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flying irishman

is going to miss this place

Recent entries from flying irishman
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flying irishmanI am

very glad to have been asked to participate in this goal. Can hardly wait. 10 months ago

flying irishmanGinger

My wife and I put Ginger to sleep yesterday. I can only hope we did the right thing for our beloved dog. She could no longer see or hear and had trouble walking for more than a minute at a time, but she would respond lovingly to touch and was a great friend to the end. It’s been terrible to lose her in this way. 10 months ago

flying irishman 10 months ago

flying irishmanDo you see

a nice jail cell in his future? (Sounds as though he’s earned one!) 10 months ago

flying irishmanWe have three,

but Ginger is now nearly 13 and mostly blind and deaf and has trouble walking outside into the yard much less trying to learn new tricks. She’s already a big sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt a rabbit, not once in her entire golden retriever life. My wife and I actually caught her pretending not to see a bunny once when it came her way, desperately trying to escape the paws of our other golden, Pumpkin the Great Hunter, gone now these last three years.

Moxie is trainable. I know of one person who shall remain nameless who has underestimated her high intelligence. She is a 11.8 pound terrier mix, and a fine watchdog and great cuddly little friend.

Finally, we have Clio, the new dog. We’ve yet to weigh her, but I think she’s every bit of 18 pounds or more. A rat terrier, she stands a full three inches taller than Moxie and has little trouble tackling our former champion. It’s for Clio more than the others that we’re becoming serious about dog training. She will be a wonderful dog if she just learns a few things. 10 months ago

flying irishman 10 months ago

flying irishmanSome small chance

I’ll take one look at this thing and decide it’s too damn tall. In which case, I’ll have to give up on this goal. 10 months ago

flying irishmanSleep is

by and large, a very dull subject. No wonder thinking about it makes me tired. 10 months ago

flying irishmanWhen I was 18,

I was certain that if my parents would just allow me to live at home and make writing my full-time job, I’d be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald.
I never got that change, but I have to admit, no matter how much free time I had on my hands at 18, I was never going to be F. Scott (who wrote his first book late into the night on the weekends when he could get away from the army barracks and find a quiet hotel where he could write). 10 months ago

flying irishmanSome weekends

are superfab almost effortlessly. Some you have to work at it. Am expecting a superfab effortless one in a a couple days. 10 months ago

flying irishmanI still nibble away

at this massive project now and again. I’m reluctant to go all in, because to do it right, I’ll hardly have time for anything else. 10 months ago

flying irishmanI'll start

with the Costa Rica trip pics. Haven’t done anything with them yet. Will post a few good ones to this site. 10 months ago

flying irishmanmust first

win a mid-sized lottery. Too bad there’s no longer an Irish Sweepstakes. 10 months ago

flying irishmanAm hoping

to arrange a visit to see my Providence brother sometime this spring. His kids are growing up rapidly and I’m missing it. And I hate that. 10 months ago

flying irishmanHere's hoping

you catch the embezzler in the act. 10 months ago

flying irishman 5 years ago

flying irishman 12 months ago

flying irishmanHappy Birthday

to one of the world’s greatest black kitties! 12 months ago

flying irishmanI'm going

to try this next year. I was going to try it this year, but haven’t gotten it together and am feeling the holiday pressure to get too many things done. Thanks. 12 months ago

flying irishmanRandoms

1. If you could submit a fortune to be printed and have it put into a fortune cookie what would it say and who would get that cookie?

Before you two are through, you will run out of things to read.
Me & my wife

2. How many mismatched socks to you have right now? Do you ever put two together and wear them anyway?

About a dozen.
Yes, but I feel bad about it later.

3. How much sleep did you get last night?
5.5 hours.

4. What is your favorite comfort food?
Right now, it would be fried clams.

5. If you go into a restaurant to eat, do you wash your hands before you get served?
No. 12 months ago

flying irishmanAnswers

Oddly enough someone posted something on Facebook that “proves” once and for all the United States never landed on the moon. I’m feeling pretty strange about that.

Do you believe the U.S. landed on the moon?

The U.S. has never once left the earth. I don’t know where people get some of this stuff.

Do you truly believe that the world is only about 5000 years old, like the Bible says?

The world is 7,003. The folks who wrote Genesis misheard.

Do you believe that beings evolve through the process described by Charles Darwin?

Darwin was a dodo. No, he entirely missed the point when it came to interpreting all that data. A waste.

Do you believe that dinosaurs existed, or are they a hoax?

There was no hoax, but nor were there dinosaurs. The fossilized bones are art.

Do you believe the Masons secretly control everything?

The Mason don’t control everything. Yet.

How about mind control weapons created by the Government?

Yes, how about them..Pretty clever, right?

Do you believe that vaccines are killing us all?

The vaccine to kill us all wasn’t FDA-approved as of this morning.

Any other conspiracies you’d like to share with us?

Before I answer, when you say conspiracies, what exactly constitutes one? For instance, if only a single person who happens to be alive planned something with a dozen formerly living people, is that a conspiracy? Or would that fall under the category of one person acting alone? It would really help to know that. Thanks. 12 months ago

flying irishmanYou're right...

ABC news says 17 stories. USA Today said only 5.

A quote from the ABC news piece:

The Verrückt will be “taller than Niagara Falls, taller than the Statue of Liberty from her toes to the torch” and “twice the height of the tallest wave ever surfed,” the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark announced this week. The company is declining to share exact numbers until an official measuring event accompanied by Guinness World Records in the spring, but it did reveal that Verrückt means “insane” in German. 13 months ago

flying irishmanthey're being

very mysterious about the height. Unintentionally, I’m sure. 13 months ago

flying irishmanblack cherry tree

I’d like it to be at least 150 feet tall. Anyone know where I can purchase one and who I can get to plant it? Thanks. 13 months ago

flying irishmanThey're not saying

exactly how tall it will be yet. More than five stories apparently, with an amazing near vertical fall. No elevator. Instead you’ll have to climb 264 stairs, so that should prevent a lot of us bulkier people from trying it too many times. 13 months ago

flying irishmanThe tallest

is currently in South America. The new tallest one will open about 20 miles from our house, in May 2014. We’ll be ready to slide then. 13 months ago

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