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Crystal UmYou can't change the past..

but you can change how you view the past.

I’m learning to see things differently than I remember them to be. The realization memory’s often fleeting and unreliable has given hope to freedom from past hurts, heartaches and anger.

I’m learning to let go so I can fill my life with more good. Letting go of the negative so I can embrace the positive.

It’s a inner healing, detox program. It might take 3 years but it sure beats living the rest of my life in regret. 2 years ago

Crystal UmCounseling Psychology

I’m 25 worked in nonprofits and decided to go back to school. I started the counseling psychology program at the Seattle School and look forward to starting my own practice as a licensed therapist. 2 years ago

Crystal Um 2 years ago

Crystal Um 2 years ago

Crystal Um 2 years ago


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