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Beginnings HereLooking impossible. But I will keep trying

My calendar is filled until mid-July. Maybe late June. We shall see. 1 week ago

Beginnings HereThis is upcoming in 2.5 months!

SO, I had better get on it. My daughter will be home 2 weeks after this so maybe I wait and make this her coming home party.

Will decide. Maybe a dinner for solstice and a party for her.

That’s the ticket. 1 week ago

Beginnings Here

Beginnings HereI have a kick-ass home!

I love love love my new home. More work. More home. Gorgeous home.

I love every view corridor within it. I love ever point of view in it.

I love my new home. I love how comfy it is even as it is spacious.

Cozy, yet grand. Cuddles, yet soars. Oh so full of light everywhere!

Lovely outdoor spaces, too.

It needs some tlc from me, but it is SO HOME~~! 1 week ago

Beginnings HereThis is hard. If I say no I still feel guilty.

Saying no is still hard.
When I do, guilt is there.

Why is it so hard for me to advocate for what I want?

C’mon! Let’s do this! 1 week ago

Beginnings Hereamazingly using all the food in my refrigerator!

OK. I have always had a bad habit of overbuying and then not using all of my food. Today, I had to fill the fridge, and buy some cleaning pads because – ta da! I had eaten all of the food in my fridge and my copper pad was non-existent any more.

I know that for most people this is a no brainer, but for me, I am always not eating the food that I have to eat.

How did I do it? I had to go away for six days so I ate down all of the fresh food that I had and then took the rest of the fresh food with me to keep eating healthy food (put in hotel fridge and brought my nutria-bullet to keep making healthy smoothies in the AM and PM) and then when I came home, I didn’t shop for 5 days. Mind you, I had to really troll for food, but in the end, it was easy to eat out of the entire pantry/refrig leftovers/freezer. I have so much food in there.

I just came back from food shopping and realized I hadn’t shopped in three weeks. Though I still do fresh veggies and fruits each day in large quantity, I was able to make things last and stretch.

When I went shopping, I was so happy!
I knew I needed everything and that made it easy for me to “refill” the fridge. I just know that i can do this again – make this cycle of a 2-3 week stretch work well for me. I bought proteins to either freeze or refrigerate for the same stretch. 1 week ago

Beginnings HereOK…I am going for this one!

I loved it when the brilliant 43t cohort came up with it. I don’t want to be god on any other day than Wednesday, too!

How spectacular. I need this right now. I love you for coming up with this! Thank you. You are brilliant. 1 week ago

Beginnings Here 1 week ago

Beginnings HereThank you for the comment

it is a great big step for me to get here.

I am so happy to be here. Long, painful journey to be comfy in my own skin!

Best to you! 1 week ago

Beginnings Heregrateful and happy...

that today worked out well for llama.


ode to ora lee

all good. 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI have put myself out there with my friends

I am willing to be honest now. Say things. Respond. Open up. Not be afraid that someone won’t like what I have to say.

So I just say shit.

My truth. My honest response. Not disrespectfully. Just honestly. It is so wonderfully freeing! I love this. 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereMy project is a big dream and today

A woman said…if it weren’t for your project and this other one, we would have been no where. I smiled. She said why are you smiling? I said, I started the other project 7 years ago. It is good to hear that my BIG HAIRY BODACIOUS IDEAS that no one believes are feasible when I start – are the very things that matter.

YES! YES YES! I do DREAM BIG and I cannot forget to be daring. 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI signed up for a great talk

But, didn’t get there. Other life events closed in.

Arg. 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereMy Friday.

Ease. and Stress and getting things done. This weekend – I promise – ease! 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereNO DAVE!!!!

You are going to retire. Don’t do it! I haven’t had my fill.

When am I ever going to see you.

Sorry I suggested you were getting old. It isn’t true. You are as good as it gets. 2 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI have been reminded of this daily

And responding feels so much better!

Breathing better in responding.

All easier. ease. 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Heremy weekend

ease…:) 3 weeks ago

Beginnings HereBIG STEP UP

I did it. I stepped up. I delivered. I am not afraid. I am absolutely doing it! YES! 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Here 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Here 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Here 3 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI chuckle re-reading the entry...

Still the master and the office.

I plan each weekend to do them

but something better keeps showing up

Relaxing, friends, books, journaling, walking… all better things than getting the office unpacked! 3 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI checked the two of three reports

They are clean and all is good

Haven’t run the score because I know it was good enough to get a great mortgage!

Will run the score soon.

Give it a few months to make mortgage payments on time. 3 weeks ago

Beginnings HereOne foot into the celebration

We had an event that was critical to have a first success

We did succeed.

I promised to buy the first round

I did.

It was a first step. 3 weeks ago

Beginnings HereWe skype

it is good to see her

she covers her head with a blanket

because the government there has turned the heat off for the year

and it until her hair dries

she is too cold

and I smile

as she shows me the purse she wants

i laugh. i laugh. 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Heregrateful and very happy...

the event went well

completely relaxed this weekend

enjoying solitude for a bit

watching the colorful birds outside the window

cozied under a soft blanket

with the fire warming the room…just enough…just perfect. 3 weeks ago

Beginnings Herelast night I didn't say no

most of this week I did not say no.

this week….i will say no.


focus! 4 weeks ago

Beginnings Hereit is more than a year later

odd year.

he is here more than ever.

but he is not going to be the man of my dreams.

coaching him.

not what i want to be doing.

i had wanted to be living life with him. maybe a different him. 4 weeks ago

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