I didn't bust my elbow as bad as was initially thought. Nice bruise!

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I want to study Discourse and Argumentation Theory (MA) at the University of Amsterdam.

I don’t feel like I want to settle for less, and now I’ve written it down I need to start building foundations for it to be a real possibility. 2 years ago


We broke up.

I will continue this goal. 2 years ago

behere_now 2 years ago


My presentation received a 71 which is a “First” and I am immensely pleased! 2 years ago

behere_noww/c November 7

Monday 7 November: Received my first essay of the Semester back. The essay was about how music can no longer be defined in terms of sound alone. I got a 70 which is exactly a first.

Tuesday 8 November: Today I received my second essay and also marks for my presentation on Obama 2008 and Social Media. I wrote an essay on Geert Wilders which is a provisional 71 (it is going to be externally marked) and a 71 for my presentation :] 2 years ago


I have a (strange) fascination with American (and other) College t-shirts. The school t-shirts I currently own are as follows.

: SUNY New Paltz
: University of North Texas
: University of Central Lancashire
: Rutgers University
: University of Manchester 2 years ago

behere_now 2 years ago

behere_nowPresentation #2

I have another presentation on Monday with 3 other people from my BA course. We will then re-present the following week (with improvements)

I will be presenting on Pete Seeger’s “Waist Deep in The Big Muddy” which became one of my favourite songs after I was introduced to it in my American Studies class last year. 2 years ago


I drink Lucozade before, during and after football.

Does this count?! :/ 2 years ago


I am making life difficult for myself by doing this, but I will not accept being spoken to in a disrespectful manner.

I would not have done this six months, a year ago but I cannot let this incident drop. I am appalled at the way I have been spoken to and I cannot let people live their lives thinking that they are able to speak to people in such a way and “get away” with it. 2 years ago

behere_now 2 years ago

behere_nowMA Rhetoric

I would really like to enrol on the above course upon graduation from my BA. Funding the course is a whole different ball game and I am not entirely sure how it would happen. 2 years ago


: Lived in New Jersey for 3 months after dropping out of University in the May of Year One

: Learned to navigate Manhattan alone

: Started another degree at a different University aged 20

: Due to graduate aged 23 – BA (Hons) American Studies 2 years ago


I have been told by a friend that it is really important to take pictures of me and my significant other. Because if the worst happens and we break up, at least we will have the memories.

EDIT: I tried to take pictures of us on Friday but it was too dark, and I hate the flash on Sony cameras! 2 years ago

behere_now 2 years ago


I have been placed in the second team this season. It looks like I am going to be playing “out of position”, but this will enable me to learn and adapt to different situations.

I am already feeling the importance of stretching, as DOMS are in full effect in my calves. 2 years ago

behere_nowSports Therapy

My University has a Sports Therapy Clinic and I regularly attend as I get really bad DOMS after soccer. The guys who treated me last year told me to take a yoga class. Not for relaxation, but to improve flexibility. One of my team mates said I have a problem where my knees go inwards, which is probably causing me issues. 2 years ago


Today was presentation day. It was frustrating because there wasn’t enough time for me and another guy from my class to present, so it was really rushed and I didn’t get to say half of the things I wanted to. We will see what happens when I get the results.. 2 years ago

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behere_now 2 years ago

behere_now"Facebook Generation"

I am part of the above “generation” for whom it immensely easy to communicate with one another via technological means. As a result, handwriting suffers, as does thought. I believe that it is important to take the time to handwrite thoughts – something I will be doing this weekend as I have two friends’ birthdays coming up. 2 years ago

behere_now 2 years ago

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