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ImJustBeckss 3 years ago

ImJustBeckss 3 years ago

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ImJustBeckss 3 months ago

ImJustBeckss 3 years ago


Need a good job first, but I can start by saving up so I have a good amount of cash for a deposit and furniture in the future whenever I can afford to get a flat. 6 months ago

ImJustBeckssRoutine 1

I got up at 8:45am today because I had to be somewhere for 9:30am.

I got dressed and went out

I could count ringing the school as doing something worthwhile. It’s leading to something6 months ago

ImJustBeckssUpdate 1 - Job

I’ve been unemployed since 2010 and I’m looking for an employer so I can start a Business Admin apprenticeship. For the meantime, as I have nothing to aim for work wise at the moment apart from actually getting an INTERVIEW let alone an actual job, I’m going to apply myself to voluntary work.
I rang the local primary school today to ask if I could speak to someone to go back and do some more voluntary and I’m just waiting for a call back so I can speak to the appropriate person about it. Just something to keep me busy for a few afternoons a week and also good for a CV and overall experience.
Just get myself out there instead of waiting for everyone to come to me, which obviously isn’t going to happen. I need to be keen and enthusiastic and show a willingness to be there. If I say that I’ve been doing nothing, it doesn’t sound very good. I’ll try and keep this updated when things happen. 6 months ago

ImJustBeckss 6 months ago

ImJustBeckss 6 months ago

ImJustBeckss 3 years ago


Get up before 10am everyday with the exception of Sundays because Sunday is a lazy day :P

Get dressed, all ready for the day.

Go out and do some kind of exercise.

Do something worthwhile.

Go to bed at a reasonable time. No later than midnight.

I’m writing this because I have trouble getting out of bed as I have nothing to motivate me to get up. I also have no clue what to do with my life at the moment. I’ve been thinking in the sense of “theres nothing to get up for today so why get up early?” when instead I should really be thinking “i should get up early and find something to do that will make this day a good day.”
In theory I think it will make me happier, healthier and more satisfied and fulfilled instead of feeling depressed, bored and non enthusistic. 6 months ago

ImJustBeckss 6 months ago

ImJustBeckss 3 years ago

ImJustBeckss 6 months ago

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ImJustBeckss 3 years ago

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I’m going to try and keep this up everyday on a website called

It is basically like a magic diary and once you have wrote in it, you send it to an email and on a certain date in the future you will read it back. So it’s kind of like a secret diary and only you have access to it. 21 months ago

ImJustBeckss 21 months ago


This will involve either me joining some sort of trampolining club, that is just for fun. Not for like tournaments and that because well, I dont really wanna be a professional trampolineist haha.
Or it will involve me investing in a good trampoline that I can keep in my back garden. Take some time though, because this isnt one of my main priorities yet and I’m not exactly loaded seeing as I dont even have a job yet.

It will happen one day :D 22 months ago

ImJustBeckss 3 years ago


I have quite a few books that I have bought but havent got round to reading yet.
I really need to read them as it will be good fun, a change to what I usually do and give me some nice quiet, relaxing time instead of being focused on the lifestyle of the internet all the time.
Once I’ve read the books I can then give them to a charity shop and empty out my book box ready for more books.
I’m going to write all the books I havent read in a list on here now and when I have read them I can simply cross them off.

Lock and Key
•My so-called life
•My sister Jodie
•Jacky Daydream
•The mum hunt
•Vicky Angel
•Fat chance
•Jennifer Aniston Biography
•The Mediator
•Teen Idol
*The Hunger Games Trilogy 3 years ago


The Inbetweeners Movie

New Years Eve

The Vow

The Hunger Games

127 hours

Friends with Benefits

The Time Travellers Wife

One Day

Never Let Me Go


Forest Gump

Vanilla Sky


Top Gun

Bring It On

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jerry Mguire

The Hobbit

The Shawshank Redemption

The Beach

Jersey Girl

15 and Pregnant


Coyote Ugly

Meet the Fockers

Lemony Snicket

21 Jump Street

Love and Other Disasters

Anger Management

Safe Haven 2 years ago

ImJustBeckss 2 years ago


I stopped with the guitar as its a major fiddle with my hands plus I’m not really that motivated to learn it anymore. I prefer the keyboard/piano.
I’ve already learned half a song :D 2 years ago

ImJustBeckss 2 years ago


Buy a bottle of water everyday and make sure the bottle is empty by the end of the day. 2 years ago


This goal is kind of not going to work. I’ve tried for over a year and its not happening, so I am now going to focus on the “stop being lazy” goal and work towards that. Its a much better way to work towards what I want to achieve. So this goal is going to be given up, not because I am actually giving up, but because the other goal is a muc better way of dealing with it. 2 years ago

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