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Bigmighty 10 months ago

BigmightyDouble feature

I love your double feature approach, and the commentary on each: you should … or perahps you do … write movie reviews for your local paper.
I saw your “unseen” list and if you allow me … not like you have a choice :-) ... I’d like to make a couple of comments and add a couple of suggestions:
Alien (do Aliens also: two very different films same characters)
Apocalypse Now (Redux … the “regular” version makes no sense)
Audition (good … thrilling)
Blade Runner (good)
Das Boot (good, but boring)
Brazil (not my thing)
Clash of the Titans (the 1981 version. Yes, the effects are nothing but it is a better movie)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (classic)
The Deer Hunter (awesome, thrilling and depressing)
Deliverance (“you got a pruddy mouth boy” ... stupid but a classic)
Les Diaboliques
Do the Right Thing (ice cubes have a new meaning for me now :-)
Evil Dead 2 (don’t bother … unless you found the first one entertaining.
The Godfather, Part I
The Godfather, Part 2 (see them together and forget Part 3 was ever made).
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Kingpin (stupid)
National Lampoon’s Animal House (classic, very funny)
The Night of the Hunter
North by Northwest (classic. Add Vertigo and make it a Hitchcock double feature)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (fantastic and very funny)
The Omen (1976)
A Passage to India
Peeping Tom
The Ring (stupid)
The Shining (awsome)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) (really? ... you might as well make it a douple feature with Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St. or The Hills have Eyes(1977)
The Thing (1982 version is awesome. 2011 version is a decent prequel, worth a double feature, but see the 1986 movie first)

I noticed no Tarantino:
must see = Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.
good = True Romance and FRom Dusk ‘till Dawn
OK = Kill Bill 1 & 2
Other recommendations:
War movies: Private Ryan, Tora Tora Tora, River Kwai, When we were Soldiers, Patton.
Sub movies (besides Das Boot): Hunt for Red October, The Abyss, Operation PettiCoat, Crimson Tide.
Classics: CasaBlanca, The Maltese Falcon and Some Like it Hot.

... I could go on, but maybe you can look at the AFI 250 for guidance.
Enjoy; this is a great goal. 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

Bigmightyyou are doing it wrong :-)

Tacos are a “fast food”, even by traditional Mexican standards. Forget the recipe.
Next time try putting the pork in a slow cooker (Crock pot) with some salt, pepper and whatever spices you like, in the morning and “forget about it”. Then it will be nice soft and juicy by dinner time.
Chop it up, heat up the tortillas, grab your fixins’ (shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, beans, rice, Jalapeños, black Olives, Sour Cream, Guacamole) and enjoy. Serve it “family style” (set bowls with the diced/shredded pork and each of the fixin’s) and let everyone make their own.
If you don’t want to bother with a Crock pot and having to start at least 4 hours before, try a pressure cooker. It’ll take less than 30 minutes to get the pork ready. Rice is 20 minutes, Beans are 30 (soak them for 2 hours prior for best results), and slicing the stuff is 10 minutes that you have while the Rice and Beans are cooking. Enjoy. 10 months ago

BigmightyTry it

one cigarette is not going to hurt you. Just don’t develop a taste for it because it is really bad for you. 10 months ago

Bigmightybest wishes to you

Hope you figure out what it is and you can “fix it”. 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

BigmightyKansas wine!?

My home state … I thought they only grew corn there. I’m going to have to try to find it and try it.
FYI: I love most wines from Chateau St. Michelle. It is a Columbia Valley winery and it is delicious. 10 months ago


A phobia, by definition, is an irrational fear of …
The “fears” you describe about people are NOT irrational. People do all those things you say and think. So you don’t have a phobia, you have a judgmental awareness of your social surroundings. The thing is that, whether you are part of it or not, people will continue to do those things. So why isolate yourself. People will gossip, play games, judge, discriminate, stereotype and badmouth other people, including you. People will also love, care, believe in others, because I believe that there is more good than there is bad in them. If that wasn’t the case, society would be in disarray (which it is in some places of the world it is, but not in Canada). You need to be part of it. WE need you and want you to be part of it. You just need to find like-minded individuals. People that share your interests and principals.
Wing Night is a start: you can eat all the Celery :-) However, I am sure you have other interest and you will meet people there. Just be friendly: a simple smile will do. You can still be reserved and share only what it is comfortable to you. Let them do the talking and just listen. Then, when you are comfortable speak, and don’t be afraid of being judge. We all do it. But if you speak from the heart, your opinions will stand on their own. If they like it, great, if not, let them move on. Good luck to you. 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

