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JinjaBasic Done

My mom and cousin came to visit and I paid some people to come in a do a thorough cleaning. Worth every penny. 1 week ago

Jinja 8 years ago

JinjaI've Already Started

My work installed free Mango Languages in the library, so I have been working on this for a month or so. It is very difficult, but I want to stick with it for awhile yet, at least until I can figure out what order the words go in in a sentence!

Plus, I am thinking of visiting Japan, so it would be nice if I could speak some of the language. 3 weeks ago

Jinja 3 weeks ago


78. Umbrellas with handles
79. corduroy pants
80. key hangs – and that since I got one, I haven’t lost my keys
81. public transportation
82. getting massages
83. giving money to worthy causes
84. being indispensable
85. bank deposit app
86. When I make something clearer by rewriting it,
87. chatting
88. knowing my way around somewhere
89. Being on time
90. That ridiculous chicken ringtone I found.
91. Being a little intoxicated.
92. Giving food to homeless people.
93. Going food shopping.
94. Having a reusable bag with me when I need/want one.
95. Knowing my neighbors.
96. Helping tourists.
97. Haircut! 3 weeks ago

JinjaIt's hard to believe I'm not done with this

71. A warm day in winter.
72. Upcycling
73. My sibling relationships
74. My kidneys. I have problems with some of my organs, but that is not one of them. They are functioning just fine. Thanks, kidneys.
75. Science fiction and the hope it implies for the future.
76. Will Smith
77. Being told I have a nice voice. 1 month ago

JinjaExcept My Back Problems

make this a poor goal. So I will take this off my list. 1 month ago


I’ve been beating myself up a little bit because I hadn’t volunteered in a long time, but then I realized that being a citizen scientist is also volunteering. I’ve been tagging entries from WWI War Diaries so there is that. 1 month ago

JinjaActually did a Networking thing

I emailed LL an article I thought she would like. I’ve been wanting to contact her often. It felt good. 7 months ago

Jinja 9 months ago

Jinja 9 months ago

JinjaNot yet...

Recommended to me: Emergency Skills Inc. 212-564-6833. 11 months ago

JinjaI Want to Hold Notes

I realized last month that I can’t sustain notes when singing along to musical tunes. I want that back! 11 months ago

Jinja 11 months ago

JinjaI've Made this a 2013 Resolution

Thanks to seeing this: http://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/AHAECC/classConnector.jsp?pid=ahaecc.classconnector.home 14 months ago

Jinja 14 months ago

JinjaI Should Remove this Goal

I am just shy of 170 now and I just don’t see it happening. I’ll have to renew my effort but I am just too tired right now. On the plus side, though, I have been slightly better about feeling out of control about it. 15 months ago

JinjaProof Positive

My best friend came to visit me and it was her first time to New York. We had about two and a half days and I was able to fit in a lot, including two shows, The High Line, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, Bohemian Beer Garden, Times Square x2, NY Historical Society and some of Central Park. We also saw Lincoln Center, the Chrysler Building, New York Public Library, the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station. I know I am forgetting stuff, too. 15 months ago


67. perseverance
68. spell check
69. giving gifts
70. neatness 19 months ago

JinjaSeems Unlikely

I went for five straight days without having any treats or sweets. Then I visited my sister and there was chocolate pie. Shabbat Shalom!

I’m under 170 at least, but it is beginning to look like this is an unrealistic goal. 19 months ago

JinjaThis is Too Vague

So I am taking it off the list. 19 months ago

JinjaI Don't Want to Own

I am taking this off the list. I simply don’t want to have the hassle of taking care of everything in an apartment. 19 months ago

Jinja 8 years ago

JinjaI Got A Raise

So technically, I am making more money. And since the title is so vague, I am going to say I am done. 22 months ago


61. Pinterest
62. fields of flowers under the sun
63. naps
64. call and response songs
65. breathing correctly
66. Kanban flow (which I discovered yesterday) 1 year ago

JinjaI Was Going to Give Up

I was going to give up this goal because I don’t know that it is still a wise investment and I could never afford it, but now that I have a boyfriend and a future with a possible two income household, I will hold off on nixing it. 2 years ago

JinjaLeft the Bat Cave

The last flood was the final straw. I love my new place with its windows and mail box and closets and fully kitchen. Hurrah! 2 years ago

Jinja 2 years ago

JinjaStill Meh

Ach. I’m at 160.5. I sometimes feel like I should give up, but I shall not. Never surrender!

It’s kind of crazy, though. It’s been years that I’ve had this goal. Years. 2 years ago

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