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Recent entries from KaiLoux
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KaiLoux 16 months ago


We have paid off all debt except some medical, our main vehicle (almost done), and our secondary vehicle! 16 months ago

KaiLoux 3 years ago

KaiLouxDays 166-168

Day 166:

-Contributing a lot to the meeting :)
-Seeing my first social stories that I wrote for the kiddo printed and ready to be used for therapy!
-Got my second replacement phone activated, and this one seems to actually hold a charge! No more phone issues for a while, I hope!
-My love telling me how much everyone at his work loved the cupcakes.

Day 167:

-No one being around when I got out of the truck and fell on black ice. Hurt my elbow, but it could have been worse!
-Tracking down my husband for lunch. So funny when he came out, and I shouted his name, and he looked at me all surprised.
-Going with him and his co-worker to a tiny gyro shop. Never tried one! It was pretty good, but the fries were freakin’ a-MA-zing!
-Bright blue sky.
-Fresh air.
-Work going very well, and making math more interesting for my Angry Birds-loving kiddo by turning it into an Angry Birds game!
-Playing the Tomb Raider arcade game with my love :)
-Unexpectedly fun evening :) Went to the store and got a few things we needed (some food, a birthday card & gift for my youngest sister), and a movie. Then we found a Sonic racing game that was a lot like Mario Kart really cheap, so we bought that and played while we enjoyed boneless BBQ wings.
-Watched the movie I always thought would be super blasphemous, and while it had its moments, it had a good message. Nice to have my perspective changed.

Day 168:

My husband’s alarm didn’t go off, and his boss was at the place alone since everyone else was out, so he didn’t have to go in. A little concerned at first, but then…
-I changed my outlook. I have been doing better at worrying less and having more faith, but today I actively chose to give my worry to God. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever does happen is in God’s plan, and whatever we go through is meant to perfect us, not break us.
-Enjoying my unexpected morning with my love before I had to leave for work.
-Finishing getting the stuff off my old phone so I can send it back (believe me, that was no easy feat).
-Returning it and then going to Target to kill some time before work. Spent $4, and got a cute little flower pot that you grow daisies in, a coupon folder, and a couple of fun things for my toy bag that I think my kiddos will enjoy.
-Getting done with work an hour before I usually do, and then I stepped on a tack…Fortunately it wasn’t that bad, but definitely not my happiest moment.
-Great evening with my love :) We ate Lunchables like we were in elementary school, made some chocolate pudding, and watched “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (liked it until the graduation scene)! Great way to greet the weekend :) 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 165 (Valentine's Day)

Day 165:

And I thought yesterday – – was amazing!

-Waking up feeling refreshed :)
-Getting a lot of things done for errands and Valentine’s plans.
-A haircut! Nothing beats the feeling of a new haircut <3
-Nice weather.
-Work! I love my job, and hearing about my kiddo’s first crush while doing crafts was the sweetest thing.
-A JibJab Valentine from his parents, and a copy of a handwritten account of how my papaw met and fell in love with my mamaw from my parents :)
-Came home and my love surprised me with a cute wire heart (the origami flower would have been enough!), and I gave him his gift of framed map hearts that I made to represent special places-where we had our first date, where we have lived, and where we got married.
-Grilled BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, and cupcakes for dinner! I somehow timed it to be ready all at the same time.
-Eating by candlelight.
-Having enough cupcakes left over that my love can take half a dozen to his co-workers for the next day as a treat, and I can take half a dozen to my meeting for my co-workers with plenty left over :)
-Played some games together. Tried to join his brother and his girlfriend in a game online, but that didn’t work out, but we still had a good time.
-Cuddling and watching “50 First Dates.”
-Having the day feel like the weekend in the middle of the week :)♥ 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 164 :)

Day 164:

-Having a lovely morning with my husband before he had to leave for work.
-Getting a little extra sleep.
-Getting some done around the house…Probably not that noticeable since there is SO much that needs to be done.
-The eye doctor’s office being very nice and flexible with payments.
-Talking to my husband during the gap between cases that is long enough to have time to waste, but not long enough to actually go home or do anything.
-Getting Taco Bell to tide me over since it’s one of my long days.
-Snow! Dreaded it, but also kind of thankful for it since we need it.
-Calling my husband for a few minutes on the way home. He told me he had noticed all I had done :) AND that he had finished my Valentine’s gift! It had taken him two hours, and he wasn’t too please with the results, but he said he knew I’d love it.
-As soon as I parked outside, my husband came out to open my door for me and give me a kiss :)
-Hearing that he had missed me as we went to check the mail-not really talking to my mom right now, but it was nice that she sent a handwritten account of how my grandparents met and fell in love as Valentine with $20.
-My husband asked if I wanted my gift early, and I was torn, but we can never wait to give gifts (Christmas being the exception last year), so I agreed to it. He had made me an origami flower! He was so cute and sweet about it that I felt myself fall in love with him all over again.
-Apparently while I was at the party Sunday, he studied and tried several times. Then spent two hours today trying again until he made my flower :) Best gift ever!
-I filled in his card and gave it to him early. His first thought was that it would have been the perfect anniversary card :P BUT he loved it! Cracked me up by jokingly shaking it for cash.
-We laughed, talked, and enjoyed each others’ company.
-I made tortellini, garlic bread, and salad for dinner :)
-We ended up picking “Punisher” of all movies on Netflix, haha. While scrolling through the meager selection, I noticed they had listed “Misery” in the category for films with a strong female lead…Well, I guess you could look at it like that! ha.
-Falling asleep :) 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 159-163

Day 159:

-Came home to a husband happy to see me and a sweet message on our board! I think this evening is off to a great start ♥

Day 160:

-Morning team meeting for one of my kiddos. The mom had some nice compliments for how I conduct therapy :)
-Went to be an expert witness for a friend-of-a-friend who was suing her really bad wedding photographer/videographer. Apparently I did a good job according to the lawyer and people who were suing, however, because their lawyer failed to specifically ask if the images met professional standards, the case was tossed out :(
-I can’t stand being late at all, and being stuck on the stand fifteen minutes passed the time I was supposed to leave for my kiddo’s therapy session made me pretty upset. However, the family was understanding and I ended up only being late by two minutes! Better than the ten I expected.

