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Christin3starting to work on this a little more

I asked the bank about help and they happily provided information…it weems a lot of businesses/banks work through LiberyMutual? I don’t know much about them, but they sure pop up a lot! I need something cheap but decent. Don’t know what really fits the bill. 12 months ago

Christin3whoops lol

Just asked for a million books about Joan of Arc and hairstyles, so this ain’t happening! I’m going through them quickly though, so hopefully I’ll be getting them all back soon. I’m telling you – they shoudl be giving MORE money to libraries, considering what a huge huge huge help they’ve been to me with planning my wedding!!! 12 months ago

Christin3definitely getting somewhere now!

My room is messier than before…but my closet is looking better, I completely cleared out one of my clothes dressers, and I’m on my way to getting all my cool weather clothing packed up in boxes for the move! I also started a yard sale bag…I’m sure I’ll have way more than enough for a sale, but I’m going to have it at my fiance’s house just in case (so he can add some of his junk too lol). 12 months ago


Christin3 16 months ago

Christin3more panic, yet more faith

I’ve been listening to radio ministries a lot more lately as I’ve been driving, and they’re quite helpful in restoring my faith and helping me to be a better person. And I’ve been reading a lot about Joan of Arc…for some reason I’ve always been pulled towards her. I think, if I were Catholic, and if it were allowed, I’d pick her as my patron saint. :) 12 months ago

Christin3eating in

I’ve been eating my parents’ food a lot more lately (not like they mind – their leftovers go bad when I don’t) and only eating out at cheap places (the diners) and eating whatever J cooks up (yum!). I’ve also been sticking to getting cheap snacks to tide me over so that I’m not constantly buying food that’s overly expensive and bad for me. More money for other things!! 12 months ago


I’ve been cleaning, organizing, getting all my spring/summer stuff out and prepping my winter stuff for storage, did 4? loads of laundry…and yet my room is even messier than when I started!! sighs So it goes. 12 months ago

Christin3new toothbrush!

Now that I have the proper toothbrush, I am diligently brushing with the whitening toothpaste. Hopefully it works!! 12 months ago

Christin3Better and better - but tentative

The fake nails thing doesn’t always work out (I have my hands in water all the time and it drastically shortens the life span of the nails) but it’s definitely been helping my legs in that it’s really hard to scratch them with the nails on. I’ve also stopped using lotion completely – and so far it’s working. I definitely have dryer skin, but on the plus side, I’m not unbearably itchy 10 minutes later, even with my unscented “hypoallergenic” lotion. I feel like I should almost be treating my leg skin the same way as I treat my face…it certainly seems to clear up when I use the acne cleanser. I also suspect it maye have something to do with poor circulation (even though I’m on my feet all day). I definitely feel itchy as soon as I take stockings off, even if I wasn’t itchy before I put them on! Probably circulation isses. I’m focusing on drinking more water, massaging my legs to stimulate better circulation, and wearing fake nails as much as possible. 12 months ago


I’m doing so badly at this! Well – I have been recycling more at work, and upcycling the things I have into new things, and I’m planning on having a yardsale (things get used again, I hopefully get some extra cash) and I’ve been buying less and less single-serve meals. But otherwise…shrugs12 months ago

Christin3little bits

I went to visit a friend, and we watched “Hairspray” and ate strange foods and had a decent time :) I also went for a walk with my parents, which I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that!! It was nice :) It’s helping to combat my constant near-panic mode about wedding stuffs! I’m having a party this coming Saturday, so hopefully that will be something fun and somewhat relaxing to look forward to :) 12 months ago


I’m finally making some headway (but only b/c I didn’t pay rent to my parents this month)! I made some payments on both of them…but unfortunately I’m thinking of possibly getting another card to help pay for the wedding. On the plus side, if I get a decent card, I still won’t really be in debt, and I can pay it off after everything’s over (hopefully with any money I may receive as a present) and then close it…it may even help my credit score. I don’t really know what to do here. We’ll just have to wait and see. 12 months ago

Christin3love is...

J being parient with me even when I interrupt him 10 times
making food for me and doing the dishes so I don’t have to :)
snuggling and watching a movie
not complaining about my driving
listening even when he’s not interested in what I’m saying
listening even though I’ve already said whatever it was 10x already
not caring if I forgot to shave or my hair is a mess
wiping my nose for me when I’m crying
staying calm for me and being a rock while I try to navigate planning and moving and marriage stuffs and my overactive brain
letting me take care of him when he’s sick :) 12 months ago


Was told I’d make a great mom someday!! I was happy :) But with all the problems my friends/coworkers/aquaintences have had/are having with their pregnancies, it really freaks me out like crazy. Doesn’t help that I’m a librarian and therefore felt compulsed to skim every pregnancy book that passes through my hands (and became even more freaked out at all the possibilities of things that can go wrong)! I told my sister (who asked me when I wanted to have kids today) that I need a sit-down job, a decent place, and insurance that will actually help with a pregnancy! I look forward to the age-old experience…but I’m also too scared to even consider it, haha! I suppose I’ll “woman up” when the right time comes :) 13 months ago

Christin3Still want to do this!!

