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Dreamdancer12Doing a lot better on this goal :)

Made pasta twice this week, including one night when I topped it with sauted spinach and garlic + ground walnuts. So tasty!

Then last night I was scrounging for ingredients we had on hand since I haven’t been planning ahead or shopping much – and came up with Indian spiced potatoes and caramalized onions, scrambled eggs, and herb and garlic smeared toast. M and I both enjoyed it.

Tonight M had thawed chicken paprikash that he made a few weeks back with the freh quinoa I cooked yesterday. And I had thawed home made Indian and veggie curry with tr quinoa.

So doing better financially and Health wise again. :) 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12busy busy me!

Still plenty left on my list to tackle, and some things that will just end up spilling into next week. Please that I’ve been knocking out the most pressing items, including getting my passport application completed and expressed in to process in an expedited time frame. Can’t wait to get it in the mail… and so excited about our trip! 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12We are going!

My sweetie and I are going to Dubai at the end of May, beginning of June this year!!!

So excited, and startled that I will be able to join him!

Any advice and suggestions are warmly welcomed :) 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Booked our tickets!

Indeed, I agree that it truly is a once in this lifetime opportunity. I suddenly remembered earlier today that there is a bit of money invested in my name that my grandpa set aside when I was a tiny tot. I only really know about it because I pay taxes on the interest. I called today, and it will be easy/affordable/safe bet to borrow against this gift capital without paying through the nose. So I am moving forward, and going with him! We booked our tickets and pretty much everything else as well this afternoon. It is going to be one hell of a trip!!!

Now to hunker down and sell the furniture, woo more clients, and cook inexpensive home made meals ;) 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12wow, thank you

I was starting to go in inner circles about the cost/benefit/wisdom of going with my fiance to Dubai or not. Then the phrase you shared “Who do you want to be?” allowed the spinning fog to clear, and i felt expansive and sure, knowing that I want to be a spouse who shows up for her partner and who knows everything is working out for the highest good. 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Eep, no wonder I feel busy with a lot on my plate!

Finally took a moment to create a fairly comprehensive “to-do” list for this week. Color coded it in one note, not sure it will show here, of “have tos” “want tos” and “could dos.”

This week:

• Financial
○ Send in tax payments
-Crunch numbers-
○ Get check from KN
○ GC to D&B
-Cancel redundant health insurance-
○ Payment to Barral Institute
-Check cc status/pay-

• Dubai
-Get passport photo-
-Apply for passport-
○ Paperwork for my name on account
○ Get Gerard to send check
-Buy tickets-
-Book hotels and car-

• Wedding
○ Pick up dress from cleaners
○ Save the dates
○ Contact Caterers
○ Busses
○ Block of rooms?

• Business
-See clients-
-BNI Friday morning-
-Submit invoice to FS-
-Call about Living Social-
○ Jenny about lease terms

• House
○ Plan meals
○ Clean out fridge
○ Clean kitchen
○ Fold and put away laundry
○ Tidy for cleaners

• Health
○ Hike
○ Swim on Sat
○ See claire Sat
-Take supplements daily-
○ Eat good meals
○ Sleep by 9:30 pm

Got my work cut out for me! 4 days ago


Yes, I think saving for something specific is a lot easier than distant “what ifs” as well.

I’ve been scheming about selling some things on craigslist as well… we’ve got two fancy glass tables that neither M nor I like that much/want to move on our next move that we are prepared to let go of. As well as a glass/metal desk, and a few art piece mirrors etc. Also need to get on re-posting and sell my darn drier. Any favorite craigslist sales tips?

M needs to get to Dubai to deal with some paperwork ASAP (not a huge rush, but sooner is better than later) He’s currently looking at balance between time frames vs and flight costs, and thinking last week of may, first of June will be a good happy medium (joke is that is also hight of mercury being in retrograde again…)

I’d love to go with him as emotional support and to make the most of our time together in such a startling city. This would be a bit of a pre-wedding honeymoon for us, as the travel fund isn’t going to take us far in the fall. 5 days ago

Dreamdancer12 1 month ago


Just need to follow up with payments. Huzzah! 5 days ago

Dreamdancer12Picking your brain

Hey of_journeys, I know you manage to travel a lot. Have you been to Dubai? And do you have any tips for the rigors of cash management/budgeting and saving it takes to make a big trip feasible? If it were free id be going with him for sure, as it is, it will be a huge financial stretch for me to join. 5 days ago

Dreamdancer12At the tax preparers

Picking up my records and my sweetie’s too. Looks like he is getting a substantial return! So relieved we will have some extra cash back to buffer… And possibly go to Dubai with him??? 5 days ago

Dreamdancer12Thanks :)

You too :) 5 days ago

Dreamdancer12We had 5 inches May 5th

One year when I was in school in WI we had five inches of snow beginning of May. Yep, ridiculous. 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12Returns ready to pick up and file

Need to pop in to get them tomorrow. Grateful the total tally comes to less than is feared. Still a whomping chunk of change. Gah. 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12Really blooming!

Feeling astounded by how much better I am handlin exposures these days! Yesterday M and I ha a wonderful time out and about getting stuff done. We went to the mall to buy my new work pants, to two different fredmeyer stores, the car wah twice (each of our cars), and swimming in a clorenated pool! And I didn’t die! Didn’t even get cranky in fact! Felt well enough to make dinner after. And this was all while being pms too! Handlin everything so much better these days. Steady supplements, hydrating, decent sleep and lots of emotional development, and I am functioning like a healthy person. In fact, I AM a healthy person! What a shocking relief! 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12My 9th float yesterday

First time I’ve floated that i haven’t fallen into a theta state near sleep or even deeper. Mind was looping like crazy. So full of wedding ideas etc. I did slow down, calm down, and feel more present in my body though, so mission accomplished. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Sun, pants, and swim!

