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flying irishmanCongratulations

I suspect great things lie ahead for you there. I’ve heard it described as one of the most beautiful in France and second only to Paris. 7 months ago

flying irishman 11 months ago

flying irishmanam planning

now to work on my sci fi / fantasy novel for an hour or so every night this month. The poetry will have to wait at least until October when the outdoors bursts with fall color again. 7 months ago

flying irishmanI've been

researching my family for a few years now, and I’ve found it to be a fascinating pursuit. I wonder, are you researching online? 7 months ago

flying irishmanGood to hear

you’re getting back on your feet. Hope you don’t overdo it. Did they remove your appendix at some point? I don’t think you were hard on the docs and nurses, by the way. Sounded like a very factual account. 7 months ago

flying irishmanHappy Birthday, Wren!

Hope it’s the beginning of your best year yet! 7 months ago

flying irishmanyou just

needed a break from it to enjoy a bit of summer. 7 months ago

flying irishmanAt work

this is easy, since our company has put groups of big cans throughout the building, all bearing one of five labels. Not as easy at home. 7 months ago

flying irishmanthis turned out

to be a silly goal, only worth doing if you really can manage to leave your set off on the weekdays. Time to give up on it. 7 months ago

flying irishmanam planning

to write a rough draft of a poem every day in September, just as my wife did every day in June and July and part of August. (Her self-discipline and determination far outstrip mine.) 7 months ago

flying irishmanan easy goal

as long as we can find the time for fun and writing. 7 months ago

flying irishmanA yDNA test

So far, the test hasn’t helped me find any new family connections. A number of leeds have turned out to be misses. The last looked promising, but it turned out that we didn’t share a common ancestor in the previous 1,000 generations.

The test has shown that my paternal ancestors were of the South Irish group, which squares with the family tradition that my gg grandfather emigrated from County Cork. 7 months ago

flying irishmanAugust 20

And I’m a little better shape. Am planning to improve my fitness much more by December. 7 months ago

flying irishmanline of projects

grows longer every month, despite our attempts to get caught up. Looming above them all is the new roof we will need soon. Currently, we have three layers of asphalt shingle up there. This time, all will need to be torn out. 7 months ago

flying irishmanwe've had

just enough rain this summer to keep most everything green, and our garden has thrived. Back to its wild state of pre-drought years. In bloom now are sunflowers, zinneas, morning glorys, hollyhocks, cosmos, lambs ears, hydrangea, anemones, black-eyed susans roses of sharon, salvia, shasta daisies, purple coneflowers, all growing amidst nearly every sort of weed you can imagine (no poison ivy though thankfully). 7 months ago

flying irishmanam hoping

some of them will visit in October, because we probably won’t be able to make it to Arizona anytime soon, and I do miss them. 7 months ago

flying irishmanSarsgaard

was very good in his season-long guest appearance on AMC’s The Killing. 8 months ago

flying irishmanApparently

he’s got a new role with three other aging actors, De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and one other. They’re off to Vegas for a bachelor party. 8 months ago

flying irishmanSisterland

The fourth novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, author of Prep and American Wife, a book loosely based on former First Lady Laurs Bush. Sittenfeld is a gifted storyteller. Her prose is often beautiful, a pleasure to read, and her pacing and plotting are strengths. She’s one of the few current authors whose books I actively seek out. This one is set in St. Louis, about twin sisters who are psychic. One rejects her ability and the other embraces it. The book begins with this second one predicting an earthquake for St. Louis, and she takes her prediction to the Today show and other media outlets. 8 months ago

flying irishmanOn Little Wings

This is a YA novel, a first novel. Amazon awarded her best new writer in the genre or something like that. She’s a super sensitive romantic idealist. The writing is overfilled with metaphor and charged language. It’s about a 16-year-old Nebraskan who discovers her parents have withheld from her the fact that she has an aunt who lives in her mother’s hometown, a beautiful windswept Maine fishing town that she’s never visited. I liked it. 8 months ago

flying irishmanHow does

the caffeine affect you? Does it make you jittery? When I get down, it usually helps get me back on track. Then later the jitters set in and I feel sort of worn out.

I suppose a doctor would prescribe prozac or something similar for your depression, if you wanted it. 8 months ago

flying irishmanYou are

so very lucky to live where you do! 8 months ago

flying irishmanI like

Star Wars as well as Empire Strikes Back, but the other movies, imo, have been terrible, all but unwatchable, including Return of the Jedi. Here’s hoping Abrams can do something really good with the series. He’s certainly got a wealth of material available to work with in all the many books written about the various characters (never read these, but some must have been good). 8 months ago

flying irishmanSounds fascinating.

Blood is such a mysterious substance, so essential to life. And your work will seek to benefit all humankind. It will be five years well spent. You can almost be certain of it.
Sending you many cheers. 9 months ago

flying irishmanWe had

a pretty superfab weekend, though we hardly left the house, save for Saturday breakfast and a few errands.

There was one rocky moment, however. We sold about 40 books & 25 dvds to Half Price Books. This was the second time we’ve done this. Both times, my shock at the amount of money offered to us embarrassed my charming wife. Next time I will bite my tongue. 9 months ago

flying irishmanlove

this title. I regret that I didn’t think of it. 9 months ago

flying irishmanI predict

he’ll be an excellent student and thirst for your knowledge of English. You won’t be able to rid yourself of him for five years! 9 months ago

flying irishmanI met

my wife at 24. I married her a couple months after turning 25. Before that, I was a very solitary person and not unhappy. I got hugely lucky meeting my wife, because like you, I couldn’t settle for someone I’m not madly in love with. I think you have a very healthy attitude about this. 9 months ago

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