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Getting on with it :)

Recent entries from Dreamdancer12
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Dreamdancer12The move continues....

Pod is mostly packed. Really quite full. Complete with industrial shelving units, about 60 plastic crates neatly filed, labeled, and stashed. Had two wood crates built as well, one to protect the piano, and one for the woodworking equipment.

Took apart our bed frame last night. It was a lot of effort – after all, M did rather over engineer it when he made it last year.

Storage spaces under the stairs and on the back deck are empty. Our closet is mostly cleared out. Bathroom is sorted, and should be quick to pack. Living room more empty than it has been since we moved in by far.

Plenty left to do. 3 months ago

Dreamdancer12So appreciate what this site has been for me, and at peace with moving into fresh era of my life :)

I am ready to see my skin. Patterns of thought and behavior are evolving. Sometimes a new container spurs fresh growth. It has often meant the world to me to share with our community here. Now, at the closing of this magical on-line experience, I am finding myself completely entranced with real time in person community here in my local area.

I’ve just joined a fabulous local chapter of BNI. And I am definitely surrounded by community when it comes I DoTERRA advocates, colleagues etc.

Good times await, and I am eagerly stepping through this portal with courage and good reason to trust the on going evolution.

Hope you all land in circumstances where you are well supported and embrace what works for you :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12In the same boat

Look forward to seeing you around. Blessings on your journey wherever it may lead :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Looking forward to our wedding, and our continued marriage even more

We have the makings of a kick ass party in the works. Going to be a lovely event, and so wonderful to be surrounded by loving community. Grateful to be with such a good mate. Hwartful of thanks for our communities support and warm acceptance as well :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Full fledged moving mode!

M has turned our house neatly upside down, and spent the better part of the last week moving. Tonight I got home, and be’d gone through and lovingly packed my craft materials, the linen closet, pulled all our clothes out of the closet and done a preliminary sort, etc. so intense! I soon joined him, and we got
Quite a bit done. Always so much more to go…. Just so relieved for his stregth, stamina, and confidence. This is it, we/he is doing it! 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Excited for continued growth

I just found out my upline placed a new builder under
Me! And then tonight I enrolled M. So I now have my first two builders!!! Stoked :). Awesome what showing up creates!!! 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Five private clients today!!!!!!

Successful with this goal beyond what I imagined possible, and embracing more growth continuing :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Car broke down

Was driving home tonight, following M home, when my car started behaving oddly. Almost like a clutch thing or something. Or like running out of gas even through I believe I have a little over a half tank left. And then it quit powering up te hill altogether. We filled its oil. Tried to restart it. Nada. Just stalls. My poor trusty car has quit for the evening. Currently waiting for a tow truck. Feeling hella stressed. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Pod arriving tomorrow!

Oh boy oh boy… So thankful I’ve had a relatively low key couple of days before the crazy hits in full! 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling beautiful!

Got a wonderful facial today. So, so serene during and afterwards. And feeling my face glow :)

Also received a bodytalk session which is shifting me for sure.

Life is good :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer1237 days!!!!!

Seriously on a roll, which is a good thing given how close we’re getting!

M stepped up to the plate on the bridesmaid dress searching, when everyone else was letting me down. He pinned 27 potential dresses that more or less fit my criteria. Found a gorgeous one with both like, got my mom and sister in board, and ordered!

Invitations also came in the mail today. So hunting down physical addresses for people is top priority for tomorrow, and then getting out the mailing this weekend.

Also got a facial today, and booked another for 8 days before the wedding day.

Oh, and we finally sorted out what to do for the registers with tr company that doesn’t usually do registries. (Japanese bedding)

And decided what I want to do for my jacket/shoe material and color :)

Pretty kick ass day! 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Going fairly gangbusters!

I found an online template for wedding invites on Sunday and ordered what we need. Also went to an art store with M and bought gold pens for doing the addressin and writing personalized notes on the back of the cards. The envelopes will be black linen paper, the invite backs a deep grey charcoal. I think it will look smashing :)

Mom got the contract and check to the photographer.

We got our wedding website updated with a few pictures from our “engagement shoot”, and also fixed up the registry page.

I also got the darn RSVP app set up properly :)

Yesterday I tried on various hair pieces at a bridal store. I like the combs and the head bands best. Hair consult with a stylist on Friday.

My sister is plotting a casual bachelorette party for the evening after our rehersal dinner. Probably just a couple of my besties and a few girl cousins who will be coming into town for the weekend.

We are also looking at organizing our yurt based camping trip for right after the wedding itself. Want to kayak :)

Now to get a move on, as we are in a crunch about bridesmaid dresses etc. oh god. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Oh where to begin and where to end....

