

4. I’ve never watched either, but I’m a Harry Potter fan (the books), so I guess it would be HP.

5. A coffee shop.

6. Oh. I don’t know. I’m not a traveling person. I guess… one place, to know it well. If it’s a really nice place. No. I don’t know.

7. Pilates. 2 years ago

AlmogThank you.

Hugs back to you. 2 years ago


I decided to give myself one week for dellusional hope and fantasy. I try to imagine him tell me: Of course you’re important to me! I love you, I don’t want us to break up, let’s find a way to work it out!
But it’s hard, because:
When I asked him straight up if I was important to him, he didn’t answer.
When I asked him what he wanted, he said he didn’t know.
When I asked him if he was willing to commit to working it out, he said he had to think about it.
It was so many years since he last told me he loved me, I can’t imagine him say it.
Oh, so much pain. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just have a boyfriend who loves me and is happy to be with me? 2 years ago

AlmogWell, nearly figured out, no?

I’m giving myself this week to hope against hope. I’m not even sure what it is I’m hoping for. Then that’s that. 2 years ago

AlmogAs expected

When emotional pain becomes too strong, I want to hurt myself physically, to take the edge off the emotional pain. An alternative is to eat, but food makes me sick these days, which is saying something, for me, as food has always been my comfort.
What will be my comfort now? 2 years ago

AlmogHormones have nothing to do with this.

This is a real fact of life, outside my physical system. 2 years ago

AlmogThank you.

I’m always strong. I want t onot be strong just for a while… 2 years ago

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