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And pass me your Email if you can. 2 years ago

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Well that’s what I’ve said to.
I always putted in mind *Okay just take it till father get some job and cover my little devilish sister expenses then I have nothing left to live for and suicide”
Well if I haven’t got a little sister I am sure I would have suicide years ago! 2 years ago

Deyab Khanfar@Tyrex I hope you real this.

I EXACTLY know what you feel,I’ve passed by that stage and STILL PASSING in that stage and a even hardcore one.
Well I can’t submit it all in one reply.
I know how you feel you did nothing the past years and I know the depression and suicidal you feel because believe me I am 16 and my depression started 24/7 since the past 9 years.
My mother died when I was around 4-5 , my father was never around, at age of 7 I was thrown to my step-mom which she is a doctor (and a fking complex) I have a 4 years stubborn younger sister than me , the past 9 years I was depressed 24/7 I was hit, spit on, hit with high heels in front of public by my step mom , because I went to buy a can of coke at the front street, she hit me till bled in public, because my father bought a land couple of years before I am born in the UK and they fucked him up and there was many corrupt workers, they sucked all his life work 2M pounds and left us to fuck.
I’ve taken all the hits ,spits ,swears from my step mom and her elder son and from my little sister and the neighbors and at school, I was never allowed to get out “why?” I says she replies “because I don’t want you to,stay still you punk” and i’ve been taking all this shit for my father and when he comes, its like “why are your marks so low?” and get hit , and thrown at by a wooden chair, i’ve been so depressed at a level my mind couldn’t take, and I started to have a short memory , I couldn’t remember most of times what I have just did or say.
Anyway 9 years later and still taking the shit.
But I am definitively going to crack up this year.
And I will just try to work at a farm , or get a TEFL at a low price if I can,or get a apprenticeship in carpentry (there are MANY FREE 3 apprenticeship).
Well ,YES you can work you just have to be serious about it and know what you want to do.
Anyway for me I am either trying to join the Royal Marines Commandos for 3 years to raise some money and go live a backpacking life in Asia, you will be amazed how you can live on 100$ for like months.
Hope to hear about you!!! 2 years ago


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