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Rudiano Bambinooh wow

There’s an app for pretty much everything nowadays! Thanks, downloaded it. Looks pretty good! 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambino11 days later!!!

I was aching so much after the first time that I had to rest a considerable amount of time. But I’m back and here are today’s figures:

1X 50
Rest for 10 minutes

Let’s see how long I ache this time! 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoIt's a privilege ... be able to touch someone’s heart… I’m glad! :)

Do you feel better though? 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThis got me a bit teary

You know sometimes we’re our worst enemy. We’re harsh on ourselves to the point of writing ourselves off. I was looking at my notes from a talk and discovered this:
Job experienced the same feelings when he went through all his trials. He felt God was so far from him that He would not listen to his prayers (Job 9:16). He accepted the trials but probably thought “God can’t love me if I’m going through this”. He was wrong but didn’t know better then. Thankfully, he didn’t let this thinking run its course (God doesn’t love me-> I don’t love myself-> I don’t deserve to be loved-> why bother doing right, I’m unlovable anyway->Let’s just do nothing/do bad)
This reasoning is a falsehood that God’s enemy would love everyone to embrace as truth so that they are utterly uninterested in God or in doing what he asks of us.
Some of us, for reasons maybe unknown to ourselves, are more likely than others to be plagued by this idea that we are unlovable.
The truth is, however, that we are loveable. God is greater than our hearts (1 John 3:19,20). Our hearts may churn out all these negative feelings but God knows where they are from and is above those. He knows we are fragile, imperfect, so he isn’t rough with us (Psalm 103:14).
Contrary to most people, God doesn’t despise us when we feel broken Psalms 51:17)
It may take some study and reflection to convince our heart of this, but it’s worth it. It keeps self-loathing and all manner of dark ramifications at bay. 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoFlipping western medicine!

It seems the soreness after each session is here to stay…It only varies in intensity but it’s always there. The nurse says that it is expected on the psoriatic parts of my skin. I don’t remember feeling this way last year. Then again, I was radiated with UVA last year but this year, it’s UVB. Apparently these are stronger.
However, the major side effect to exposure to this is skin cancer. Great. Typical of western medicine: solve a problem by creating another…
After the treatment, I should be examined for skin damage and signs of cancer but my dermatologist hasn’t even scheduled a check up appointment! I’ve just found this out by researching on UVB following a friend’s advice.
Flipping western medicine! You can’t feel 100% in capable hands anymore… 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoQuizas otra vez

Me equivoque. Jehovah no queria que me vaya ahora…Quizas en el futuro. 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambino 11 months ago

Rudiano BambinoClean conscience...

It’s a good feeling to know you have done what you ought to even if it was hard. the appreciative comments and the blessings after are really encouraging.
The week was very busy. Took the field service group twice, had two talks yesterday, three mystery assignments, one decorating job. I was quite tired at the end of it all and was struggling but I’m relaxing today!
Next week seems quite good too, probably more work than I could cope with.
Thanks Jah :) 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoHere we go again!

This should not take long. I’m only 11 stones.
1X 40
1X 20
1X 40 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambinomidway point next week

It’s definitely working, even though skin feels a bit sore after each session. I’ve gone darker, which suits me, I was told… Kindov like it too. A black man with a tan…The irony! 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoIt's interesting how... these cartoons are… I watched all of them in French ( Now own some of them in English). But I couldn’t recognise the words you sang… A clue please? ;) 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoIn theory...

I started using the internet after I came of age so I don’t see why I couldn’t unlearn it. But that would be hard. I’m addicted… No more than a day I think and I suffer withdrawal symptoms! 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoCartoon nostalgia

  1. Do you remember the cartoons you used to watch as a kid?
  2. Would you still be able to sing their opening title?
  3. Do you find yourself at times seeking those out as an adult?
  4. Is number 3 a guy thing?
  5. Lastly, which cartoon is this pic from? 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambinoyes ma'am

:D 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI thought u'd ...

...never ask! :P 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoPurr

No need to hide behind the Emu…Admit you have unnatural feelings toward a human. You know what they say in the kitty world? Once you’ve gone human you’re forever a fan! (say whaaaat?!!) 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThanks Sankirk...

But I must confess I don’t look like that in reality… this is more me…. Corrr I’m such a wind up! :P 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambino"For now"

How did you know? Yes, I’m on borrowed time, so pretty soon I’ll be back in the rat race unless things fall into place before the end of the year -according to my guesstimations… 7 months ago

Rudiano Bambino2nd week in

...there seems to be less flakiness but I don’t know if if it’s due to me showering more to get rid of the excess stuff… One thing I’ve noticed though is that after the last 2 sessions I’ve felt sore in the evening and the morning after. A bit less the last time around but still, it messes me up. I hope it’s not gonna be a trend. 7 months ago

Rudiano BambinoWow.

Keen sense of observation coupled with a delightfully satirical touch, Bee. “CrackBerry” hahaha! You crack me up! 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoFinished Numbers...

Lots happening in there. Starts with a census, ends with another census 40 year later.Most of the Israelites have died in the wilderness because of their incessant complaining, bad attitude and actions. It’s amazing how short a memory they had. Even though it ended badly each time, they soon made the same mistakes, again and again… They just didn’t learn…They went as far as wanting to go back to Egypt where they were slaves. They completely ignored the fact that God was with them, keeping them alive in the wilderness miraculously (manna, water, occasionally meat, shoes and clothes not wearing out etc…)

It just goes to show that you can have all the signs in front of some people, they just won’t get it. They will miss the big picture, act stupidly because they just can’t see beyond their puny selves… 8 months ago

Rudiano Bambino12/08/13

Today I’m grateful for
  1. Being out of the rat race
  2. Freedom to indulge in my many interests
  3. Freedom to explore and understand my peculiar self
  4. Having bumped into a friend who would have otherwise not made contact
  5. Another day of life to sort myself out before it’s too late.
  6. Sun, Sun, Sun!!!
  7. 2nd day of phototherapy and already I can feel results! 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI see....

I’ve shown my ignorance there, haven’t I! But yeah… She needs to cross the Atlantic to find her real audience methinks…I may be wrong too of course! 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI am often puzzled...

...when I see what tops the UK charts… I don’t know what it’s like in the US but over here, it seems to be all about dance or indie. Carolynne Poole IS talented but country music isn’t big over here… 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoHahaha!

Apocalypse Meow! Love it! By the way, TechKat’s otherwise engaged… He’s sending KittyFixit instead. 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoYup

Get that a lot. If I insist I can normally get passed it but it reappears somewhere down the line! 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoTrue that, true that

Good point! I’m on Twitter, so just tweeted them. Not a lot of activity there so no clue how soon they’ll see it! Oh well. :/ 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoSave 43T

  1. Has anyone been plagued by the server problem notice on 43T? It seems to happen more often lately…
  2. Anybody techie knows what causes this?
  3. Is 43T dying?
  4. How can we help 43T get his mojo back??? 8 months ago

Rudiano Bambinohahaha!

Stress relief eh? 8 months ago

Rudiano Bambino:)

Thank you please 8 months ago

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