Don’t know when, where, or how, but still want to do this :) 13 months ago

Christin3Doing much better with this now

B/c I finally switched departments, I’m spending a lot less on superfluous things and more on things I make for others/the wedding. I realize that I don’t really need something and I let it go, as compared to compulsively buying it. I do realize that when I’m in a store randomly, looking at things, I’m looking for something that isn’t there and no thing I find will fill that whatever-it-is space that I’m looking to fill. Sometimes I give in to that – but it’s been happening a lot less and less lately. I’m a lot happier with my workplaces and my relationships, and that’s probably a large part of it, too. live isn’t about things, though they can be helpful and entertaining – it’s about experiences and people and learning <3 13 months ago

Christin3tough going, but we're tough too

What’re those song lyrics: we’ve got a lot to learn but God knows we’re worth it. Things are tough, if not for me, then for him, and vice versa. But we’re made of tough stuff ourselves, and I feel so secure and have such faith in our relationship that even with all this stuff going on and friend stuff and family issues and wedding crap to do and constant judgement and comments and questions and ugh!! But what is this all about? Growing and holding on and being willing to work things out, right? Becoming better people and trying to make the world a better place together. It’s hard. And we both think mean thoughts. But we forgive each other and try to take care of each other as best we can, and we can do it. This is, after all, just “practice”... 13 months ago

Christin3frustrating but getting there!!

I have almost all the addresses finally now!! Now we just have to figure out the time for the wedding/reception…it’s in July and we weren’t even thinking about the heat and humidity (and that I’m going to be wearing 30 lbs of hot satin fabric) so we’re hoping now to have it at 3:30ish and have the airconditioned reception at 5ish? Though really, the ceremony should only be about 20mins (I sincerely HOPE so ugh). We still don’t even have a confirmed officiant yet!! I could just strangle him…but he’s sick right now and has even more job issues and the wedding is just making everything worse. It really is, for me too. I’m very much looking forward to when it’s over and things can finally be corralled into some kind of control! ugh. Wedding crafting party coming up, hopefully that will make me feel better :) 13 months ago

Christin3philly flower show ftw

It was a whopping $91 for the bus trip, but I had a great time, met some very interesting older ladies, and was completely blown away by the marvelousness of the designs, the artwork, the arrangements and setups!! It was like a fairyland, except totally real! It was amazing, and I’m so glad I went (Even though it made me so broke). I only regret that I didn’t buy anything…but then again, I didn’t feel a big pull to do so, and I really learned a lot while I was there and was so inspired, that really I did come away with something more!! I’m so glad <3 13 months ago

Christin3making real progress now

I started wearing looser pants and wearing calf-length stockings underneath to minimize the chafing caused by fabric against my legs. It also looks more professional :) On top of this, I’ve taken to using facial scrub on my legs once a week, and though it sounds odd, it’s really helped a lot! Shaving regularly also seems to help, which is interesting b/c before, it used to only make them worse. I can’t do much about dry air or wearing pants, but my legs are consistently clearer most of the time, which is the most progress I’ve ever seen!! 13 months ago

Christin3so looking forward to this!!

I’m sure it will get old in the next say, 20 years or so, but it will be so wonderful to say, “I’ll ask my husband” or “Have you met my husband?” though probably not the latter, as most people knew him before me lol. Also, to only have myself and him to answer to will be good. And to have that strong bond we have to become even stronger, to hopefully remain the relationship that “everyone else wants to have,” and to feel happier, safer, and more secure. It’s not like married life is going to be much different from the way we are now; busy busy busy, always going places, seeing people, and working alllllllll the time, but at least we’ll be together, and that makes all the difference :) I wouldn’t be who I am now if God hadn’t put him into my life :) 13 months ago

Christin3well, now that I'm in charge of the floral dept...

...I am running around like crazy, moving and lifting heavy boxes full of plants andtrees and breakable things, watering high and low, washing out buckets, refilling them with water and carrying them one at a time back to the floral corner, arranging and re-arranging displays, hanging things up that take forever to hold up and look good so my arms ache, throwing things into the dumpster :-( and learning many new managerial things, so I’d say I’m being fairly physically active! None of my jobs are sit-down gigs, so by the end of the night my feet are TIRED but I’m getting used to it.

