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BlueFernMaking progress

I am refining my ideas and making decisions about what I will write. 2 years ago

BlueFernEnjoying The Sims!

I have been playing this often and finally in moderation. 2 years ago

BlueFernI am doing this for the week.

I am gathering my ideas and I have a long way to go! 2 years ago

BlueFernAches and pains today

Oh well. I just need more rest. I am very optimistic. 2 years ago

BlueFernSome progress

I am feeling a little better. I hope that I can get back on track after all of this. 2 years ago

BlueFernImprovement :)

Visible improvement. It is now quite difficult to see evidence of the facial trauma I suffered last year. I still feel aches and pains and differences but I am confident that I will heal 100%. As far as the other injuries from the incident, I still have to rehabilitate my arm, back, side, and ankle. I have to regain strength so that day-to-day tasks are not so difficult. 2 years ago

BlueFernGetting back on track

I walked a mile today in spite of a little snow and freezing rain. 2 years ago

BlueFernI need to develop this idea.

I have an idea but now it needs to develop. 2 years ago


I am enjoying this game again, and this time, in moderation. 2 years ago


This is getting easy. My goal was to stop playing all video & PC games for a while because I spent too much time with them. Now that I have broken that habit I am trying to play them again, in moderation. :) 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago

BlueFernTaking notes

Still planning… 2 years ago

BlueFernEnjoying my new Sims

I am having fun with this game. I may have to set limits. :) 2 years ago

BlueFernAnother success

Another success in this goal category. 2 years ago

BlueFernThe injuries look subtle now.

My facial injuries are improving so I am starting to look better. I look almost like I did before, but I am not 100% yet. I still feel aches in the injured areas that are very distracting. Overall, I have less energy than I did before. It has been hard psychologically to go through this, but I am determined to recover. 2 years ago

BlueFernMy arm is finally recovering a little.

I did a quick clean up. My routine is not as effective as I want it to be. It is difficult to complete housework with injuries. 2 years ago

BlueFernI am just listening, but this is an awesome warm-up...

I watched The Transformers, a favorite show of mine, in Japanese. 2 years ago

BlueFernThinking of a short story idea...

I am considering what to do with this idea. 2 years ago


I am happy with my Sim creations from this month. 2 years ago

BlueFernSo far so good

I used to play very often and had to stop completely. Now I want this to become a habit again. So far so good. 2 years ago

BlueFernTiny drops of progress.

Just a little progress. This is a very long term goal. 2 years ago


Injuries improving. Looking and feeling better.
However, I am not quite the same as I was before.
I am hoping to be 100 % healed and restored.
I think it will take 2 more months… 2 years ago


I drank tea today. 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago

BlueFern 2 years ago


I completed this goal for the week. 2 years ago


I am considering an idea… 2 years ago

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