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Getting on with it :)

Recent entries from Dreamdancer12
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Dreamdancer12Walked this morning.

Felt sluggish, and wet a bit slower than I have been. Did make it round my full mountain loop though, despite the heat. Think it got me off to a really positive start for today and this week :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12So, my computer died!

Just what I needed while so swamped with tasks for the wedding… So, yeah, a little stressed! Guess I’ll have to go to the public library and see if there are machines I can use there. 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Getting sorted on the day to day stuff

Clearing the kitchen tonight felt great. And M helped out by striping our bed, washing the sheets, and helping me re make it tonight. I feel the home focused momentum building… Going to keep tidying tomorrow. Want to take stuff to goodwill. And definitely post stuff to sell on Craigslist this next weekend. 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Decent 13th float

My body appreciated the chance to unwind and be still/relaxed. Felt discomfort in my low back and pulling off both iliac crests (upper hips). Kidneys felt cranky Bilaterally, though I would say the R was fussier than my L side.

Friend gave me an aromatouch treatment after, which was fabulous :) 1 day ago

Dreamdancer12Took the time to clean

Got the kitchen back into semi good shape. If say 80% of the way to clean compared to the dissastor zone it had become. Glad I have the decks clear enough to start cooking again :) 1 day ago


Just re-took this for the heck of it… Got 56!!! I mean, I knew our home wnvironment has been struggling, and I haven’t even really been trying, and money stuff is tight, but seriously?

Strange thing is how happy and well I feel, does not match up with this crappy score.

As is predictable with me, my relationships are scori highest, at 22 :).

Well wih is bnext (probably why I feel so well?) at 17

Financial is currently at 9 (ouch, but we are working on it)

Physical environment is all time low at 8!

Good news is we are going to be moving in August. Will be getting a fresh stat.

And money stuff is coming around :) 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Good for you

So key to look after ourselves, based on what we need and helps us stay/rebalance rather than getting sweeper away in the “shoulds” 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Three private clients yesterday, and three more today

Things are picking up :). Happy to be doing good work for people. And happy to be earning $$ too :) 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Scheduled a float for this Saturday

Going right after my chiropractic appointment. Will be good to detox from this exposure filled week and integrate the adjustments. 4 days ago

Dreamdancer12Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Thankful we started planning when we did, and that I keep coming back to focusing it. I think our pacing has been going ok. Just need to get stuff sorted ASAP to reassure myself and everyone else, and also create the space for focusing on moving and business building :) 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12Up to my eyebrows

Everything with M is going beautifully. We feel so loving and supportive of each other and what we are trying to accomplish. We worked out a place to move this fall, and that is taking a lot of the pressure off life in general.

As for wedding planning, I am rather up to my eyebrows in details rigt now!

This morning we went up to the churh where we are having our reception. M and my mom joined me… We met up with the church office manager, and also our caterer.

Got a floor plan for the space, checked out tables, chairs, and all the serving options from the kitchen, plus plates, bowls, forks, etc etc.

Worker out where we are going to put the buffet, so that is good.

Got a lot more details to work out and inalize in the next week or two:

Invitations need to be chosen, printed, addressed and mailed within the next ten days.

Got to decide on color and seein of bridesmaids dresses. And match the men’s vests + order. Accessories too!

My shoes, veil, and hair style + make up red to come into clarity.

Beverages and who is serving…

Order the blankets

Work out snacks

Choose cake and order

Order twinkly lights

Choose creative guest book option

Nail down time line of events and what activities we are doing…

Continue to follow up on music options

Get dance lessons scheduled…

The list truly goes on and on! 6 days ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling great!

Lost several lbs. am eating nourishing food and getting excericse in daily. This morning it was yoga and a walk down to the natural food store for a light lunch. Taking my supplements and getting plenty of sleep. Played in the gardens on Sunday with my honey for an engagement shoot. Like how a bunch of the photos turned out, and inspired to continue shaping up :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Looks like we will be moving in with a friend short term

Going to rent a pod, store nearly all of our stuff, and save some money with a win win situation – renting a room from
A fiend for tr two months between leaving here and being able to move into our ideal apartment complex. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12About weekly at present?

I seem to be pretty routinely walking up in the woods at least once a week for a bit. Love getting the exercise and the mental calm or at least awareness I gain as well. Want to step it up before we move away from these beautiful trails. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Parsley pesto last night

Gearing back up on he home made food again. Last night I whipped up some home made pesto… Tons of fresh spinach, left over parsley from the night before, and a hint of doterra oregano essential oil. Love my certified pure, therapeutic grade oils! Dumped it over quinoa pasta, stirred it up and called it dinner. Nom nom :) 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Accepted into the BNI!