Day 161:

-Woke, watched a couple of episodes of a favorite show while I cleaned.
-My evening case was canceled.
-Left my husband a message on our board :)
-Showered and got ready for work only to discover it was storming pretty bad outside. I called my husband to ask how the roads were, and he said if I could reschedule my other case it would be for the best. The roads were so bad.
-Rescheduled for tomorrow. Not super crazy about doing therapy on the weekend, but I love my kiddos and don’t want them to lose hours.
-Enjoyed my unexpected day off!
-Feeling accomplished! Several loads of laundry and dishes done, tidying the living room and kitchen, and made my love a cheese cake :)
-Made my husband garlic shrimp and mashed potatoes to go along with the cheese cake I made this afternoon :) Popcorn and “Pleasantville” made for a nice evening too.
-My replacement phone arrived!

Day 162:

-Dreamed that I was on my WV visit and that papaw AND mamaw came over. We had an amazing visit, but then I woke up and reality set in that she’s been gone two years. Sad, yet I feel thankful for that little “visit,” and that when I woke up it was to the smell of my husband making French toast and cheesy eggs for breakfast!
-Good morning together :)
-Kind of tough session, but that comes with the job sometimes.
-Coming home.
-Activating my new phone and going out to pay a bill.
-Laying in bed side-by-side with my husband and just TALKING. It was the best conversation we have had in while.
-Wrestling around and falling asleep.
-Waking and watching the ridiculous movie “Airplane!” before falling to sleep for the rest of the night in each others’ arms :)

Day 163:

-Good morning with my love then I spent way too much time on the phone with Verizon getting a replacement for my replacement phone because the one they sent me won’t take a charge…That was no fun, but I ended up getting what I needed.
-Going to H’s party. It was nice to see everyone and browse the goodies they are selling if I can’t afford any :P
-Working on my love’s Valentine. Apparently he was working on a surprise for me for Valentine’s Day while I was gone…So curious now!
-On the seventh of February is a six month milestone for us (last year marked six months married, this year marked a year and a half) and then the fourteenth is, of course, Valentine’s Day.

It makes it a little tough to do something special, but this year we simply treated the whole week as a time to focus on love and celebration. We’ve had breakfast-in-bed (one from him, one from me), heart-shaped man-on-a-raft, sweet notes left on the board I made for that purpose, his favorite dinner of garlic shrimp and dessert of cheese cake from scratch, we got a couple of things we needed/wanted (nothing extravagant), and I made him a Valentine tonight, and today he was working on my surprise while I was at a friend’s party, etc.

We both work on Valentine’s Day, but I have a few ideas to make it special. Despite my inner-historian being turned off by the true origins of the day, I enjoy it for what it has become-an excuse to spoil the one you love, and focus on romance-not that we need one day or an excuse for that ;)
-Relaxing for a good portion of the evening because this weekend has been too rushed! 2 years ago

KaiLouxSelf-Improvement :)

I would say that I have been “done” with this for quite some time, but I do believe that things of this nature will always be a work-in-progress. This past year has been wonderful, but it’s come with a lot of struggle and hardship as well. My husband and I overcame each and every obstacle and issue together, but we also had to find personal strength to see us through. My improvement came in the form of really, truly getting back on track with God. From there, I had to stop being a control freak, and honestly give things to him, stop worrying, and learn what it means to really have faith. It was hard. I won’t lie. However, enough practice made it come naturally.

Not to be misunderstood: I was never a negative person, and many people never knew the amount of things I have gone through in my life because I am such a cheerful, positive person, but it is easy to think of the worst scenario with certain people or situations and that is what I sought to resolve. Even with some of the most difficult people and situations in my life, I don’t assume the worst. I don’t naively, or blindly trust necessarily either, but I give a fair chance even when it is undeserved. 2 years ago

KaiLoux 3 years ago

KaiLouxDays 153-158

Day 153:

-I am so proud of myself! I have always been a high-carb person, but I have been substituting healthier things to avoid those unnecessary sugars because I would hate for my hypoglycemia to develop into Diabetes. I’m not a kid anymore, so I can’t treat my body like that. I have been eating more veggies and salads :) I am not dieting-that is one of the WORST things a person can do to their body-but I do plan to make my eating habits healthier and work out more. In just a couple of days of eating better, I noticed I am down a few pounds without even trying to lose any weight :)
-I love my kiddos more and more everyday :) Commented on how well one was drawing, and was told, “It’s because you taught me!” Came home and found that my love had left me a sweet message on the dry erase board I made for love notes and such ♥
-Excited for the new Grey’s :)
-Great evening :) Came home to a funny/sweet note from my love on the message board I made, he made us dinner and we watched our favorite Futurama episode, and he gave me a massage before the new Grey’s came on ♥ Looking forward to seeing my other kiddos tomorrow and the weekend!

Day 154:

-A long work day ahead, but looking forward to seeing my kiddos :) Then the weekend!
-My love made us smokies wrapped in bacon for a snack this evening :) We had a great time catching up and starting our weekend. He fell asleep right away after his shower. I couldn’t sleep! Teen Mom 2 reruns, dishes, and cleaning the oven. Still, I am not that tired! I hoped laundry would do the trick, but it didn’t! I didn’t end up getting in bed until 2 am! By then, I had done two loads of dishes in the dishwasher, put them away, washed the pots and pans, scrubbed the indoor grill and drip plate, scrubbed the griddle, cleaned the counters, swept the floors, cleaned the oven surface, scrubbed the eyes and interior, took out the trash, replaced the bag, took a load of clothes out of the dryer, put some in, and started a load of bath towels. Oh, and I fixed a “plumbing issue” (the sink plug getting sucked into the garbage disposal). Probably forgetting some things…THEN, I got in bed, cuddled with my half-sleeping husband and fell asleep.

