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Rudiano BambinoAaargh

Missed the skin test cause I couldn’t find the yellow form the dermatologist gave me. Postponed to next Thursday. Found the form in my boot. Got a huge oily patch. RATS!But it’s still legible… 8 months ago

Rudiano Bambino31/07/13

Today I’m grateful for:
  1. My subscribers (love you guys, you cheer me up without realising it)
  2. My friend taking a stand for his beliefs
  3. My taking a chance at saying to the BBC what I think of their evolution crusade.
  4. Discovering Azonto and the Alkayida dance (Getting in touch with my African roots has never been so fun!)
  5. Being alive
  6. The unusually frequent sunny days
  7. Having sustenance and covering
  8. Can’t get enough of this video for some reas on 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoAwww

Thanks Trin, u sweet gal u! :) 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThanks!

Yes my goals tend to be meaningful and a bit involved… Not really my style to add little goals just to crank numbers up…Did think about it but naaaah. Can’t even come up with little goals :P 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoProgress

16 completed goals last year, 14 so far this year. It’s not as many as I wish but definitely better each year. Man it’s hard being a dilettante. FOCUS, Rudiano, FOCUUUUUS! 8 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThanks Trin!

It just feels like dancing tango… 1 step forward, 2 steps back.But I feel strengthened today :) 9 months ago

Rudiano Bambinoso close and yet so far...

I fear for my future…I should have been much better by now. The intimacy I used to have with God is still not back. What the heck is wrong with me?? 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoAppointment is arranged...

...for a skin test on the 30th. Then I’ll be on treatment the next day. For some reason I wasn’t prescribed PUVA rays this time 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoMonday business

  1. Phone mystery shop assignment
  2. Phone phototherapy clinic
  3. Phone for NHS pre-paid card
  4. Phone for HRM
  5. Pick up medication
  6. Update Fiverr gigs
  7. Work
  8. Pick up book @ library
  9. Post DVD9 months ago

Rudiano Bambinohehe

I saw your video on YouTube! We’ll done!

Rudiano BambinoOh wow!

I thought it was a typo! TJ MAXX eh? Probably founded by TK Maxx’s twin brother or sumthin :P 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoTK MAXXX YESSSSS!

My last “come up” is a pair of smart shoes from there. £3! That’s a record for me! I love TK Maxx. 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThis may be nuts...

...But when I’m ready to go that route again, I won’t try. When I try, I’m not myself and I repulse instead of attracting.
I’m sure Miss Right will show up at the right time. I won’t force it. 9 months ago

Rudiano Bambinopositivity helps...

...any situation but at the moment I can’t really say what I feel is pure positivity, it’s mixed with a little bit of resignation… Mmmh. Perhaps I need to address that
XD 9 months ago

Rudiano Bambinointeresting

You’re a very sensible consumer! You seem to me like you are good at following a budget….An I right? 9 months ago

Rudiano Bambinobe ashamed no more.... it is 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoYeah

I think you have to be a bit of a sour puss not to at least smile at the video! 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoWe're human!

We tend to judge books by their cover. We can sometimes stop ourselves but it’s natural. My avatar is me but it’s not me. It’s me in a nice light (I think).

I think many people choose their avatar to appeal and I’m fine with that. Sometimes I feel cheated though if the avatar is a real picture and it transpires that it has nothing to do with the person! But by that time, I generally don’t care anymore. I’ve connected and it’s their personality I see.

It’s a free world.

I must admit, I’m kinda conservative so any avatar that’s racist, smutty or rude put me right off connecting with the person…. So it may take a while (sometime an eternity, literally) before I venture on their posts…

Like I said, it’s a free world.
:P 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoIt worked...

...for me last year too. But it’s gradually come back. Now it’s all over my body. That’s what you see on my torso. Flakiness AND depigmentation.
But I’m not miserable this time round. I’m almost used to it. But not enough to accept it! 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoYuh-huh

Mister Ze Peace Ambassador moi.
Init. 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoLOL

Nah, I don’t karate chop people for their tastes, musical or otherwise…If I disagree I just go ” I see…” and change the subject!
XD 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoInteresting...

I don’t go all out on anything!Oh wait…except food! :P
The wording for my last question is because I’m sure some people don’t like the song but I love it! That’s where I got “come up” from. You translated right!
The other song is nice. Heard it before.Thought provoking, without swearing….I mean cursing…

:P 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThrift shop talk

  1. Are you a bargain hunter?
  2. Where do you find most of your “come ups”?
  3. Do you hunt at market stalls too?
  4. If you wanna rant about the song by Ryan & Macklemore too, feel free!

:) 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoMaybe soon...

At long last, I have an appointment for phototherapy. 4th of July. That’s my last but one card. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go down the allergy test route. But It’d be really surprised if the phototherapy doesn’t work.

P.S: there may be a lot more avenues (Just had a look at Joe Bingham’s entry about this same problem) but I don’t know how trustworthy they’ll be. I’ll see.

P.P.S: Sheeesh, that pic is stretched!9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoGood stuff!

It’s raining over here…. But don’t let me dampen your spirits (hehehe), here’s an oldie but goldie to enhance your summer experience!
;) 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoHi Nic!

I guess I am yes, things are cruising along nicely at the moment. Exactly as I expect? Never. Too much of an idealist! :P
How are things wit’cha?
:) 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoWhat's up y'all

Wow, time flies. Been really busy but I thought I’d touch base. I’ll be doing some camera work at a convention next week. Exciting! I know the programme is gonna be awesome too.
That’s it, Tata for now. Toodle-oo, toodlepip! (The British side of me coming out)

Over and out! 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoGoodness me.....

43T is part of my life now. If it goes I’ll have to invent 44T! I have a partner in crime already!!! 10 months ago

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