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ButterscotchIt is so great to hear from you!!!

How are you doing???? It’s awesome to hear from you!! I haven’t been on this site much either. It seems Facebook has taken over haha! I still like this one too though! I hope you are doing well and loving life! Please keep in touch!! 2 years ago


Well, I paid off the student loan last Christmas. All I have now is the mortgage on my townhouse. I’m not working right now though so accumulating wealth is sort of not happening at the moment. When I go back to work I will start doing that. 2 years ago

ButterscotchNever going to end

This Goal is never going to go away.
I have a perpetual never ending process of cleaning Stuff out.
I’m just going to say I’m done and be done with it, although it will NEVER END. 2 years ago

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ButterscotchWell, I did it....

I did it, I got down to my pre pregnancy weight of 149. Then I found out I am pregnant again so I have come to terms with the fact that I’m going to gain it back, temporarily. I am okay with that!! 2 years ago


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