Day 155:

-My love brought me breakfast in bed ♥
-Hahaha! Just decided to finish watching the Teen Mom 2 episode I started last night. I’m not usually into this kind of program, so my husband was like “You’re not seriously watching that are you?” And then a few minutes later, “What’s wrong with her baby?” Then a few minutes after that “What did she say about the baby?” I think I am corrupting him :)
-42 degrees and sunny! My husband went to the gas station and came back with some Starburst for me, and we have been working in the garage, cleaning and waxing the motorcycle :) Can’t wait until it’s out of “winter storage” and we can ride it again!
-I have the best time with my best friend :) Got a little necessary shopping done together-including a birthday gift for one of our favorite kids, a desk and winter coat for me, some blu-rays, etc-and watched “The Bucket List” while my love put something together for me. Then we made delicious burgers, fries, and mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner. Watching “Hancock” now!

Day 156:

-Stayed up late last night, slept in a little this morning, and brought my husband breakfast in bed since he did the same for me yesterday :) Quite proud of my little breakfast of heart-shaped man-on-a-raft and orange juice in a stemmed glass. Now getting ready for the cutest little boy’s birthday party!
-Had a lot of fun at the party, and got some great pictures of the kids :) The birthday boy loved his present from us!
-Picked up a few groceries, and just had the most delicious pizza Lunchable because my friend S reminded me of them! My husband came in and about died, so I shared. Best. Wife. Ever. haha :) Now if I can find the dessert kind…

Day 157:

-Sweet morning with my love :) He had more trouble than usual leaving me for work.
-I love my job and kiddos, but really wish one of my longest work days wasn’t Monday! Still on weekend mode :P
-Long day of work over, and today was my breakthrough with one of my kiddos :) Now home to my husband who did a lot to my little work station while I was gone!
-‎’Despicable Me’ with my love ♥

Day 158:

-A sweet morning and wishing each other a happy year and a half.
-A year and a half ago today, I married my best friend :) We have had such an incredible journey in that time, overcome and learned so much, and experienced so many blessings ♥
-Left a sweet message for my husband.
-Had a nice dinner and great evening together and talked about the last year and a half. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 149-152

Day 149:

-Great day :) Lazy morning with my love, and then he made us burgers for lunch that we enjoyed while watching old “Futurama” episodes. I got to see my amazing friend Y :) We caught up and browsed Barnes & Noble.
-Shopping for some household goodies and splurging on a shirt and bracelet for myself, but all in all I spent less than $30 because I’m awesome like that, haha.
-Home watching a show about an escape artist with love.
-Spending $1 on a frame, 1 hr of my time making a notebook paper template, and using some vintage mateless clip-on earrings to make a cute romantic memo board :)
-Domino’s pizza and cinnamon sticks at M and S’ house for a fun evening!
-Trying the Kiect dance game. Ending up frustrated and embarrassed and probably a party pooper wasn’t cool, but at least I tried!

Day 150:

-Getting the sales & use tax done for my little photography business.
-Talking to my husband for a bit on his lunch break.
-Getting laundry and dishes done.
Long work day made shorter by one of my kiddos having to go to a baby shower.
-I am so happy :) God has blessed us in countless ways, and used our struggles to bring us closer together and teach us more about Him and His unending love. Better yet is seeing things fall into place for some of my lovely friends and being able to take joy in their joy and praise the Lord together ♥ God is truly awesome.

Day 151:

-Sleep paralysis with bad dreams, forgetting today was the building fire alarm check and about dying of fright a second ago, not receiving either of my W2s from my short-term assignments yet (one was promised to be emailed last night) would make this seem like a pretty rotten day. However, it’s not even 11 AM yet, so I am pretty sure this day will get better or at the very least be what I make of it :)
-50 degrees and sunny!
-Acquired my missing w2s that I have been working so hard to get the last few days! One was here all along. My husband must have “checked” the mail that day :P

Day 152:

-Slept in a little, got ready for the day, mailed a card, started a load of dishes in the dishwasher, changed over a load of clothes to the dryer, making myself lunch, going to a meeting, and then going to work with one of my kiddos before coming home to spend the evening with my love :) Seems like a good day in the making!
-Tacos, “One Way Out,” and “In Time” made for a pretty good evening! Was a bit skeptical about a movie with Justin Timberlake in it and my husband can’t stand Amanda Seyfried, but when we saw it had Matt Bomer and some other favorites we gave it a chance. Not a favorite by a long-shot, but interesting concept!
-It’s scary how much my husband and I think alike sometimes! I was going to post “Goodnight Moon!” before I changed my mind and posted what I did on my FB. I was getting ready for bed, and he asked me if I ever read “Goodnight Moon” as a kid…Cue Twilight Zone music. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 145-148 :)

Day 145:

-Feeling less congested!
-Seeing the kiddos I work with and giving them the goodies I picked up for them on my trip :)
-Seeing their happy faces, and hearing one say “I missed you!”
-My mother-in-law sending a metal covered book I had made/repurposed for a guest book when my husband I had planend to have a wedding pre-elopement. Wondered where it had ended up, and she sent it to us to use. I am thinking memories and love notes :)
-My husband making me something at his workplace.
-My husband fixing the misifre in the truck drive.
-Grilled cheese sandwiches and hearty tomato soup with pasta! <3

Day 146:

-Morning meeting then lunch with my love :)
-Having spare time before one of my cases.
-Finding my way out of rounabout hell and back to my husband’s workplace with our lunch!

Day 147:

-Discovering my new motto:
God won’t protect you from what He can perfect you through :)
-Catching up on some household chores. How did our apartment get so messy when we were both gone for a week? One of life’s mysteries.
-Seeing a truly inspiring video about a girl with Autism. Gave me hope for one of my kiddos in particular, despite the fact that some people think it might be produced from Facilitated Communication.
-Coming home to a tidier home was a nice surprise :) My husband isn’t feeling well, but still worked so hard to help me. Now I have far less to catch up on around here!
-Watching a cool show on conjoined twins called “Extreme Bodies.”

