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Dreamdancer12Status update: slated to over night in a couple days!

Crossing my fingers this comes through as quickly and easily as it seems it will. 7 hours ago

Dreamdancer12whining when sick

is the most natural thing in the world ;)

Hope you feel more yourself soon.

Do you pinterest? Always one of my favorite ways to pass/invest time while I’m sick. Coming up with pins for later… I swear, half my wedding pins were posted while I was sick at various points over the last 1.5 years. 8 hours ago

Dreamdancer12Travel vests ordered - let's hope they fit well :)

My honey has been drooling over travel vests such as the Quest vest for a couple of years now. There is a deal running currently, bringing the price tag down significantly. I decided to be gracious/smart and agree with him on investing in a new vest for each of us. His will have 42 pockets! They are really pretty sharp looking, and practical. I won’t carry a purse of any kind. And these vests will serve us on future adventuring as well. 11 hours ago

Dreamdancer12Beauty rest

Really quite wonderful how good I feel when I let myself sleep enough. 13 hours ago


Be 100% focused on whatever I am doing. Prioritize. Hold intent and follow through in each moment.

https://m.youtube.com/#/user/thetaoofdana 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Waffles for dinner

M and I both got home super late from work this evening. I wanted something quick and easy and more snacky than ful fledged meal, so I toasted waffles (store bought on sale, gluten free and freezer friendly) and topped them with an impromptu stewed berry sauce. Handy having mixed berry anti-oxidant blend in the freezer. Cooked them on medium heat with a hint of water a bit of white death thrown in at the end. Nom mom yummy. 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Item by item... Only way to get back on track

We were doing quite well… Then life happened. And now I am playing catch up.

P.s. sink is clear, and two counters conquered. Dishwasher is running, and I am leaving the third counter to tackle tomorrow. Feeling good to be working my way back to decent shape :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling better about this

Definitely still spending here and there (mostly independent meals out/on the go). Over all doing better again though, and felt great to deposit $350 in checks this evening. Keep it coming. Love earning income substantial enough to live well :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Reiki treatment revived me :)

Was sill feelin a bit off kilter from the weekend turmoil/stress this morning. Then I napped through a highly restorative reiki treatment – and am experiencing the joys of being back in my own power!

Illumination with positive energy :)

Feeling recharged enough to take the checks to the bank, tackle my kitchen, cook some, and all sorts of wonderful further self care :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Working on it

Have more clarity about guest list. Now to put in the time updating the files. And I did call this evening and pencil us in for the rehersal dinner location + spoke with their chef :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12To talk about/take care of tomorrow:

Meeting with my mom tomorrow. I hope to cover:

  • Budget as it currently stands
  • Finalize guest list
  • Prototype of save the date e-mail… going to get these out one way or another SOOON
  • -Reserve restaurant where we want to have the rehearsal dinner-
  • -Follow up about status of application-
  • book buses?
  • -Reach out to Thyme caterers-
  • Talk about catering contract I’ve been sent


Stay calm, focused, and loving. 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12Yay for collarbones!

And poetic boyfriends ;) Seriously though, congrats on kicking ass walking this month! Seriously impressed by your “stick-with-it” power!

Glad to hear you are enjoying writing some more too :) 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12J treated us to Reflexology for my birthday

J has been wanting me to go to the little reflexology place just down the road from my office with her for ages. So she finally got sneaky, and signed us up to go together as a belated birthday gift for me. Lovely time. So great to have hands and forearms, + feet and calves worked so attentively. With all the bodywork I do, these are tight and needy regions! And despite all the bodywork Ive been receiving through pip coverage to heal from the car accident, I’ve received very little attention on these hungry areas. Such a sweet gift. Good to spend time with her, just relaxing. 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12Steady stream... now to up the volume

Saw two clients down town yesterday. Two private clients in my practice tonight. Have another private client scheduled tomorrow evening, and then another on Thursday. So, not blank, but definitely plenty of openings left for a full practice. 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12Thanks, yeah

Mostly overwhelm on Sunday. Figuring out new dynamics and establishing baselines I can live with. Was hormonal and exposed as well, which of course never helps. Got back on track with my supplements and feeling a bit better :) 2 days ago

Dreamdancer12In process - application submitted with payment to expedite

So I had kind of decided to let my passport lapse until after we get married this fall, so that I would only need one new passport this year instead of having to turn around and renew again. Then we’ve decided for me to join my sweetie on the trip to Dubai. So this last we I tore around and got my application in the mail. Praying I filled everything out correctly and that I will have a serviceable new passport in the mail sometime in the next three weeks. 3 days ago

Dreamdancer12Note to self: make cc payments

Need to remember to make June credit card payments before we leave end of May. 3 days ago

Dreamdancer12To-dos that I don't want to fall through the cracks

-Pick up mail from clubhouse-
-email Evelyn-
• paperwork to Gerard
-gc to B-
• check from FS
-check from Kn-
-deposit checks-
• negotiate terms of lease
-starchy sides for M’s lunches- 3 days ago

Dreamdancer12What do I want out of the rest of this month?

