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HobokenMarthaThe comfort of friends and colleagues when I am so sad

We had to let our dog (see my profile pick) go on Sunday. She was 14, and she had a spinal tumor. The incredible kindness I have felt on Facebook, at work, and everywhere…thank you world. It is a strange kind of happy, but it is..happy. 14 months ago

HobokenMarthagrateful for:

Being inside while Sandy rages
Sweet Riot chocolate bar with cocoa nibs
Going to breakfast with one of my pals just before the storm closed in
Being able to work at home
The Internet
You, who are reading this. :) 17 months ago

HobokenMartha 19 months ago

HobokenMarthaThis has made my day

And then some. 20 months ago


I found a dime on the street.

My neighbor gave our dog a no- salt pretzel. 21 months ago

HobokenMarthaHappy Everything

1. I am with my family.
2. Everyone is healthy.
3. Everyone is happy.
4. I have the time and energy to help those who don’t have 1, 2, or 3.
5. Coffee and chocolate! 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaDon't worry...

You are in good company…:) 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaThe upside of having a cold

I was able to get a big bag of recycling out the door, and take a slice out of my giant box o’ stuff. Yay! 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaBe kind to yourself

You are in shock, and must rest. Big love to you. 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaWalking in the fall air and feeling the rain coming

Just a kind of perfect day, poised on something. 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaRole model: My dog practices pronoia every day of her life...

And she is usually rewarded.

Our favorite deli guy gave her bologna this morning, and one of our kid pals, Brennan, shared his croissant.

For Faith, my dog, the world is a bountiful place! 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaFinally: weight training

Took a killer/fabulous bootcamp class on Sunday…and I could feel all my muscles working. It was amazing. 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaBecause I want to live a long time.

I love my body: let’s get that straight. But I am too sedentary, and I know it. So I joined a company fitness challenge to work on that. I am at the half point, and the good news is that I have lost weight, and the ahem, challenge, is that my body fat level has gone up. So I plan to check in here at least once a week for the next four weeks to report in about my level of weight training, because that is what I am choosing to focus on. 2 years ago

HobokenMartha20 minutes yesterday

Major sorting of the clothes. :) 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaAre there any Meetups in your area?

Not sure where you live, but Meetup.com is just full of thing to do, and people to do them with. If transportation is a problem, people are often willing to help. Dogs, technology, knitting, social issues…it’s kind of amazing what you can find.

Good luck. 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaSince I met the Looons, I love Yarn Bombing

A colleague and I made a short film about them, and the film has actually inspired another group (shhh) to celebrate. Here’s the film.


Meanwhile, please look up Olek, master yarn bomber, and the day itself. How could you celebrate? 2 years ago

HobokenMarthamaybe I'll just send them a postcard?

I think that’s more my style. 2 years ago

HobokenMarthaPlease take a visit to a magical land...

Hell’s Kitchen, to be exact. Visit our four-minute video about the Looons, who turned an ordinary tree into a magical sweater sculpture that celebrates the neighborhood—and commemorates two children who lost their battle with cancer.

http://bit.ly/looons 2 years ago


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