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JBRAGE 8 years ago

JBRAGEand done...

I hace a house. a nw house that i have moved into a while ago and its set to be th final one. kids are in school and we are all settled so its time to clean out the old. so whats the best way to do that. Ebay of course. i want something. well i actually want a new set of bowling gear. so what i did is gathered up all the kids old clothes and toys and bags and anything i could get my hands on and listed it on ebay. $2 or $3 or whatever i could get and now i am on my way and almost there to my goal and the house is the cleaner for it to. but as for the goal someone else saw what i was doing and saw it not only worked but it cleaned out the house at the same time and they took inspiration from me and started doing the same thing. it feels good to know that i have doen something so well and so passionatelt that it has inspired someone else to do it too. lets hope it keeps going and i get what i want. 19 months ago

JBRAGEAnd im back in the game..

im back. its been a few years but im back. I have a new outlook on life. new job. new energy and now a new desire and more importantly a new strategy to get this on done and dusted. I found a place, well a place found me. I dont normally talk to telemarketers but a few keys words caught my attentions and i agreed to sign up. i signed i talked to the person who came to my house and i actually paid and went to the next level and saw someone in the city office. Long story short, I am now in the capable hands of future security who have reorganised my finances and restructed my whole income and tax and the whol package to get me into an investment property now. now now now. I cant believe it can happen so quick. Still a ways to go yet but im on my way for real now people. on my way. and thanks to ET the hip hop preacher i am pumped and ready for this next new and exciting stage of my life. lets get going. more soon people. 19 months ago

JBRAGE 2 years ago

JBRAGEStill working on this one

So last time I said I was in a job which looked to have a future but it turns out that a couple of years in I think I havre gotten all I can out out it and now feel stuck again. I am looking ford another job hopefully which pays enough to make me happy. Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can solve some problems and relieve done stresses. itll be hard to find a job I’m am this comfortable and confident doing or have the kind if respect I do now but I feel like I have more to give and I want to go find it. 2 years ago


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