I’ve been getting better at bellydancing; getting the flow of things a bit more, letting myself feel the rhythm and enjoying myself! The only problems are, I get spectacular headaches the next day b/c of using back muscles in different ways, and I’m very self-concious about performing in front of others, even friends (probably b/c so many of them actually know how to bellydance pretty well). I’m working on it!

I’m also going out with friends a bit more – it really helps with our mental health and we have a good time. I went to dinner with a young mom and her autistic brother, and we had a great time! I also visited a friend and we spent hours just talking about our friends, random ideas, work, and played with her cats. It was just so nice to get out and just not think about things for a while. :) Awesome! 13 months ago

Christin3sick of this lol

Argh it’s the number one question I get: when are you getting married, again? You know you only have 5 months, that’s not a long time. Oh, you have 5 months, that’s plenty of time! And in the meantime, I’m thinking of my nonexistent funds and all the small things that I forgot or overlooked and now crap!! have to deal with suddenly. It’s really starting to move along now though, finally, and things are certainly set in clay, if not stone :) My parents have finally come on board (with almost a vengeance!!) and my mom and I found her a flattering dress and we’re working on outfitting my dad. Two of my girls have dresses, one has been looking actively, the other I still have no idea. Well, hell, if I’m short one bridesmaid at the wedding, I can deal. At this point, it’s full speed ahead, and if she’s not going to jump in and hold on, she can just fall by the wayside. People are actually offering serious help and asking what they can do, and I’m taking them up and feeling more confident about the wedding by the moment!! Also more irritated, b/c as I said, little things keep appearing and tripping me up. Definitely need to finally get everyone’s addresses set so that I can mail the invites (need to fix the wording too) on April 2 or so!! I swear, invitations, magazines, junkmail and bills are what keeps the postal service in buisness!! 13 months ago

Christin3having a bit of a depression

We had a wedding/work talk ban the other night, which was nice, but it was damn hard for me to make decent conversation, since I’m literally pretty much only doing those two things right now, but it was very nice!! I’m loving the sunshine, which really really helps to chase the hollowness away with the promise of growing things. Working with plants and being very creative is awesome, and a bit strange that I’m finally “being myself” in the working world. However, despite all these things, I really hate trying to go to bed early when I’m not tired and then waking up early overtired and I kind of dread going to bed and getting up. If I don’t think about it it’s okay, but boy oh boy, am I looking forward to more light and warmth and COLOR for goodness’ sakes!! Also very much looking forward to Thursday, when I get paid from all three jobs…February always buries me in debt and overdrafts and I am sick of worrying and being afraid and living on noodles. Let’s hope that March brings stronger faith, a better budget, and really living instead of just surviving!! 13 months ago

Christin3thanks for posting

I really should learn how to do this too. Could come in handy, Lord forbid, but you never know!


I had a great time the other day as our “Valentine’s Day not-on Valentine’s Day.” I dressed up and watched the new “Die Hard” movie with my fiance and went out to eat at Applebees. We also took the time to play some air hockey (I won! haha) and bought a few silly things. We greatly enjoyed ourselves!!

Yesterday I went to my friend’s “Black Valentine’s Day Party” which I’ve never made it to until this year. I pent a few precious dollars to bring yummy fudge cookies, and though there were only 5 of us, we had a really great time and I feel that I bonded better with those girls. It was different, but I had a hilariously good and touching time.

I’m hoping to go to the Flower Show this year – I really wanted to go last year but apparently it was good that I didn’t. This year looks awesome and most of the seats are taken already!! A coworker said she’d go with me. It’s $91 that I don’t have right now, but I may not get the opportunity again, and hey, a warm oasis of flowers in cold weather, with a British theme is the closest I can get to a vacation!! 14 months ago


You’re really lucky! Hope you enjoy it! 14 months ago


We’re thinking May will probably be the best time for me to move in. It’s 2 months before the wedding, but I feel it should be done before the wedding so that when the time comes, I’ll already have all my stuff at my fiance’s, which hopefully will make it simpler. Also, while I do feel guilty that I’m not staying here longer, I am pretty much doing this whole damn wedding myself, draggin my fiance, with little help from my parents. So while I’ll very very much miss having coffee and chatting with my mom every morning, soon enough I’ll be waking up next to my fiance instead. And I’ll be only 7 minutes away or so, so we can meet up and got shopping together still :) Something like that anyway! In the meantime, trying to purge and organize and figure out what stays here permanently and what has to be stored here for now. We shall see. It’s really stressful, and not exactly what I dreamed of, but hey. the most beautiful flowers bloom late and/or in adversity according to Mulan’s father. 14 months ago


Fun weddings are the best weddings. Way to be creative! 14 months ago

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