Life happens. It twists, turns, stagnates, dead ends, and mosies on in other ways. In some ways I am dissappointed by all the things I wanted to accomplish or become that haven’t really worked out. Sometimes I feel laxidasical, like I don’t have much gumption or dedicated perservenrence. At the same time, I am pretty wowed by the shifts I HAVE made, and how well I am in my life these days. So much more at peace with myself and my role in my world.

I suppose my wish is to become ever more mindful and intentional about how I manage my energy and hat I am investing in. Being conscientious in my choices. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Attended BNI meeting

Time flies…. Meeting great people and beginning to build relationships :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Another three clients today, four tomorrow!

Yippe! Finally happening, I’ve pretty much got a full practice at the moment!!! Keep those great referrals coming :) 4 months ago


Really tight around here with everything on my plate at te moment, but super excited for you, and shared on my fb page, so hopefully the donations will start pouring in :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Rented a laptop

... And we’re back in business until I can get a machine of my own :)

So much to catch up on/do this week. Right now though, it is time to get going with my day and be in a good place to see clients all afternoon. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Wish it do it for sure!!!

Really love this with the expansive transit of Jupiter into Leo :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Walked this morning.

Felt sluggish, and wet a bit slower than I have been. Did make it round my full mountain loop though, despite the heat. Think it got me off to a really positive start for today and this week :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12So, my computer died!

Just what I needed while so swamped with tasks for the wedding… So, yeah, a little stressed! Guess I’ll have to go to the public library and see if there are machines I can use there. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Getting sorted on the day to day stuff

Clearing the kitchen tonight felt great. And M helped out by striping our bed, washing the sheets, and helping me re make it tonight. I feel the home focused momentum building… Going to keep tidying tomorrow. Want to take stuff to goodwill. And definitely post stuff to sell on Craigslist this next weekend. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Decent 13th float

My body appreciated the chance to unwind and be still/relaxed. Felt discomfort in my low back and pulling off both iliac crests (upper hips). Kidneys felt cranky Bilaterally, though I would say the R was fussier than my L side.

Friend gave me an aromatouch treatment after, which was fabulous :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Took the time to clean

Got the kitchen back into semi good shape. If say 80% of the way to clean compared to the dissastor zone it had become. Glad I have the decks clear enough to start cooking again :) 4 months ago


Just re-took this for the heck of it… Got 56!!! I mean, I knew our home wnvironment has been struggling, and I haven’t even really been trying, and money stuff is tight, but seriously?

Strange thing is how happy and well I feel, does not match up with this crappy score.

As is predictable with me, my relationships are scori highest, at 22 :).

Well wih is bnext (probably why I feel so well?) at 17

Financial is currently at 9 (ouch, but we are working on it)

Physical environment is all time low at 8!

Good news is we are going to be moving in August. Will be getting a fresh stat.

And money stuff is coming around :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Good for you

So key to look after ourselves, based on what we need and helps us stay/rebalance rather than getting sweeper away in the “shoulds” 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Three private clients yesterday, and three more today

Things are picking up :). Happy to be doing good work for people. And happy to be earning $$ too :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Scheduled a float for this Saturday

Going right after my chiropractic appointment. Will be good to detox from this exposure filled week and integrate the adjustments. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Thankful we started planning when we did, and that I keep coming back to focusing it. I think our pacing has been going ok. Just need to get stuff sorted ASAP to reassure myself and everyone else, and also create the space for focusing on moving and business building :) 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Up to my eyebrows

Everything with M is going beautifully. We feel so loving and supportive of each other and what we are trying to accomplish. We worked out a place to move this fall, and that is taking a lot of the pressure off life in general.

As for wedding planning, I am rather up to my eyebrows in details rigt now!

This morning we went up to the churh where we are having our reception. M and my mom joined me… We met up with the church office manager, and also our caterer.

Got a floor plan for the space, checked out tables, chairs, and all the serving options from the kitchen, plus plates, bowls, forks, etc etc.

Worker out where we are going to put the buffet, so that is good.

Got a lot more details to work out and inalize in the next week or two:

Invitations need to be chosen, printed, addressed and mailed within the next ten days.

Got to decide on color and seein of bridesmaids dresses. And match the men’s vests + order. Accessories too!

My shoes, veil, and hair style + make up red to come into clarity.

Beverages and who is serving…

Order the blankets

Work out snacks

Choose cake and order

Order twinkly lights

Choose creative guest book option

Nail down time line of events and what activities we are doing…

Continue to follow up on music options

Get dance lessons scheduled…

The list truly goes on and on! 4 months ago

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