Day 148:

-Our little niece turned one year old today!
-Skyping with my husband’s family and seeing our little niece toddle around with the help of a push toy.
-Awesome dinner despite the steaks we picked up at the store being not-so-good.
-Ending up at a birthday party of a friend-of-a-friend who is from WV!
-Talking about where we grew up (an hour and a half apart).
-My husband getting me out on the dance floor (not an easy feat since I can’t dance), letting lose and having fun.
-Drinking ever-so slightly. The first time since my first drunk experience at the end of September. 2 years ago


Thanks :) I really am blessed, so thankful for it. My parents are…difficult at times, but I love them and was glad to see them to! 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 140-144 :)

Day 140:

Started out not-so-happy when I saw the articles about people trying to change the definition of Autism-something that could really hurt my kiddos that I work with-and Etta James dying, but the day got better :)

-Slept in super late, and feel so much better for it (and a little guilty!). Still super hoarse and congested from the two nights of dry heat I had before my trip…Hoping to get over that quick!
-Had a great day! Went thrifting, watched “Grey’s Anatomy” with my mom and sisters, saw my Papaw, and found a little something that one of my kiddos will LOVE!
-Got to talk to my love, and probably will again before bed. He’s flying out for home early tomorrow, and I am on Monday afternoon.
-He found his wedding ring! It was missing and we feared it was goner, but it was in his suitcase!

Day 141:

-My husband arrived safely in Atlanta for his first layover :)
-Ugh…Feeling some better, but still pretty rotten. Have been throwing up because of my nasal spray and drainage.
-Seeing Mamaw and Papaw boosted my mood :)
-My Mamaw was having a good day (she has Alzheimer’s, but neither of my grandparents will face it).
-Mamaw’s reaction to the ornament I made for them.
-Mamaw trying to sneak my sister fries, and laughing like she was pulling one over on her every time.
-Got my love a new cell phone on eBay since his is bugging out.
-Went to a cavern gift shop. Got my kiddos I work with dinosaur bones and other goodies they’ll love :)
-Went out to eat with my good friend at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. First meal I’ve enjoyed in a while.
-My husband made it home around 4 o’clock our time safe and sound ♥ He was so surprised that I had stocked up on some of his favorite food and snacks. Best wife ever material right there ;) Home from a delicious dinner with my friend, watching old Cosby episodes on Netflix with the family, and texted my love to ask if he wanted to get on Facebook and chat like the ‘old’ days.
-Hearing about his trip in more detail, and pictures :) Looking forward to seeing him again, but I am going to miss everyone here!
-Helped my teen sister make her first resume. She is trying so hard to find a job.

Day 142:

-Enjoyed a good dinner out with Papaw and the family for sister’s birthday, and enjoyed ice cream cake and old stories at home :)
-Lots of pictures.
-So hard to believe my trip is already over! Despite not feeling well, I had an amazing time :) Going to miss everyone, but I do look forward to seeing my husband! Praying for a safe flight, and good conditions for driving.

Day 143:

-Huge delays, and I didn’t get home to my husband, but it was an adventure and I met a lot of awesome people since I don’t know a stranger :)
-My senior taking my shift since I am not sure when I’ll get home tomorrow.
-My husband’s sweet grandparents coming to get me at the airport and taking me out to eat.
-Sleeping well after I got over a huge coughing fit. Congestion sucks.

Day 144:

-Waking and getting ready for the day.
-Having a wonderful breakfast with my husband’s grandparents.
-Having his gradfather tell me how glad he was I was in the family and how lucky my husband and I are to have each other :)
-Annoying aggressive impatient driver’s on the highway by abiding by the speed limit.
-My husband wasn’t able to get off work at noon, but I met him for lunch! Seeing him, hugging and kissing him for the first time in a week was amazing :)
-Going home and relaxing.
-My husband getting home an hour before he usually gets off work.
-Having the most amazing time together ;)
-Good quality time.
-Leftover pizza that my love heated up for me.
-Looking at the pictures and videos from his trip.
-His gifts: two tee shirts, and the cutest flip flop magnet <3
-My gifts to him minus the phone that should be in the mail.
-Sleeping in each others’ arms. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 136-139

Day 136:

-Last night with my love until next Monday! That didn’t make me happy, but the fact we made the most of it and went out for a nice dinner did :)
-All the sweet things my love said.

Day 137:

-It was so hard to say goodbye, and all the way to the airport we had flashbacks of our long-distance days. We held hands all the way there and remembered how much we hate goodbyes. Got to security all too soon. Hugged, kissed, snapped a picture, and watched him walk away. Waved as he stood on the other side of the metal detector, then walked away. Bright spot was I only teared up a little and handled it much better than I expected!
-Got a little extra sleep.
-One of my co-workers was pestering me about changing shifts, and apparently didn’t get my reply. Too tired to deal with her, but I believe my senior is finally going to have a sit-down with her.
-My husband arriving safely, and texting me throughout the day :) It was just like the old days, and so sweet!
-Working. Really nice moment with my kiddo and the family. Seeing how amazing the kiddo had colored the Wall * E coloring page I hand drew.
-Getting my hair cut! Best it’s been in a while.
-Cracking myself up, and my husband via picture text, by finding a creative way to get into a 2 liter that had built up too much pressure for me to openly normally. It involved a knife.
-Went to the store and picked up my husband’s favorite dinner, and some of his favorite snack foods so he’d have something on the days he’s here alone while I’m on my trip. Got some food for myself as well.
-Enjoyed my deliciously unhealthy pizza and nacho bites.
-Watched some ‘How I Met Your Mother.’
-Talked to my love before bed :)
-Got scared when some guy rang the doorbell at 10 pm looking for an apartment (he gave abuilding number instead). Reminded me of how the almost-burglar acted. Called my husband and he comforted me from a distance.