Passed through the screening process that included a thorough application, participating in a training, and two seperate interviews of more than an hour long each. The chiropractor in the group “sealed the deal” for me when he gave his approval after meeting with me yesterday. So excited about this new embankment as a business owner… Know it is going to be transformative! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12 6 months ago

Dreamdancer12Asking clarifying questions instead of aggressively reacting

Saved us from a fight tonight. M had messages me earlier today about something he set up for us. I felt angry and aggitated that he had invested in a big life transition strategy without consulting me for mutual agreement first. Asking clarifying questions about the situation rather than just tearing ito him for his disrespect, lead me into awareness that he made a good call, and the contract is flexible with no harm done in any way :). Glad I could give him praise instead of grief by chosing my response compared to what I would have done in the old days. 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Prepped food tonight - I focus on nourishing myself

Have been eating this, that, and the other lately. Mostly quick bites such as sandwiches and wraps from the local natural food store. Sometimes something to bring home and pop in the oven. Tonight I was inspired to put my own health first – to go with what would recharge me. Because I deserve to be overflowing with good energy and wellness. So I bought tomatoes, onion, parsley, and kale, and made a fine chopped salad/salsa to enjoy with GMO free corn chips. Feeling good! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling extremely inspired... I have support!

Met with my 3 upline mentors today, in a class format held for myself and some of my coworkers/colleagues. Really inspiring. I feel the shift. I am on track. I am already becoming someone new – a me I respect and am impressed by. I embrace my growth and commitment to empowerment and being a professional in my fields! 1 week ago

Dreamdancer12Priceless mindset

I’ve been practicing this a while, and it makes such a difference! Thanks for the reminder to keep foused in such an eloquent quote :) 1 week ago


I think at this point we will, if we are allowed to, (land lord needs to look over legal ramifications of letting us use it like this), ... and if we don’t find a better option, where we could save more and had the convenience of on site showers etc. 2 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Crazy wild and likely fabulous idea!

Think we may do something slightly insane… I think we may temporarily move into a single room that is available! Idea is to put all our stuff in a 16 ft pod. And then take the bare
Minimum and set up this room to be a professional office break room by day, and our sleeping quarters by night. Idea would be to have a mini fridge, table, folding chairs, etc and a futon. Fold down the futon each night, to have a place to sleep on the down low. We would join a gym up the road for shower acess. A bit hairbrained, but we are sick or financial stress, and living this way for 6-8 weeks before our new apartment comes available could leave us with upwards of $1500 in our restocked emergency fund. Might just be worth saving the $30/day :) 2 weeks ago


Lost focus a little… Getting back on track now. Outdoor time, earlier bed time, lots of hydration, smaller portion sizes and less sugar again. Strictly avoiding chocolate. Etc :)

Also tidied by eye brows yesterday… Feeling better about my tragectory again :) 2 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Twice in the last week

Walked yesterday morning and last week as well :) 2 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Attended Alberta abbey class and lecture last night

1 hr business class. 45 mi. Lecture on how to safely incorporate supportive us of the products for pregnancy and birth. 2 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Going apartment hunting tonight

Heading down to Wilsonville to check out an aparent complex M found as a potentially good fit. 3 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Spent about 4 hrs filing on Sunday

Filed tons of mail: bills, paperwork, receipts, etc. feels great to know thy are safely sorted in a filing cabinet and will be easy to keep track of even with our upcoming move. Less to move too, as I shredded and recycled the eclectic junk that didn’t need saving 3 weeks ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling refreshed

Invested our time very intentionally this last couple days. Drive out to Bend yesterday to please my parents who had invited us out to share a rental home over the holiday weekend. Had a good time connecting with them and my sister + her sweetie. Enjoyable fireworks show in a back yard complete with camp fire. Quality time for M and I driving out and back too. Getting out of the city is so peaceful for me. Feeling quite relaxed.

This afternoon we learned how to start Tremmering … Wild nervous system ride. Likely part of what has me feeling so mellow now…

Tonight I’ve lit candles, and streaming music, as I putter around creating space and clearing our home. Inspired after a documentary on tiny homes – and how intentionality with belongings and caring for ones space pays off so beautifully. :) 3 weeks ago

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