I want to stand in my own power and invest my time and energy in what is important to me, rather than standing at the side-lines as an observer the way I felt this past weekend.

I need to get wedding stuff nailed down. Guest list and save the dates. Dates. Book busses. Find a caterer. Get a deposit to our photographer. There will be plenty more to do, but this is enough for now.

Also want to work as many hrs as possible.

Get tax paperwork sent in.

Tidy house.

Work on selling furniture.

See friends

Keep my focus on my health and financial well-being. 3 days ago

Dreamdancer12Exploring the soil for my new roots

Spent over 10 hrs with M’s extended family yesterday. It was a mixed experience… Mostly ok in the moment, but pretty upsetting overall and not the kind of day I am willing to repeat. Still figuring out what role is best for me to play, and which facet of myself to show up exhibiting when I am with them.

I will also note that when people get angry and speak in languages I don’t understand, I feel left out and vulnerable. Thank god for understanding body language pretty well… *sigh.

And SO grateful that M has my back no matter what. 3 days ago

Dreamdancer12Doing a lot better on this goal :)

Made pasta twice this week, including one night when I topped it with sauted spinach and garlic + ground walnuts. So tasty!

Then last night I was scrounging for ingredients we had on hand since I haven’t been planning ahead or shopping much – and came up with Indian spiced potatoes and caramalized onions, scrambled eggs, and herb and garlic smeared toast. M and I both enjoyed it.

Tonight M had thawed chicken paprikash that he made a few weeks back with the freh quinoa I cooked yesterday. And I had thawed home made Indian and veggie curry with tr quinoa.

So doing better financially and Health wise again. :) 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12busy busy me!

Still plenty left on my list to tackle, and some things that will just end up spilling into next week. Please that I’ve been knocking out the most pressing items, including getting my passport application completed and expressed in to process in an expedited time frame. Can’t wait to get it in the mail… and so excited about our trip! 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12We are going!

My sweetie and I are going to Dubai at the end of May, beginning of June this year!!!

So excited, and startled that I will be able to join him!

Any advice and suggestions are warmly welcomed :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Booked our tickets!

Indeed, I agree that it truly is a once in this lifetime opportunity. I suddenly remembered earlier today that there is a bit of money invested in my name that my grandpa set aside when I was a tiny tot. I only really know about it because I pay taxes on the interest. I called today, and it will be easy/affordable/safe bet to borrow against this gift capital without paying through the nose. So I am moving forward, and going with him! We booked our tickets and pretty much everything else as well this afternoon. It is going to be one hell of a trip!!!

Now to hunker down and sell the furniture, woo more clients, and cook inexpensive home made meals ;) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12wow, thank you

I was starting to go in inner circles about the cost/benefit/wisdom of going with my fiance to Dubai or not. Then the phrase you shared “Who do you want to be?” allowed the spinning fog to clear, and i felt expansive and sure, knowing that I want to be a spouse who shows up for her partner and who knows everything is working out for the highest good. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Eep, no wonder I feel busy with a lot on my plate!

Finally took a moment to create a fairly comprehensive “to-do” list for this week. Color coded it in one note, not sure it will show here, of “have tos” “want tos” and “could dos.”

This week:

• Financial
○ Send in tax payments
-Crunch numbers-
○ Get check from KN
○ GC to D&B
-Cancel redundant health insurance-
○ Payment to Barral Institute
-Check cc status/pay-

• Dubai
-Get passport photo-
-Apply for passport-
○ Paperwork for my name on account
○ Get Gerard to send check
-Buy tickets-
-Book hotels and car-

• Wedding
○ Pick up dress from cleaners
○ Save the dates
○ Contact Caterers
○ Busses
○ Block of rooms?

• Business
-See clients-
-BNI Friday morning-
-Submit invoice to FS-
-Call about Living Social-
○ Jenny about lease terms

• House
○ Plan meals
○ Clean out fridge
○ Clean kitchen
○ Fold and put away laundry
○ Tidy for cleaners

• Health
○ Hike
○ Swim on Sat
-See claire Sat-
-Take supplements daily-
○ Eat good meals
○ Sleep by 9:30 pm

Got my work cut out for me! 1 week ago


Yes, I think saving for something specific is a lot easier than distant “what ifs” as well.

I’ve been scheming about selling some things on craigslist as well… we’ve got two fancy glass tables that neither M nor I like that much/want to move on our next move that we are prepared to let go of. As well as a glass/metal desk, and a few art piece mirrors etc. Also need to get on re-posting and sell my darn drier. Any favorite craigslist sales tips?

M needs to get to Dubai to deal with some paperwork ASAP (not a huge rush, but sooner is better than later) He’s currently looking at balance between time frames vs and flight costs, and thinking last week of may, first of June will be a good happy medium (joke is that is also hight of mercury being in retrograde again…)

I’d love to go with him as emotional support and to make the most of our time together in such a startling city. This would be a bit of a pre-wedding honeymoon for us, as the travel fund isn’t going to take us far in the fall. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12 1 month ago

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