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Ayla 3 months ago

Ayla 3 months ago

AylaA.S. Degree in "General Studies"

Stop laughing! It’s better than nothing! Once I get my life straightened out with regards to the Coast Guard I can look into online programs for my Bachelors. 3 months ago

Ayla 23 months ago


A great (and free!) Resource for learning French as well as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. Personally I’m working on improving both Spanish and French and maybe moving on to Portuguese. 3 months ago

Ayla 4 months ago

AylaSomewhat complete: Currently in paperwork limbo

This was something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 17. I actually went to MEPS five years ago when I was 21 but I was rejected due to being overweight. at 5’3” 200 lbs was 40 pounds over the maximum, and realistically 65lbs overweight. So I gave up on it for awhile.

Then for some reason when I was 24 I got my butt kicked into gear. I went vegetarian, lost 45 pounds, went back to school and finished my associates and got myself all but $1000 out of debt. Everything was going well for me except my situation at work. So after a particularly bad argument with my boss, I printed out the application for enlistment and sent it in. When I went back to MEPS I was actually expecting to fail, but I made weight within 5 pounds.

Four months later I’m just waiting for the credit check to go through and I’ll have a ship date. 4 months ago

AylaI recommend duolingo.com

It’s a great online resource for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and even German! So far I’m sticking with the Spanish Module, but once I remaster the past tense I’m going to get started on French. 4 months ago


Ayla 22 months ago

AylaFall '12 Grades

Cultural Anthropology – A+
Networking Essentials – A
Visual Basic I – A
Intro to Sociology—Credit Via CLEP

All good so far…

Database Design I – F


The good news is that I can take the database class over again this semester and override the F. The bad news is now thats one less class I can take in the spring, which I either need to make up via CLEP or in the summer.

so yeah… :( 15 months ago


Ayla 21 months ago

AylaNot as bad as last time

Car Loan: $800 <- paid off monthly
Personal Loan: $350
Fall 2012 Tuition: $250
Credit Bill: $85

Total: $1485

The good news is that this isn’t nearly the amount of debt I was originally in. The bad news is that the only way to get rid of this is to consolidate. That might not sound like bad news but I don’t qualify for a loan and I refuse to take out a cash advance (money mutual is a scam!).

So the only way for me to consolidate all of my debts is to literally pull all my money out of the bank, then overdraw more money to cover what I owe. That way I’ll owe the bank the money instead of three creditors and the only ‘interest’ I’ll be charged is a single overdraft fee of $35. Then it’s just a matter of using Walmarts check cashing service and paying the overdraft off a little bit at a time.

I can hear you all screaming at me now, trust me I reacted the same way. But this is the advice that was given to be by of all people the bank manager of my local branch. And after thinking it over, it might just work. 17 months ago

Aylababy steps

Canceled AT&T’s Privacy Assist @ $13/mo. Shutting my phone off during most of the day to keep data charges at bay & making my own ice coffee at home. 20 months ago

Ayla 20 months ago

Ayla 20 months ago

Ayla 20 months ago

AylaAlmost impossible to find study materials.

I’ve been trolling amazon and ebay for days now and I can’t find anything to help me study this language. The most I found was an iphone app that cost almost $10. 20 months ago

AylaTake up fitness

Running or swimming. Trust me, it provides the same relief and it isn’t nearly as destructive as cutting. 20 months ago

AylaLooking to set up a morning workout

I used to do 20 minutes of yoga almost every night. Then I stopped shortly after I started going to the gym after work and I just didn’t have the energy anymore. But I think this would be a good way to start off in the morning. 20 months ago


So close! 20 months ago

Ayla 21 months ago

AylaWent from a 12 minute mile to a 9 minute mile

Booya! 20 months ago

AylaWent from a 12 minute mile to a 9 minute mile

Booya! 20 months ago

Ayla 20 months ago

AylaFall '12 Schedule

Networking Essentials I
Networking Systems
Visual Basic
Intro To Operating Systems
Liberal Arts Elective (undecided: will probably be either Geography, Chinese or Anthropology)

Spring ‘13
Network Security
Advanced Network Systems
Software Engineering I with C++
Liberal Arts Elective (again: undecided.)

Goal: Earn an A.A. in general studies as well as a certificate in computer networking technologies (with a few industry certifications thrown in for good measure) and transfer to a four year university. 20 months ago

AylaNew Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds

Slowly inching my way closer. Not sure if I’ll complete this goal by summers end. But I’ll definitely have it by new years. 20 months ago

Ayla 20 months ago

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