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Hates soggy pancakes.

Recent entries from Dolphine1313
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Dolphine1313Guess who is taking a sewing class.....

Jo Anns is offering sewing classes in October. Just need to sign up and get supplies.

Update: Signed up for a sewing classes and purchased my supplies.

Update of the update: The class was great. The project was a pair of lazy pant (pants you can wear around the house) I made a pair for my grandson. Good experience will take another class soon. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313So why do I sabotage my efforts towards improvement.....

I think it is more than being afraid to fail. Maybe it’s because it is easier to do nothing. It is easier to stick with the habits you know (although detrimental). Anger, resentment, and the old “you don’t tell what to do” come into play. In this instance, I am referring to the goal (unlisted) of no added salt to my food. No table salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, cold cuts, butter with salt, sea salt, barbecue sauce, alfredo sauce, kilbasa, basically anything that is processed, or is in a brine. Which just about covers everything that I enjoy.

I have congestive heart failure which is basically a condition in which the heart does not pump blood throughout the body efficiently. Fluid backs up into the lungs, internal organs and due to gravity pools in the lower extremities of the body. Salt makes the body retain water. Any kind of salt. Which makes the kidneys work harder. So you take meds aka (water pills). Downside is that these medicines can be powerful and they affect the kidneys and blood sugar. Also added into the mix is water restrictions. I am limited to about 64 oz per day. This means any water. Water is in soups, coffee, cream, milk, water that is used to make oatmeal, grits, etc etc. etc. I love water, just plain water in a tall glass with ice and a straw. Alot of 43 things goals include drink more water. I wish I could.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this little pity party. That no matter how hard this is, or how many times I sabotage my efforts towards this goal; I cannot give up. Because at the end of the day, I am responsible for the state of my life. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Working on me....It's all about me (lol)

Getting away from purchasing things to taking better care of myself. Suffered a setback will I got into the hot tub and passed out like an Avatar going into sleep mode. Not fun. I saw a dietician/nutritionist and now I’ve got a good dose of I think I can. So far so good. Not going to journal it here. But I will post my progress. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313For the month of August...

1. Tighten all loose screws around the house.
2. Spackle the hole behind front door.
3. Install doorstop behind front door.
4. Install towel rack in guest bathroom. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313This goal is taking way too long....

The problem is that by the time my daughter gets to my house on her day off, it is too hot. Can’t have my grandson with a burnt bottom for the sake of a photo opportunity. Nevertheless, I will accomplish this goal. One can only hope it is done before his 13th birthday. The cuteness factor will be gone. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313It is hot and nothing is growing except....

some cantalope vines. I have one melon but it is small. During the winter months I will be installing a drip system and improving the shade structure. The green items are the pomegranate trees, lemon tree and the orange tree. Not really producing fruit but they are a rich green in color. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Bought a book..,.

It is one of those orange hardback books from Home Depot. It is titled “Home Improvement 1-2-3. Lots of basic information inside. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Family throwdown...

Set a tentative date for an old fashion throwdown between my neice, nephew, know it all brother and know it all brother in law. I believe I have the upper hand in this one because my neice will be using an electric smoker. My nephew is a griller and the two know it alls like to use charcoal fluid to start their fires. You can taste the chemicals in their product. Nasty stuff. My nephew will put up a good show. He at least preps his meat and knows how to use marinades. Should be alot of fun. The big day will be August 23. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Fired up the new grill....

They turned out beautiful. Very moist and flavorful. The beauty of it all is that I didn’t have to keep checking on the fire. It held its temperature well. I grilled country ribs and a slab of St. Louis ribs. Yeah me. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313I see progress...

