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Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDMy dad...

...didn’t start having kids until he was 38. I wonder what the odds of me over/under 38 are?

I’m 30 right now… 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMD 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDI have always wanted... run my own business. After college, I didn’t feel like had any particular skill set or expertise. So, I went to dental school. I graduated from dental school a couple years ago, and feel comfortable and ready to build my practice.

I found a great mentor dentist this summer, Stanley A. Sargent. We’re currently working on a contract for me to join his practice Grand Corner Dental.

One way to help with practice growth is having an online visible presence. So, I also have my own website/personal blog that I haven’t been using much lately Spokane Dentist . I want to market myself online, but I’m not sure where I should focus my efforts rich now, the practice website or my own. The practice website looks great, but is kinda limited in my ability to customize and optimize it.

Any thoughts?

Good luck the rest of you with building up your own businesses. Being your own boss is the only way to go. I wish you all success in the new year. 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDMy buddies...

Jed and Travis are of the same mindset. We need to not be lazy and do some snow skiing this winter. It’s tough because after working all week, I just want to take it easy. I need to push through, and get my butt up to the mountain. My mom is even on ski patrol, so I can get free tickets.

I have no excuse!! 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDjust went on a run with...

a triathon club on Sunday, Team Blaze

We met at the Carousel in downtown Spokane, and then ran along the river, past Gonzaga, past Avista and about a mile down Upriver Drive. It was fun and the run flew by. I think I need to run more with clubs to make it more fun and meet some new folks who are zealous about life. 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDNice work!

Keep it up check 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMDnever gonna happen

I owe enough mint to US Govt to buy three nice houses. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to skip college and grad school all together… 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMD 2 years ago

Joshua_R_Cochran_DMD 2 years ago


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