BigmightyTrial and error

that is why the call it “medical practice”. Studies have shown that doctors miss-diagnose 50% of the time.
You need to take charge.
I would take the list and start testing each diagnosis. Some should be fairly simple: “Lactose intolerance”: drink some milk and see what happen; Norovirus: have a culture taken; etc, etc.
Make a list of everything you eat and drink and write down how/if it affects you.
Or maybe it is not a particular thing, maybe it is the environment: maybe it is where you buy or store your food, maybe it is how you prepare it, maybe something (or someone) around you is poisoning you … or maybe it is all in your head (you can give yourself an ulcer … go to a Psychiatrist).
Hope you figure it out. 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago

Bigmighty 10 months ago


and your torso muscles are some of the weakest muscle in your body. Also, there is more than just your “front abs” (the “washboard” muscles).
To have good strong abs, you need to work them all and planks alone it is not enough.
Yes, planks engage a lot of muscles, but you are missing range of motion and your sides.
You need to have a whole repertoire of Ab exercises: “regular” crunches, side crunches, Roman chairs, leg lifts, Climb ups, Cobras, etc. You need a set of about 10 different abs exercises to work them all out, including planks. So instead of a 10 minute plank, try 10 minutes to complete ten different ab exercises (1 min. plank, 1 min. Roman chairs, 1 min. Cobras, 1 min. leg lifts, etc); that will be a workout!
For your upper back, you need a few different exercises too. Have fun. 11 months ago

BigmightyExtreme prejudice

that’s how most guys play: with extreme prejudice toward their opponent.
A guy playing pool, or any competitive activity, with a cute girl, will act as if it is just a fun game. However, the moment she starts winning, most guys see it as an affront to their masculinity. At that point they have two options: 1) play it off as it is a game they are letting you win, or 2) Extreme prejudice: cut-out the bullsh*t and play to win at all cost. That means full focus, play aggressive and cheat if you must.
Looks like you ran into the second.
If you are playing with someone that is good, they will take option #2 every time. If they played you before and know that you are good, they won’t be as “friendly” to you as when they thought you were just a cute chic that wanted to play pool with them, and they will play aggressive from the begining. No Mr. Nice guy
Call it “Guy Code”. 11 months ago

Bigmighty 11 months ago

BigmightyDelete for someone else

Yes, I’ve been asked to “delete” people and I’ve been deleted, but it typically is because of someone else. A couple of my girlfriends have been threatened by someone in my past, and the boyfriends of some of my ex’s or female friends have seen me as a threat to their relatioship (or the girl herself is afraid that having me “around” will be too tempting for her). Either way, it is someone else’s problem, not mine.
By the way, in FB, if you delete someone, but if they don’t delete you, you can still see their status updates and messege them, but your friends or significant others cannot see them, since they are not listed as your friend.
In the general subject of deleting people, I haven’t felt the need to delete anyone since I am able to ignore them if I want to. Besides, if you don’t want to communicate with someone you should just tell them to stop. If they don’t stop, they are idiots and ignoring them is more painful than deleting them. If someone else asks you to delete someone, they clearly have a trust issue that deleting will not resolve, it will just mask it. That monster will rear it’s head again. The good thing is that if you were deleted, they can’t blame you.
Finally, how does the saying go?: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”
If I don’t like someone, I rather know what they are up to rather than to be surprised. 11 months ago

BigmightyDon't be selfish ...

... invite someone to join you: everyone should be able to dance “like no one is watching”. If you got the tunes: share them. :-) 11 months ago

BigmightyObsessive compulsive

... are we? :-)

... unless you do it like my Mom does: by burning something she is cooking :-) 11 months ago

BigmightyA thing of beauty

... but I would rather explore the winding roads of Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast in the Ferrari and take a BMW M6 or a Mercedes SLK on the Autobahn.
I’ve driven on the Autobahn: it was NICE!
130 miles/hour (200 km/hr … which I think was the speed limit … they do have one). I drove a Ford something (a Germany only sports coupe).
The minute I let off the gas (my passengers were freaking out) a convoy of 5 black Mercedes drafting off of each other passed me.
Hope you get to accomplish this goal: it’s well worth it. 11 months ago


You are obviously a very engaging, motivated, active, smart and attractive young woman with HUGE dreams and desires. You have not let life’s challenges and disappointments dampen your adventurous spirit, and I have no doubt that if you can find the time and money you will accomplish all of your goals and them some.
You seem like one of those persons that has a “can do” attitude and one that will drag anyone she cans and wants to participate along into any new adventure that presents itself.
Keep it up and best of luck in your goals … maybe I’ll run into you in a few of them. :-) 11 months ago

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