I found a small cantalope on one of the vines. It is about the size of an orange. After pruning some of the tomato plants, I found about seven cucumbers growing. My friend says they look like pickles. LOL The new catalogs are out for the fall season. You can never find fault in a seed catalog. It is the ultimate I think I can book. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Creole Gumbo

For the first time, I made gumbo. I actually made two separate dishes. One was sausage and chicken mild. And the other was seafood gumbo with scallops, shrimp, chicken, kilbasa and spicy. Rice was the side dish. It was a nice change of pace. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Heat kills

Tomatoes took a nose dive with the triple digit heat. The bright news is that my cucumbers are starting to grow. I just love when the bees pollinate my plants. I have never planted cucumbers before so this is something new. Zucchini is coming out also. Unusual thing this year is spiders. Gives me the heebie jeebies. I am at the point to kill all creepy insects with insecticidal soap. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313I bought another grill .....

but this time it is a dedicated smoker. It also matches one of my other charcoal grills. I did promise the family that I would not buy anymore grills. One day I hope to be good enough to enter a contest. I am not there yet. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Never say never but....Part II

13. I will not run from a chihuahua, poodle or any other type of ankle biting dog.

14. I will never pierce anything besides my ears. And then with only one piercing in each ear.

15. No brainer. I will not text while driving. EVER

16. I will not adopt or house sit a boa constrictor or any other type of snake. This also includes insects, scorpions, tarantulas or ferrets. Might as well say any type of exotic animal.

17. I will never hike, or go hiking. In particular, (in, near or around) Mt Charleston, The Grand canyon, Red Rock, and Death Valley. Must also add volcanos, dead or active.

18. Go inside a carnival fun house. Nor will I go to a Halloween haunted house.

19. I will never keep money or try to spend money that was put into my banking account by accident. It is just plain wrong to take advantage of someone else’s error.

20. I will not participate in any extreme eating contests. For that matter, extreme anything.

21. I will never leave a campsite or camp area in a worse condition than when I found it.

22. Not including this post, I will never say or write the word yummy, yummo or yum. I hate that word. Matter of fact, it should not even qualify as a word. I know such a small thing; but there you have it. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Tomatoes are coming out of my ears...

Peas are producing well. The cilantro has dried out and turned to seed. It is starting to heat up here. I planted the zucchini. Last year I did very well with this vegetable. Planted extra this year. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313 3 years ago

Dolphine1313It has taken my forever to complete this goal...

It was always in the back of my mind to get it done someday. It was on the things to do list, but I just kept pushing it on the backburner. Today it is done. And it was painless and not expensive. I got a very basic plan. I also took my mother and my sister along with me to make it a point that they need to have their plans in place. Most of my final plans are in place. I have a will, a medical directive, a financial power of attorney and a burial plan. I feel so relieved. There shouldn’t be too much chaos and emotional upheaval when the time comes. Everything is in place. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Need to acquire some handyman tools.

Put together a modest tool kit. Just starting with the basic pieces. Screwdrivers, wrenches, a couple of pliers, hammers. Alot of the items were donated or I found at the thrift store. As long as they work. I will color coordinate them later. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Instead of Taco Tuesdays,...

we had a taco Wednesday brunch. My niece, hosted this one. I was in charge of the drinks. I made strawberry slushees with my new Ninja blender. Wine was added for the adults and the kids had it with juice. I love the way she makes her tacos and burritos. Telia even found a low sodium mix for the ground beef. We had a nice time. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313I am going to barbecue hell....

My friend repaired the grill my mom gave me. And I used it. IT WAS PROPANE. That is a no no in my family. No self respecting griller uses propane. That is cheating. Anyway, for burgers and dogs it wasn’t bad and it was very quick. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313This goal was completed May 2011

Feel relieved and I have some peace of mind. It is worth it. I also got an advance directive, and a financial power of attorney. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Get a will...

This goal was completed May 18, 2011. Feel relieved and I have some peace of mind. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313Prepping for Memorial Day Barbecue

This time I am going to add a little bit more refinement to the bbq. There may be only one or two kids attending so it should not be that much more work. Just more added thought to the menu and or the serving set up. 3 years ago

Dolphine1313 8 years ago


I have upgraded from a butter knife to a real screwdriver (flat and phillips) to an electric drill. I even have a cordless drill. 3 years ago

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