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Recent entries from DoctorTeeth
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DoctorTeethDays 9-11 Catch-Up

Still have some stuff to do here; I’m not catching up as quickly as I would like to. I did get rid of a bunch of cardboard boxes, though, and I cleaned out the freezer on Monday, so that’s a little progress. A little. 10 months ago

DoctorTeethI don't think it's just strength

work, it happens before I do any exercise. It happens more when I do strength than cardio, but I just hate doing it. (And maybe I hate that I have to do it, too?)

Thanks for all the kind words, regardless! 10 months ago

DoctorTeethI really liked

Flight but I was angry that the trailers played something from the last ten minutes of the movie. It would have worked so much better if that had been a surprise. 10 months ago


Before. It got better during. But before I got surprisingly angry.

(Also: you giving me all these cheers makes me feel really good today. Thanks so much!) 10 months ago

DoctorTeethDid strength today despite a

fairly significant (internal) bout of anger. God, I really don’t like this. Grrr. 10 months ago

DoctorTeethNo exercise last week

almost at all, actually. This shall not stand. I will do something tomorrow. I must. 10 months ago

DoctorTeethI just realized that

even though I have been in this apartment for two and a half years, and probably won’t be leaving for another year and a half, I still look at it as a “temporary space” and that may be why I don’t care about how it looks. 10 months ago

DoctorTeethDays 9-11: Flowers, Kitchen, Make A Meal

I got flowers and made pizza with C today, and I’ve done a decent start on my kitchen cleaning & organizing. I have thrown out all the expired food from the fridge, washed out a lot of containers, cleaned the coffee maker and stuff. But the weekend is almost over and I still have stuff to do. Here’s a list of stuff to do over the next few days to catch up:
  • clean the microwave table (dust, wipe down, clean microwave and toaster oven)
  • clean the oven
  • clean the elements and put in element protectors
  • go through the freezer looking for expired/freezerburnt food
  • wipe down the fridge

So a lot. But at least I also did a lot too! 10 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 8: Pick Art To Frame

I have a lot of art around that I would like to put up, but I haven’t actually picked my art. I should do that tonight. 10 months ago

DoctorTeethAs someone who got

about a dozen of those cheers yesterday, thank you! 10 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 7: Pick a Project

I knew I had to pick something from the bedroom because that place has gotten bad, and it was what I chose to spend my Mindful Minutes on. So that helped narrow it down.

I picked tackling the bedside table because it’s been messiest the longest. I don’t know if it’s going to make the biggest impact, but I’ve got to pick something, after all! 11 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 5: 10 Mindful Minutes

I sat on the floor in my bedroom and I looked at it for 10 minutes. I imagined the mess was gone, I imagined the furniture was gone, I imagined the comics were gone (the hardest part). And I noticed a lot of little things that could easily be cleaned up, some things that could easily be put away or given away. And some things that would take a long time. It actually made me feel better because it wasn’t all as bad as I thought.

And then I did something I wasn’t supposed to: I put 3 things away, including boxing up a fan that should never even have been bought. I might try to sell it, but I might just make my parents put it in their basement until I have space for it. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 6: Set Up An Out Box

I did Day Six yesterday because it was quicker and I had much less time. I will do Day Five today.

(Feeling sick. Bleh.) 11 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 4: Flowers & Floors

I somehow managed to finish all the floors (except for the bedroom and the floor in the closet, which will be done when I tackle the closet) this morning before 11AM. And I got some flowers to put on the table. It wasn’t easy but it’s done. Now for some more projects, I guess.

(Taking time away from exercise and adding it to apartment work this week was a good thing I think. But now this week I need to try to balance both.) 11 months ago

DoctorTeethDays 2 & 3: Flowers & Floors

No flowers yet but today I did the living room floor and the bathroom floor. Tomorrow is for the dining room, kitchen, hall, and entryway. It’s doable.

(And I gotta remember flowers tomorrow.) 11 months ago

DoctorTeethSo dang close

and yes, it’s taken too long. But I read Judas Contract, I have texted a friend to get some Cerebus comics, and I have a list of the issues of DD that are in the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson omnibus, so I will at least know what to look for that can patch the gaps in the stories that I’ve already read. Progress-ish. 11 months ago

DoctorTeeth 15 months ago

DoctorTeethWait a minute, this

looks like it’s done! Seriously: all I had to do was do a stop payment. That’s ridiculous. Anyhow, that’s good. I’m not flushing $100 down the drain every month. Which will be helpful in paying things down. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethForgot that I generally give myself

a lazy week which is a good thing because I’ve been skipping a LOT this week. I overbooked myself, and have to be more mindful of making sure I set the time aside for this in the next 5 weeks. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethDay 1: The Walkthrough

It went well, took me less time than the website said it would, and not every space had a lot of stuff to do, but I was happy to get it done, prioritize things, and make a list. Some of my “projects” are tricky to manage (e.g., the pile of crap on my bedside table) but I have faith in the system. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethAs shelves seem to be in a holding pattern

I’m putting them to pasture for a bit and working on this instead. My friend is doing it and it looks like a good way to get a lot done, so I’m trying it. I’m starting on Wednesday so I’ll be exactly two weeks late and it’ll match the original start date.

AND (he says to himself) I’m going to try to record everything here. Let’s see how this goes. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethSix sessions per week for

five weeks (plus one gimme week if I need it). Sounds pretty hard but I think I might be able to do it. 11 months ago

DoctorTeethAnd "Week Five" is over

so now I need another goal. I think I did okay with this one, but I’m not sure; I’d feel a little more confident if I hadn’t had the Christmas Break slump but otherwise I’m feeling okay about it. 11 months ago

DoctorTeeth 2 years ago

DoctorTeethSecond batch was even better

than the first one, and I was there for every step except the bottling. We’re going to do a third batch next week, and my plan is to be there for EVERY step including bottling. And now that we’re adding a few things to the kit, trying to ride the bike without training wheels so to speak, I’m feeling a little more confident. I just wish we got more beer per batch: I give away so much that there’s not too much left over for me! (Selfish me.) 11 months ago

DoctorTeeth 13 months ago

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