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Noone lights a candle under the table , make your powers be known.

Recent entries from Gho-s-t
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Gho-s-tWhilst stranded in a different city

I helped the family of a friend to move their house. Nothing big, given my fucked up back, just the smaller things in the truck. A small community comprised of their church folk were there to help them out. There was a light drizzle throughout and we ended up having lunch under the roof of their garage. The atmosphere was friendly amidst all the clutter. They were very warm to this unkempt, stranger from another city.

I had to say I had a good time too. I was surrounded by the younger women of the church, who were all lovely and surprisingly hilarious. 9 months ago

Gho-s-tautumn lane

  • Washburn, coming up with an arpeggio in Am.
  • New record on the high tuck planche, 12 seconds.
  • Thai for dinner.
  • Smiled.
  • Learnt about getting things done: Intelligence, energy, integrity.
  • E and R.
  • Dad thanked me for doing housework.
  • Yep. 9 months ago

Gho-s-tI am the stripes

On a prawnfish. The smoking ember the morning after. I am the moment she looks down in regret. The tears falling on her shoes. I am an exasperated sigh of a dying planet. The collective prayer of a billion sleeping children. I run barefoot through filthy city streets, leaving autumn leaves as notes of hope. I am the smile of a homeless man, born of rusty needles and paper boxes. The shards of broken window about to hit your face, who never knew you were colorblind. 9 months ago

Gho-s-t* I think of her, it makes me smile.

  • Hranah <3, I am dangerously infatuated. She is carefree, unrestrained and just so happy, qualities I seek to nurture within my own soul. We spent just a day together, with another man who is interested in her also. There is an unexplained emotion that runs through me when she speaks to me. The way she looks me in the eyes, as if shes probing for something else, I cant hear what shes saying.

The best thing about her is that she is a school teacher, looking after toddlers. The moment she told me that it reminded me of a dream where I had this almost ideal life where I was engaged to this woman who taught music in a preschool.

She most likely sees me as nothing more than that friend of a friend, her kind hospitable nature an expression of her natural inclination.

Pretty sure she is with someone though, and that is the finality of it. It is wrong and the intensity of how Im feeling right now about her is dangerous.

I’m just about to unfriend her on facebook. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tKeep me posted brah

:D 10 months ago

Gho-s-tWeekend was a BLASTTTT!!!!!

  • Saw Hillsong young and free
  • In a christian moshpit.
  • Meeting tons of new people. Half oh them I cant remember.
  • Missed my bus back home so I ended up staying an extra day. It was my call to adventure.
  • R and H (<3)were very hospitable to me, they took me around the city, I feet like Im regaining lost youth.
  • The amount and variety of food I had the pleasure of eating.
  • (<3) - not sure how to feel about this one. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tA call to adventure

I depart in an hour. :D 10 months ago


  • Dinner at our house.
  • Driving them home.
  • Saw the sunrise.
  • Meditation.
  • The samaritan.
  • Beautiful girl.
  • Joking with my mom.
  • Talking to the grandma over the phone.
  • Sam harris.
  • booking. 10 months ago

Gho-s-toverhead wind

  • 10s high tuck planche!!
  • I didnt burn the steak! it turned out close to ideal.
  • Hot chocolate on a hot day by the doorway.
  • Applied.
  • Chores done.
  • Meditation done.
  • Watched a youtube concert with my Dad.
  • Early morning walk.
  • Rehabbed my back. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tnot yet no,.....

hmmmmm 10 months ago

Gho-s-tlaminar flow

  • Swam at a river.
  • Snapper for dinner.
  • Yn talking to me. :) 10 months ago


  • witnessed a baptism.
  • Swimming.
  • Lack of anxiety in a crowded place
  • bbq!!
  • Laughter
  • beach
  • ghost stories.
  • meditation
  • ... 10 months ago


  • Concert!!
  • My amp did not die on me! It kept shorting out during soundcheck but it held through. *
  • Stood for 2 hours w/o back pain.
  • Watching the crowd get into the music.
  • Superman losing faith in his ability to play the songs and asking me to play along with him lol.
  • Butchering our final song. I was trying so hard not to laugh and I felt so bad about finding it hilarious. The vocals, bass and keyboard were all playing in different keys. I was biting my cheek the entire time because everyone around me was deep in prayer/worship.
    The music leader tried to salvage it by signalling the vocals to cut out, to give them a chance to find the correct key. The singers came back in and they were still retardedly out of tune.
  • Burger king at 12am. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tThe performance was not bad.

