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is on a respite from creating goals though she continues to reach them

Recent entries from JulieJordanScott

JulieJordanScottGrateful on Sunday....

I am grateful that even though I haven’t posted in here, the gratitude gang is still here, going strong.

I am grateful Niel commented on Samuel’s YouTube video. (He thought it was so cool, Niel, that you live in South Africa yet came to visit his video! It isn’t the moon, I wanted to tell him, simply a different part of our planet. LOL)

I am grateful for my morning coffee.

I am grateful for shifting perspectives, toward the positive.

I am grateful for Cameron, who swept me away and off to The Getty Museum yesterday. It was the first day I felt calm, completely, for the past two weeks. Needed it.

I am grateful I got some fun shots with my camera yesterday, becoming even more intimate with art…

I am grateful for you, reading…. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottSamuel said....

the other day, “If we win a million dollars, I will buy you a new desk, Mommy.”

I recently cleared everything off my Writing Porch. It is completely empty. The space we used to sit each morning is devoid of anything. A white canvas, waiting.


Samuel wants it to have a desk, so I can sit & write and usher in the morning there again. He knows how happy it made me.

How I love my son….. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottunfinished june 21

drumstick plays

relentless upon

the space between

my eyebrows

right above my nose,

I feel the triple


threaten to drip

bankrupt tears

spilling unwillingly

why does this transparent portrait

of collaborative love cause this

uncodified ache coursing through

my center from brow to belly to

the cracks in my heels

blood barren, dry, emptied

dust covered all remain

unspoken for language will not

can not know how to form around

this mammoth pilgrimage of

oppressive heat bars me from

dust covered box somewhere

out there in the great unknown

does it…

does it or 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottMy posts reappeared.

I tweeted that something wasn’t working on 43things and now it is. So for the first time I complained on twitter and things changed.

I think that counts as new and fulfilling. Do you? 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOne Word Journal: June 21, 2011

invisible 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottHmmmm. My last post disappeared, so I will add another...

I planted a pumpkin plant in my backyard so that this year’s jackolantern will be home grown. YAY!!!

(I have always wanted to do that!) 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottI entered (and won!)

a story slam contest.

I know, you would think with my theater background this would be a natural but I was scared, wasn’t even going to enter but I did and I won.

(I thought it was pretty cool!) 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottGratitude List: June 4, 2011

I am grateful for my friend, Mel, whose birthday is today.

I am grateful for first friday, which was such a good time.

I am grateful for the trip to the East Bay, had such a blast there.

I am grateful for the Poetry Walk in Berkeley. Fantastic.

I am grateful for poets, all across the world, who write and perform with passion that overflows amongst us.

I am grateful. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottJune 4: Remembering May 31 ~ for Chas and the others in Berkeley

So tell me
how unextraordinary
it is to step into
the repellent stench
of unsalvaged heart

try to break it to me
anything but gently
as the worn out cliches
bumble their ways out
of mouths doing a dueling
banjos of poetic whining
about how my life my experiences
my whatever the fuck is up next
in this self indulgent word orgy
is ten times worse, at least,
than yours

What will it be next?
The lack of sexual climax – ever?
The curly hair you wear as a
result of your Semetic forebears
smashed into a cattle car smiling?
alcoholism smashed into a
swallowed gold fish metaphor
I hear you, poetic friends
and I love you for your words
but I ask you how does this

With the rage I feel when I
shout from deep in my gut
at Fabian, to put down his
flashy smart phone and
never and I mean never ever
again have the audacity
to strip me from my rightful
position as Mayor of Dagnys

Who does he think he is,
stealing my rightful place on
the throne of Zambien Zing
and Vanilla latte’s or oh,
those tasty chocolate scones
and toasted just right sesame bagels

I worked long and hard for this
job and if you don’t dismantle
your foursquare connection things
will get ugly. I may have taken the
mayor reins of a random BART Station
in Oakland and Cupcake Corner and
the Coalinga Cows but it
makes my stagnant welt of
cancerous boils fester with
poisonous wrath to know that
you, Fabian, besides being blessed
by your unthinking parents at birth
with a completely wretched name
you had to log on and tear away
my favorite claim to anything
worthwhile and meaningful
you have done me wrong
and I will not
can not
shall not
bear witness never
Fabian 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottLast night I set up my Word-Love Goodies at First Friday

and had a blast. My Poetry Fire was like a magnet… 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOh, plus I traveled to Los Angeles to see a foreign film...

Cameron, Emma and I went to Los Angeles to see “Poetry” a Korean film that was fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

Emma exclaimed, “I forgot I was reading subtitles!” just like I promised her. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottno, not pathetic

in process. Big difference!

:-) 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOrdered prints/postcards for Writing Camp to give out at First Friday

I am getting more serious about promotion. This is a huge deal for me. 3 years ago


sounds like such a blast!! 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottGrateful on Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I am grateful for…

1. The fun, carefree time with Emma and Samuel today. It was so balanced in fun, day-to-day chores, errands, reading, creating… perfect.

2. My time with Josh, Jennie and Emma yesterday.

3. Remembering how fun no-purpose flirting can be.

4. Strike for STAGE DOOR was easy and even a teensy bit fun.

5. Fresh strawberries

bonus: working out on Samuel’s wii fit (which makes him so happy!) 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottyour list is incredibly

inspiring. Makes me feel good just to read it! 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottFrom Virginia Woolf: A Haunted House, a Short Story

“Oh, is this your buried treasure? The light in the heart.” 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottI haven't created any goals on 43things for ages and figured

it was about time to get into the swing.

I bought some tiles yesterday from the Re-Store with the intention of making word-love art: specifically quotes from women writers/artists who inspire me.

I’ll start adding quotes here with my next post.

Phew! That felt good! 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOne Word Journal, May 27, 2011

off-kilter 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOne sentence journal for May 27, 2011

My creative spirit continues to take the reins in my life and hey, for now I am not fighting it at all. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottToday, May 28, I am grateful for...

a fun time at the cast party for Stage Door last night

a good night’s sleep where the duvet was a necessary part of it

Katherine’s willingness to log in on foursquare – so I know where she is while she is visiting Davis

the high number of friends I have who really care about me ~


the used bookstore final sale today… and the treasures I always manage to find at thrift stores and the Re-Store and every place else I go to find things to upcycle, etc…. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOne Word Journal - May 19, 2010

blanda 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottI appreciate

your attitude! 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottMay 19 One Sentence Journal

I feel like my spirit is being whittled down. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOn Friday Morning, I am grateful.....

I am grateful for my writing porch

I am grateful for my cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee

I am grateful for the plentiful images to write, to ponder, to dissect constantly appearing right in front of me

I am grateful for voices

I am grateful for open spans of time to create

I am grateful Monday will be here soon

I am grateful 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottOn Thursday Morning I am grateful....

for the movie Poetry directed by Lee Chang-dong…

for Emma’s willingness to watch a subtitled film only to discover (as I told her) soon, you will forget you are reading subtitles. She did.

for very cool cemeteries in tucked away places

for laughter over unusual things

for passionate living, no matter what

for expansion

for you 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottMay 15, 2011

My voice turned into a squeak when I saw the three baby skunk tails Samuel discovered across the street from the mallards at Hart Park. 3 years ago

JulieJordanScottGratitude on May 16, 2011

I am grateful for…

1. the surprise of late Spring rainy mornings

2. productive rehearsals filled with people I enjoy

3. places to go that fill me with joy

4. silly photography

5. sentient sunsets 3 years ago


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