Day 138:

-Laughing at myself when I realized I had SLEEP-checked my Facebook, read all my comments, and then woke up. I asked myself what I was doing, shut the computer, and fell back to sleep. Weird.
-Then drove to the city where my husband’s grandparents’ live. Staying with them overnight, and they’re taking me to the airport in the morning so I can fly to WV to visit my family for the first time in a year and some change!
-Driving 100 miles by myself and not getting lost :)

Day 139:

-My husband’s grandparents being sweet enough to let me stayover and take me to the airport so early in the morning! His grandmother had the nicest breakfast-to-go ready for me :)
-Flying for the first time commercially! It was amazing, and I got a lot of great pictures. Waking at 2:45 was a little tough, but the excitement made it worth it and possible.
-Seamless travel from the city to Atlanta to my hometown.
-Knew I was back when I recognized pretty much everyone, even the kid directing the plane off the runway!
-SURPRISING my sisters who had NO idea I was coming!
-Spending time with the family.
-Sisters’ hugs. Missed them so much :)
-A nice nap, which really helped with the jetlag, and crumbled and gave Bethany her gift early. She was in total awe so it was worth hauling it around in my carry-on for eight hours :)
-Running to the store for a few things and renting ‘The Help.’ It was amazing and made for a good time with the whole family!
-Having the best time with my sisters.
-Watching “Pretty Little Liars” with them.
-The youngest giving me her TY Prickles the baby hedgehog after she heard how much I have wanted a real one since Pinterest started pinning all those cute ones!
-Staying up super late with my sisters :)
-Getting pictures with them for the first time in a year! 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 129-135

Day 129:

-Wow! On a hunch I contacted our insurance company, and asked if the chiro had ever submitted a claim for my care. They claimed they had, and my insurance wouldn’t pay, so we’d have to be self-pay. The agent told me no claim had ever been submitted, and she got on with them to investigate that. The receptionist didn’t realize I was on the line, and tried to lie and say I never gave them my insurance information. After some backtracking and sputtering when I spoke up, she claimed I didn’t want to submit because of my deductible. The agent told her to submit the claim and put my account on hold. That bought some time at least. How shady!
-God :)
-Coming home after a long work.
-My husband making breakfast-for-dinner.
-Cuddling on the couch for some Netflix.

Day 130:

-Loving these 45 degree days while they last! What a weird winter we’re having!
-Hearty tomato soup with pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches, and another evening of cuddling on the couch with my love for a “White Collar” or two :)

Day 131:

-Being happy :)
-Such a gorgeous day! Rumor has it this will be the last nice day, at least for a while…Calling for snow tomorrow :P

Day 132:

-A lot of people praying for my little sister who as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
-One bit of good news! My husband heard from the maintenance man that they caught the guy who tried to break into our apartment and one other! I feel so much better knowing that.
-Got chased by a snow plow leaving one of my kiddos’ houses…scary at the time, funny now!
-I enjoyed an impromptu lunch date with my love today after my mid-morning meeting, had a little bit of time at home, and then worked until 5:30. Walked out into a winter wonderland, scraped the windshield for the third time today, and made it home safe ‘n’ sound :)
-Chili cheese fries for dinner!
-My husband and I were/are being all mopey about our upcoming time apart. We’re such babies! We haven’t been apart in the almost year and a half that we’ve been married, so it will be different for sure! I am so excited for, and proud of, him though :) He is one of the newest guys at his company (there for a year and some change now) and they’re flying him down for the car show to assist with the three-day race.

Day 133:

-Having the best day :) Somethings didn’t work out as planned, but I got SO much done before work! I had an extra twenty minutes to kill before my first case and since my boot hunting hadn’t gone so well earlier that morning, I decided to spend exactly ten minutes in Target (no more or I would be late to my kiddo’s house). I rushed to the shoe department and happened to find a pair of boots I liked, in my size in a style that just happended to be my name, on sale. Got them, rang them up, and was back in my car in eight minutes!
-My husband really made me smile today. When I got home he gave me the longest, best hug ever and thanked me for the stuff I got for his trip. He told me how that it really hit him all over again how much he loves me, how much I love and care about him when he saw all the things I had picked up for him ♥ Love knowing I’m not the only one who falls in love all over again over the small things.
-Enjoying our weekend together, the last before his trip.
-Having a “sleepover” in the living room tonight.
-Enjoying tacos and Netflix.
-Feeling so happy and content :)

Day 134:

-We had the best “sleepover” last night :) Stayed up late, watched some things on Netflix, played games, and even some late-night CoD with his brothers via xBox Live. Left me smiling even today.
-Half woke this morning to a kiss and “I love you,” and thought he was leaving for work, but woke to the sounds and smells of him making us a French toast breakfast.
-Going shopping.

Day 135:

-My love brought me breakfast in bed this morning, then we cuddled and watched a movie ♥ So hard to believe it’s already time for his trip! He’ll be flying out early on Tuesday. I work late tomorrow, so we’re enjoying our time together now. Won’t see him again until late next Monday :( Excited for him, but it’s going to be hard!
-Getting lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.
-Made snacks, cuddled up, and watched “Super 8” and played some games! Great evening :) 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 121-128

Day 121:

-So excited for 2012!
-Woke to the sounds of my husband making breakfast. Despite an upset stomach that wouldn’t quite go away, I enjoyed the massive pancakes he made and rested some more :) Drove him crazy because he was trying to get me out of bed to spend time together, and I just wanted to sleep off my stomach ache and catch up on the Z’s I missed being up past 4 with Poison Control. Not the best way to start the New Year, but I have a good feeling about 2012!
-My husband has taken such good care of me :) Buried me in blankets, snuggled with me when I couldn’t keep warm, watched a little TV with me and turned it on a marathon of one of my favorite shows, offered to run me a bath, brought me the laptop so I could try to distract myself from all the boredom, and made me a cheese sandwich because it was the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing. There’s a bright side to everything ♥
-Laughed so hard…My husband bounded in like a spider monkey and asked if he could get me anything from the gas station, and as soon as I told him I think I would like a Snickers ice cream bar, he fell off the bed and avoided tragedy by landing on the memory foam he took off our bed last night…LOL!
-Worked on and finished my Year In Review!

Day 122:

-Feeling a lot better today, but not very energetic.
-Thank God for Netflix having some of my favorite shows!
-Hahaha! Saw a picture of Heath Ledger on Pinterest, and said aloud, “Oh Heath, why did you die??” My husband looked at me, and said, “So you’d marry me.”