The first set was great, the compounding errors on the 2nd set made it awful. My heart was in the wrong place during the 2nd half. I felt angry and hateful. My insecurity flared up out of nowhere, I felt I was being judged by the people in the audience, I felt I was being blamed by the music leader for all the fuckups we made. Oh man why do I feel this way, like everyone is hating on me. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tMeditated on a shadow.

I saw the shadows the tree made on the grey concrete wall. There was the lightsource, the tree, the wind and the wall. The shadows rose and fell, at one point it looked like ants/people clambering on top of each other. They were fighting to get to the highest position. Eventually the whole thing was brought down. 10 months ago




There are infinite ways to play with numbers :(
I think Im straying too far away. Thank you though. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tHow did you know spy?

? im actually curious, I dont recall ever writing about this subject before. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tI expected nothing less.

:) 10 months ago

Gho-s-tThats what I am trying to figure out,

I dont understand why my subconscious is focusing on this number. The closest thing I have come up with is that I did a weightlifting program called ‘5/3/1’ some years ago.

I’m not sure if it alludes to something during that time period or to something about the concept involving the program.

I dont believe in numerology being a christian and a rationalist. But then again I believe or try to believe in God and that is not reasonable or rational either.

I’ve never had divine experiences apart from dreams and when I was under the influence of a drug this one time. Those I interpreted as simply being a product of my imagination.
It takes a lot for me to believe but at the same time there is a yearning to do so, again maybe its some innate desire built in people to find meaning.

All I know is that I don’t know enough. There is no way for my finite mind to ascertain such things and it troubles me. Is it wrong to believe in this? Will it bring harm to me?

I dont know,. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tSeeing the same numbers everywhere

A couple of months ago I started seeing this particular number, at first I thought it was coincidence. Being the skeptic that I am, I reasoned that my brain was simply looking out for this number that occurs with the same frequency as other numbers.

The number is ‘531’. Now I am not one to believe in numerology but I cant help but wonder if this has some kind of meaning/message behind it. I guess I like many, like to feel some kind of importance, that external events occur with special relation to us.

Has a similar thing happened to you? If you believed it was a message from God/the universe did you follow it through? Did you keep on seeking or did you just dismiss it? 10 months ago

Gho-s-tLone Howl.

  • 630am start
  • Sorted out the closet, took 2 hours.
  • Listened to TED talks whilst doing so.
  • Lunch with Dad and the siblings
  • Final meetup/prayer with the team.
  • Tita Mayb’s birthday.
  • Kfc, and good food at the birthday.
  • Helped Mum marinate the pork for the weekend barbecue. We had a good laugh doing so.
  • Trained Planche leans.
  • Saw the goddaughter. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tIt will come soon enough.


Hope you fare better, our summer has not been all that warm compared to previous years. 10 months ago


To try something different may my actions arise out of

Mastery of myself and

Duty. 10 months ago

Gho-s-t 10 months ago

Gho-s-tDistributed flyers

for our upcoming church performance. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tStill day under the sun.

  • Woke at 630am 3rd day in a row.
  • Delivered/distributed flyers for our church event.
  • Pulled weeds growing between the tiles in the driveway.
  • My sister making me lunch.
  • The brother making me dinner.
  • Cooking myself a small piece of steak.
  • Read ‘Sleepers’, then watched the film adaptation.
  • Meditated for a solid hour and 20 minutes.
  • Insight.
  • Being grateful. 10 months ago


  • Woke at 6.30am, meditated as soon as I woke.
  • Practiced. Was very inspired.
  • Master A. came back.
  • My phone ran out of battery.
  • Discovered Sam Harris.
  • Straddle pulls.
  • Delicious Porridge.
  • Rubbed icing on my two friends. One got terribly upset, but I have no regret.
  • Restraint, management of my emotions.
    . 10 months ago


The problem is that I do not see the reward. 10 months ago

Gho-s-tHush Light.

  • Forgave and made amends to them.
  • Woke up at 630am.
  • Chores were done.
  • Practiced.
  • Chocolate cake.
  • Surprise birthday for my friend.
  • Played the Ibanez, it was beautiful, it was unlike any other. 10 months ago


  • The negative experience I had, I trust it serves a greater purpose.
  • Still alive. 10 months ago

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