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When you’re going through hell, keep going.

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Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmightywhat ItchyFeet said ...

... but maybe you have too much “baggage” and it has nothing to do with your looks.
If he kissed you, and even if he wanted to “pump-n-dump” you, there must be something attractive about you (other than just having a vagina). If he still wants to be friends, you must have a decent personality. But maybe the trouble of a “serious relationship (usually expected after sex) is not worth it.
I don’t know you so I can contribute any more, but you need to look at yourself and see if there is something else you are doing (not related to your looks) that is turning people away.
If he is a good friend, ask: asking him how come he didn’t want more than a kiss. Maybe it was him and not you. Maybe … 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

BigmightyWorth it

can’t beat free, but if you are still looking for a good scooter, check out Genuine Scooters. Yes, Vespa is the standard but Genuine makes nice scooters. Honda makes some nice ones too, but they are expensive. Yamaha makes some cool ones but they are of inconsistent quality. Still, I would say a free one is the best :-) 16 months ago

Bigmightya bible.

I’m an Atheist … and I had already read it cover to cover. 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

BigmightyI bet that is what she meant

People get defensive (or should I instead say: offensive) when you question their beliefs, especially if they don’t know how to defend them/justify them.
How does the adage go: “the best defense is a good offense.”
You tell someone that you think there is no “God” and they’ll call you stupid and blasphemous, but they can’t prove there is one. You have to take it on “faith”. 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

Bigmightywe are not Lemmings :-)

I find that questioning things and being able to come up with valid statements to defend your beliefs is what makes us so different from Lemmings. Sadly, so people are willing … I think they even rather … just be told what to believe and think and not question. It certainly is easier.
I think it is healthy for a person and a society to have their beliefs, religious, political or social, questioned and they should be able to “defend” their position, since you can only defend such positions if you have a strong base to support them.
Scientist always have to defend their “beliefs” with facts. That’s how hypothesis become theories and then laws. Religions and their believers should also have to defend their beliefs with facts … but they can’t. Thus, they must attack those that question them to silence them.
However, you make a good point: people SHOULD respect your beliefs, as long as you are willing to respect theirs … but that doesn’t happen, does it? :-) 16 months ago

Bigmighty 16 months ago

BigmightyOh, it will offend.

Atheists always offend believers. Most people don’t take it well when you tell them that their belief system is based on fantasy. 17 months ago

Bigmightycheer of a cheer

I found you by a cheer of a cheer: someone cheer one of my goals or entries (don’t remember which). I looked them up to cheer one of theirs and I must have seen you giving them a cheer too, so I looked your list up and that was it.
I didn’t notice the post was 4 years old. But whomever cheered me (probably Rainbow S. Sparks) did it recently. 17 months ago

BigmightyKnow your enemy

perhaps you have difficulty articulating your “beliefs” because you don’t quite understand the “believers” position.
The analogy is that of going into a fight without knowing what the other guy is bringing as a weapon.
You need to understand what “they” believe so that you can say that you don’t.
Also, from the string above, it sounded like there is only one kind of Atheist. There is many kinds. Recently I read an article that classified Atheist into 9 types: from “there is no God, and all religions are Evil” (pardon the pun) to, “everyone (95% of the population of the world) is just misinformed”.
You might need to find out what kind you are, so that you can better argue your point. 17 months ago

BigmightyTrying too hard

what is it they say: “A watched pot never boils.”
Try: 1) count your calories: figure out how much you are taking in and then figure out how much you are using (Hint: some of the stuff you might be eating my be deceptively high in cals, and remember that you burn cals even sitting on the couch), 2) set a goal (not a weight goal) that is fun and can only be achieved with weight loss or as a result of weight loss. For example: “fit into an X size pair of jeans or do Y pull-ups. However, it has to be something you REALLY want to do (ok, no one really wants to do pull-ups, so you’ll have to find something better). If you want to fit into the jeans or some sexy black dress, schedule an event (party, date, etc) to which you’ll wear the outfit. Having a deadline is crucial to motivation.
3) If you don’t achive the goal, don’t be frustrated. Re-think your strategy and try again.
Good luck. 17 months ago

Bigmighty 17 months ago

Bigmighty 17 months ago

BigmightyI hear you

... like my friend George Thorogood says: “I drink alone/I like to drink by myself” :-)
... add that to your playlist.

Here is more:
George Thorogood – 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch and 1 beer
Brad Paisley – Alcohol
Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett
Why don’t we get drunk – Jimmy Buffett
You, Me and the bottle makes 3 – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Blame it – Jamie Foxx
Everybody drunk – Ludacris (explicit)
Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith
Kick my ass – Big n’ Rich 17 months ago


... or drink twice as much for 15 days and then go dry for 15 days (probably as long as the “I’ll never drink ever again” promise will last, after those first 15 days. 17 months ago


1/2 the alcohol is still alcohol.
The challenge is to go 30 days without it.
Not to be negative but I hate Campari. I also dislike all NA beers. If it is between NA beer, a Campari drink or water: I go for water. Yes, it’s a personal preference.
Besides, if you are not going to get a buzz, why even bother: just skip the alcohol all together. 17 months ago


Hannah, I did it a few times and it is tough.
What worked for me was “chugging” my favorite non-alcoholic drink.
... you are sitting around, hanging out by yourself or with some friends and the “urge” comes. Quickly, grab a glass of water … or two … and chug it. That will take care of the thirst feeling. Then, serve yourself a glass of your favorite NA drink. That should cover the “taste” craving.
You may have several NA drinks you like. As a matter of fact, it would be best if you do so that you don’t get sick of the taste of just one. You could do iced tea, lemonade, soft drink, sparkling apple cider or grape juice (good sub for white wine), Cranberry juice (good sub for wine wine), etc. Also, try preparing yourself “virgin” versions of your favorite drinks.
The “chugging a glass of water” trick also works if you want to maintain a buzz and not get too drunk or “peak too soon”. Have a glass of water in between drinks: it will keep you full (slows down your drinking) and hydrated (avoid that hangover).
Good luck … you can do it! 17 months ago

Bigmighty 17 months ago

Bigmighty 17 months ago

BigmightyMake a draft

it might help you write more than one page a day.
Write a summary of the whole story. What do you plan to say with this book. Assuming it is a work of fiction: write the movie summary or the teaser on the back cover that will entice the buyer to want to read your book. Then , start expanding those concepts. There is nothing that says that you have to write the book in order. You can write the end first, and then make the rest of the story fit it. Maybe there is a special character you want to develop. Try doing that and then fitting everyone else around that character .. or event.
Good luck. With one page written, you are way ahead of me on this goal :-) 17 months ago

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