Day 123:

-Feeling much better today :) Working 1:30 to 7:30 today.
-Remembering my mamaw…Today makes two years since she passed away, and it has brought about a bittersweet feeling, and lots of good memories of times we shared.
-Had a great day with my new kiddos, and got big compliments from the families and my seniors :) Wonderful evening with my love from there with a quick dinner and a couple episodes of “White Collar.” He’s not usually into TV shows, and we rarely like the same ones, so we’re enjoying it! Talked with him about mamaw, and shared some favorite memories. They would have gotten along so well.

Day 124:

-Keeping my faith and hopes high despite my ex-chiropractor proving to be a liar and a jerk. Finally received a paper bill, and he sent a letter along with it calling me an immature liar, backtracking on all he has said and done, and demanding full payment of a bill equal to our rent in a month or he’ll seek “legal action per policy.” Funny how I have a copy of their policies and that is not one of them…

Day 125:

-God doesn’t give you more than you can handle…That has been my mantra for sometime now, but I am starting to suspect that He has A LOT of faith in me! Helps put things in perspective when stress tries to cloud the view.
-Did some research for my issue with the chiro. Not a lot of results yet, but it feels good to be proactive.
-Deciding that stress can take a break for a while! My love and I have had an incredible evening. Came home to a hug and Starburst from my husband, spent some quality time together, made dinner, and then enjoyed it with an episode of our new favorite show :) It’s the simple things!
-New Grey’s!

Day 126:

-Long work day with my kiddos!
-Weekend with my love!
-Surprising my husband! He didn’t expect me home until almost 8 o’clock, but when I got done with my one kiddo at 4, I found out the other had to cancel. So an early start to our weekend :)

Day 127:

-Having a great weekend with my love :) Lots of fun and laughter, and we even got a lot of cleaning done! Watched the awesome movie “Warrior” and some of our favorite show. My husband suggested we plan a special evening, so looking forward to that as well!

Day 128:

-Having another great day :) This weekend is almost over, but I feel so thankful for how long it felt and how wonderful it’s been! Went to run a few errands, and I found a gorgeous black wrought iron clothing hanger that my love bought for me. There was a blank space of wall in our bedroom, so I hung the hanger by a nail, and now have a display for my wedding dress! So cute ♥
-Making white chili for dinner. 2 years ago


No problem! I love it. It has a lot of the tools that Photoshop does, but are simple and easy to use. I’ve noticed that some photos I have edited get a little “glitchy” if I enlarge them above 4×6 or 5×10 for printing, but that could have been what the photos were shot with (maybe not high resolution or 300dpi since most of my favorite photos are by point n shoot since I haven’t had my DSLR that long) they are perfect for online posting, 4×6 prints and even 5×10 in most cases. 2 years ago


Thanks :) I use It’s free for most things, but for “premium features” and larger number photo collages it’s a $5 a month subscription. I ended up breaking down and getting the subscription, haha. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 117-120 (New Year's Eve)

Day 117:

-That my husband was okay! On the way to work, he was rear-ended by a guy. Our second little vehicle had no damage, but I feel bad for the guy who hit my husband…He totaled his car and got a huge ticket.
-Getting a really nice compliment from one of my seniors, and having her tell me that all of my hard work is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed :)
-My family receiving and loving their Christmas package.

Day 118:

-Getting done with work at 11:30 am :)

Day 119:

-Hated having work 9-7:30 on my husband’s day off (three day weekend Friday-Sunday for him, Saturday-Monday for me), but he got sick! Took care of him on my break.
-Snuggled with my love and ended up in a fit of laughter (I don’t know what was so funny, but he ended up laughing because I was laughing so hard), and made him some soup :)
-Meeting my new kiddo.
-Bringing my husband his favorite ice cream.

Day 120 (New Year’s Eve):

-A year ago today we moved here! This year has truly embodied “it was the best of times, the worst of times.” As much struggle and obstacles we have had to overcome, all I see is the incredible joy and innumerable blessings and how much stronger we have become as individuals and as a couple.

I love it here, and so does he. I always had one of my feelings that we would end up here, where he grew up, and I am so glad we did! Our life really seemed to move forward once we made that big step, and this chapter has been a wonderful one. Looking forward to seeing my family and friends in WV, though! It has been a year since I have seen everyone :(
-Making prints with a couple of the poems my husband wrote for me.
-Getting some laundry and dishes done.
-Planning a special dinner.
-Lime and chili-rubbed chicken, baked potatoes, salad, kiddy cocktails, and cheese cake for dinner followed by a movie, games, and a quiet evening to welcome 2012!
-Learning something new about history :) 2 years ago

KaiLouxDays 115 & 116

Day 115:

-Woke early for work, got ready, and got five extra minutes of cuddling with my love.
-My love being so sweet before I left.
-Having a good session with my kiddo despite it being overly long at 4 hours. A nice Christmasy surprise from my kiddos’ family.
-Home and goofed around with my husband. We were just so happy see each other and spend the day together!
-Did a little grocery shopping with the gift card his co-workers got us for Christmas (groceries might sound like a lame Christmas present, but it rocks!), including some cookie supplies so I could make a thank you gift for them.
-Playing several rounds of “You Don’t Know Jack.”
-Playing CoD with my husband and his brothers via xBox live.
-Baking the two dozen cookies for the guys, and writing them a nice card.
-Going to bed a tiny bit early, doing our devotional, watching some random TV cuddled in each others’ arms, and falling to sleep :)

Day 116:

-My husband being so sweet, and tucking me in as he so often does.
-Him kissing me and telling me I’m the best before he left for work.
-Having a long day of work (seven hours straight if you include the short trip between sessions).
-Having a great session with both kiddos.
-Finally making my police report about our near-break-in from before Halloween. We let our landlord indirectly talk us out of filing one, but he called saying it had happened to someone else, and the police were there and wanted to double-check some details (and cover his arse). I saw the police parked in the visitor area, and went down to talk to him. Since it was so cold, he had me get in the back of the car (never been in the back of a squad car before), and he was really nice about everything.
-Finding out that my family’s second Christmas package (the first contained a brand new crock-pot!) had arrived at long last. We opened it to find a CoD throw and car magazine subscription for my husband along with his favorite Jack Links. For me, a cool hoodie, pajamas, fuzzy socks, a cook book, and a photo album.
-“You Don’t Know Jack” and “Kung Fu Panda 2” with my husband :) 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 114 (Christmas)

A “P.S.” for Day 113 (aka Christmas Eve):

-Ended the evening by watching “The Grinch” (Jim Carrey version), a tradition of ours we started last year for our first Christmas when I gave him the DVD as an early present :)
-We discovered a new love, the music of Steven Sharp Nelson.

