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Indytime 2 years ago

Indytimepaintball is fun!

50 years old and shooting paintballs – like the sniper rifle! 2 years ago

IndytimeLots of music in 2011!

Fourth time – “The Beatles” at Indy’s Ribfest! 2 years ago

IndytimeVisit Hawaii

Was fabulous – except for the dislocated kneecap caused by the waves on a beach! Lookout for strong currents! Loved the views, the rainbows, the temperatures, the food – have to go to JoJo’s shave ice. Also must see the volcano – go at dark and see the glow! 2 years ago

Indytime 3 years ago

Indytime 2 years ago

Indytime 2 years ago


Third time – July 3rd, Travis Creek at the Pine Room Tavern! 2 years ago


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