Caught some early morning sunshine wearing a off the shoulder blouse this morning… felt great to sit outside enjoying quality time with my sweetie.

Love the new pants I got for work, fitted, professional, sassy without being overtly sexy. Makes me smile to wear them. And comfy too!

Then this afternoon we went swimming together! First time I’ve gone swimming in probably 18 months! We are so blessed with a membership to the rec center included in our rent. And the timing was super, as they had the water slide running! What an exhilarating ride. Don’t think I’ve been down a water slide since I was about 12 years old! So fun. M and I both had a blast. Probably went down 5 or 6 times each. Exercise climbing the spiral staircase too! Swam a few laps after. Forgot how good it feels to get full body cardio like that. Hot tub to wrap up was a treat.

Loving my body and how I’m feeling in it. Now to cut the sugar/bust the candida back again, and everything will be grand! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Day of splurgery

Bought much needed fresh and uber flattering work pants. Now, to wear them exclusively for work and treat them well so they last night as long as possible.

Also grabbed bite out at breakfast (inexpensive option, but still), and then food at lunch time for M as well. Grocery shopping, and two car washes later, managed to spend over $100 today easily.

We’re done for a while though. I am back to making home made meals. And beyond keeping an eye out for appropriate shirts for work, I am done with clothes etc too. (found a pair of jeans I really liked today, and a couple of tops, but restrained preferring to keep much needed money in the bank for emergencies instead.)

Happy with our choices, and happy M is happy too :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Walked and even jogged on the beach

4/9 I walked, jogged on the beach a bit. Not long, but relished being able to at all. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Today's to-do list

Want to focus on what I authentically want to do. Very few “shoulds”, yet get a lot done so my list is less overwhelming come Monday/Tuesday.

-Wash, dry-, fold.

Cook:l lunch, -dinner,- quinoa

-Men’s suits-
Yurts on coast
Color scheme
Guest list

-See client-

TV/chill time. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Looking forward to floating tomorrow evening

Got called in to cover a massage tomorrow. I agreed on the condition that i could float for free afterwards. My brain has been revving. Looking forward to theta state rest! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Wow, that cuts deeply to a core truth...

Your thoughts on “striving” resonate painfully for me as I’m smack dab in the middle of pushing myself to stretch my stride further and futher.

Ok, time to settle down, ground in my body, and probably head in for a restorative night’s sleep.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom :) 1 week ago


So much going on. Feel like I’m making good progress this month. Here we are, 11 days in… that is just over a third of the way through the month in my book.

Areas of success so far:
- Sleep schedule: Getting to bed at a reasonably early hour for the most part (being asleep before 10:30 is my new norm) and getting up most mornings by 7:30 am.
- Giving myself what I need in the moment: Whether it is a nap, a walk, hydrating, supplements, curling up to watch tv, talking on the phone with a friend, asking for a hug, etc I’m taking care of myself and keeping pretty upbeat/balanced emotionally
- Moving forward with wedding plans: Dress to cleaners, checked out reception site, applied for permit, planned timing of wedding day, leads on caterer and also venue for rehearsal dinner, etc. Now to keep up this proactive pace!
- Expressing gratitude and being collaborative rather than combative when communicating with family… touch and go at moments, but over all doing well.
- Receiving unexpected gifts and support, super grateful to be manifesting such generous goodness (especially monetarily)
- Momentum on getting clutter out of house…

Major room for improvement:
- Finances: Eating out or expensive at home options a lot. Got to shift gears and be more proactive. Want to be able to pay my bills, and get ahead…
- Tidiness of home
- Acts of service for my love (his primary love language)
- Start exercise routine for core and upper body strength

Yep, a good month and good to reflect and refine my focus :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Big strides today

My took care of getting my dress dry cleaned. He did the research for a five star cleaner, and took it/dropped it off this morning. So grateful for him stepping up to the plate and taking this one on!

ALSO GOT THE PERMIT SUBMITTED for use of the site where we plan to have our ceremony.

And got our wedding day afternoon/evening festivities and time frames itinerary worked out. Even got driving times… google says it will be 36 minute drive between reception site and ceremony site.

Spoke with my mom as well, and have a game plan in terms of block of rooms for guests at a hotel, and a mutually happy choice of restaurant for a family dinner/rehersal dinner night before.

Sounds like my sister is going to take on planning some sort of “girls night in” bachelorette party, and check in with others about a possible bridal shower for the older + outer circle lady friends to fuss with.

Exciting and draining all at the same time. *yawn. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12So wonderful

to hear you auto correct with a “so what, now what?” internal check in and game plan :)

I hear you about both the frustration/stress and also need for self forgiveness and guilt free acceptance.

I feel like I’m on this constant balancing act between accepting the reality of how much I’m succeeding at, and needing to let go of not being able to do 110% on everything, and also not letting myself get bogged down in crummy “I’m too busy” excuses to not pursue what I’m scared of but deeply crave. Ah is life! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Time to get cracking on some marketing...

Just looked at my on-line schedule for the next few weeks…. so many openings still… as in, mostly openings. Eep! Good thing I know these can fill up fast with some good focused manifesting and bit of client outreach :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Got my final numbers figured...

Now to get my tax guy my update, and let him crunch everything. God I hope I don’t have to pay toooooo much. sigh1 week ago


Isn’t that they way of it? So sorry for your frustration, sadness, and loss. And yay for you that you at the hutzpah to articulate your truth!

I think some of the most profound self knowledge and personal development comes from learning through tough interactions. 1 week ago

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