Day 114 (aka Christmas Day):

I usually tick off the highs of my day, but today was pretty nice all around so it’s just one big summary…

We had an amazing Christmas with a few minor kinks :) Had a lovely morning in which we got to sleep in, and he brought me cinnamon rolls and milk in a stemmed glass for breakfast. Relaxed and enjoyed our morning, opened homemade gifts (he loved his!), got ready, and went to Milwaukee to spend the day with his darling grandparents.

There, we visited and they took us out to a delicious meal. We talked pretty much non-stop. We drove around their neighborhood looking at all the lights. They loved their gifts, and my husband played the piano for quite a while. His grandmother showed me their wedding pictures, and some photos from their childhood, which lead to us hearing about how they met :)

On the drive home we had one of our best conversations to date, trading old stories, some we realized we’d never shared and so forth. We stopped at the gas station and he got me some Starburst for work tomorrow ♥ He has off, but I got asked to fill a shift (at least I’m off by 1!) Got to talk to my family throughout the day as well! Couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. At the end, we lay in bed cuddling and he told me how much he loves me… 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 113

Day 113:

I hope everyone has a wonderful time over the holidays!

-Christmas Eve and a day with my love :)
-We had the most amazing morning and afternoon together.
-I had a couple of errands to run, and while I was gone he tidied up the living room and started the dishes! Nice to have a few less things to do :)
-Opening our bought presents. I got him an x Box game he’s been wanting, and ht got me gorgeous 1 carat trillion-cut white topaz stud earrings! I. Love. Them. SO. Much!
-Him bringing in a nice snack of Ritz, summer sausage, and cheddar cheese <3
-Knowing that the rest of our evening is going to be wonderful, and that we’ll see his grandparents tomorrow. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 109-112

Day 109:

-In a very good mood and feeling so very blessed :) A day is what you make it, and I decided to make mine a good one!
-I woke up that morning, and my back still hurt, but bearably like it had since the shot they gave me at the doctor’s. I think the whole thing will be harder for me to get over psychologically than physically since the experience has made me feel fragile. I wasn’t doing anything when it happened, after all!
-Went to work, and almost hurt my back instinctively reaching for one of my kiddos who slipped on the stairs, but the day went very well and the kiddos were gentle (no rough play)!
-Wonderful day at work! Came home and made steak and other yummy things for dinner and watched the Dream Works holiday episodes with my love :) We’re such kids at heart, haha. Dessert was the amazing caramel corn and pretzels drizzled in chocolate (homemade Moose Munch) that was a Christmas gift from one of my kiddos’ families ♥
-My job. I love it :) It can be hard, it can be frustrating, but there’s nothing like seeing a child overcome obstacles and reach milestones that so many others take for granted. Nothing beats the feeling of being a part of that, knowing that with everything they learn, a whole new world is opening up for them. I feel very blessed ♥

Day 110:

-One of our Christmas presents from my family arrived! A full-sized crock-pot! I can’t wait to break it in :)
-My husband’s bought gift (we made a rule of one purchased gift, the rest homemade, and we’re going to donate to a Kiva loan or two instead of going overboard like we normally do for special events). I was so impatient!
-Came home to find that my husband had done some cleaning :)
-Figured out a plan that might enable me to see my family for the first time in a year in January around the time of one of my sisters’ birthdays!
-I am going to miss my family over the holidays, but am feeling blessed that we’ll be spending Christmas day with my husband’s sweet grandparents.

Day 111:

-It snowed a little! Just enough to be pretty, not enough to be dangerous.
-My husband’s bought gift was supposed to arrive way after Christmas, but it arrived today! So excited :)
-My other kiddo’s famiyl gave me a mug full of treats and a Christmas ornament :)
-Found out that the time off has been okay’d by my bosses, and my parents promise they’ll book my ticket, so it looks like I will be spending four and a half days with them in January! My parents and I plan to surprise my sisters and not tell them I’m coming :D

Day 112:

-The crazy last minute Christmas traffic almost resulted in me being in a multiple car accident on the way to my second case! Thankful to have avoided it!
-Met my new kiddo. It will be a tough case, but I think it will be a rewarding one.
-It snowed some while we were in session, and I was training on the new case.
-Had a scary experience when leaving the kiddo’s house…Wasn’t very far down the street when I started to slide, and nearly slid into a parked car! Feeling thankful to have avoided it and that the highways were clear (still I saw two accidents on the way home).
-Stopping and calling my husband all shaken after my sliding experience, and him giving me a nice pep talk and telling me to take my time, that I had “all weekend to get home” :)
-My husband’s good news! His boss and co-workers gave us a $100 gift card to our favorite grocery store :) I guess they know my hours were cut and the pay cycle changed this month making things a bit tight. Good news being the card will definitely come in handy, and I should be back up to almost 30 hours in Jan and because of all the hours I picked up this week and next I should have a very nice pay check (the one after next) for the first time since my hours were cut!
-Having the most amazing evening with him. He said the sweetest things, and asked me to come to bed early to cuddle. We ended up conking out for the rest of the night at some point. 2 years ago

KaiLouxDay 108

Day 108:

Today has been a little rough…I was getting ready for a morning shift (picked up one from a co-worker since my hours have been so low), and as I was getting ready I felt something shift in my back. I couldn’t move, or stand straight, and was in such excruciating pain. I called my husband in tears. I didn’t want to miss work, but of course, I had to and he insisted I got to my my OMT doctor. He offered to take me, but I thought it would be quicker to go myself instead of wait for him. Little did I know it was frosty outside, so I had to scrape the windshield and windows as best I could in all that pain, and then drive myself there on very slick roads. I got there shortly after the office opened and they took me right in since I probably looked as bad as I felt and was crying too.

The doctor said it seemed like my ribcage had shifted out of place. He did a full adjustment and their was way more movement than usual when he did. I got a shot of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine, which helped some. They also dis an ultrasound of my back. Then I took myself home, and have been resting (aka going stir crazy) ever since.

Bright spots of the day:

-Watching some old Grey’s.
-Having my favorite food for lunch :)
-Being out of pain, at least for now.
-Knowing I will see my husband in fifteen minutes when he gets home from work. 3 years ago

KaiLouxDay 107

Day 107:

-Sleeping in extra long with my love.
-Getting everything packaged up. Hope it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to send our Christmas packages to our families! :\
-Making cookies even though my timer didn’t go off (or I forgot to reset it) and they became “well-done”...Thank God for milk!
-Shopping around with my husband. We didn’t really find anything, but for three dollars I got a mini version of the Sponge Bob Go Fishing game for my client kiddos. It will be great for their fine motor-development and a good reinforcement for therapy.
-Grocery shopping! We now have lots of yummy food :)
-Finally using our Amazon gift card that we won in that love story contest last month. We didn’t have a lot of cash to spend on each other, or anyone really, for Christmas so it was nice to get each other something nice. He picked out some 1 carat trillion cut white topaz earrings (I have been wanting some sparkly studs!) and I picked out an xBox game I know he’s been wanting since trying the demo.
-Finding out I might be getting some much-needed hours from some news cases starting next week :) Really hope it all comes through! I’d be back up to around 30 hours a week!
-Calculating that I spent under $30 on our parents, six grandparents, and his brother’s family, and even a couple of my husband’s gifts. Under a $100 if you count the store-bought gifts for my sisters, our niece and his brother’s girlfriend’s little girl, and one of his brothers. I made them all ornaments (The Lord’s Prayer accented with different cross charms for the parents and grandparents that I packaged in red velvet ornament boxes with handmade sleeves, although my parents’ ornament is accented by acorns due to their significance to my family, and a poem on daughters with a little girl charm for his brother and his girlfriend who between them have two daughters). I also made peanut butter fudge for the parents.
-Playing games with my husband before bed :)

NOTE: Pictured above are the gifts I made for my husband. A glass ornament filled with our wedding vows, tied with red and gold ribbons, and accented with a sand dollar charm (fitting since we eloped on an island). The other is a framed graphic print I made myself. It says “Olive Juice,” which means “I love you” and is kind of an inside joke from when we first started dating. I estimate the two were under $7 to make! I love being thrifty :) 3 years ago

KaiLouxDays 101-106

Day 101:

-Brought my husband breakfast in bed :) He’s done it so many times for me that I thought it was time to return the favor.
-Coffee, cookies, and book shop browsing with my good friend Y that afternoon! A great movie and the best game of Scrabble ever with my husband that evening :)
-Him getting us snacks mid-game and -movie from the gas station, and I ended up FINALLY winning! We have been playing Scrabble together off and on since December ‘09, and he pretty much always wins, so this is monumental if not a little geeky, haha.
-Staying up later than we have in a while!

Day 102:

-Some hardcore cleaning and organizing in the kitchen.
-Good work day.
-Dinner of steak, salad, and cheesy mashed potatoes!
-MORE Scrabble in which I got 117 points for ONE word :) In the end, I won! Two times is pretty amazing when playing against my husband!

Day 103:

-Working on chores and recipe cards before work.
-The misfire with my vehicle being simply fixed with a part we already had!
-Finding out that our electric bill for December will only be $46 since we’d been overpaying (that’s to quote the lady at their payment center, but really, they’d been overcharging) the last couple of months.
-Fantastic dinner and a movie!
-Finally being able to start work on my DIY Christmas gifts.

Day 104:

-Working all day.
-Going to the craft store for more supplies before heading home.
-Finding out my husband had made peanut butter fudge while I was out :)
-The gifts turning out even better than I had imagined :)
-Finishing several.
-My husband surprising me with the entire Edward Sharpe & Ther Magenetic Zeroes album on our flashdrive playlist so I could listen to it tomorrow on my drive to work.
-My husband telling me that he is sorry that he hasn’t been helping out around the house as much as he should, thanking me for all that I do :)

Day 105:

-Finishing almost all the gifts before work!
-Finishing the rest after work!

Day 106:

-Snow! It didn’t last.
-Great haircuts for both of us :)
-Heart tomato with pasta soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!
-A pretty awesome day with my love all around.
-Going to see Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows!
-Knowing I am officially caught up with this :) 3 years ago

KaiLouxDays 96-100

Day 96:

-Discovered something unpleasant about myself upset me greatly, but my desire to work on it and the support of those who matter most made all the difference :)
-My grandmother’s niece leaving a lovely comment on my wall: “Kai…...just wanted to say I think you are pretty awesome & I know your Mom & Dad have to be so proud of you . I admire you alot.”
-Going to bed early with my love!

Day 97:

-My appointment with the D.O.! I like him a lot, and he told me that he didn’t think I had anything to worry about with my neck (he said that it likely was how they had me stand for the xray that made it appear so straight), and that the chiro seeing me three times a week for this was bordering on malpractice. He did some OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy) and it was amazing, and he told me that at most I would have to be seen every couple of weeks, if that often at all, and if my back pain returned he would get me into PT because it was more muscular than anything. Funny thing is he is yet another person who thought I was British and he loves my home state :)
-P.S. I am very proud of myself. I realized I had gotten distracted by other things so that I only had five minutes to get dressed and fix my hair before leaving for the appointment, and got it all done in THREE MINUTES! Just call me Wonder Woman ;)
-Watching a Shrek Spooky Story with my love :) You’re never too old for Shrek!

Day 98:

-Great dinner and watching another Spooky Story on Netflix with my love :)
-Watched a movie and a comedy show with my love, and played Scrabble :) I don’t know how he does it…He’s not an English nerd like me, but he wins 99% of the time!

Day 99:

-Had the best evening with my best friend who just so happens to be my husband :) It was like having a sleep over, especially since we staid up way too late! TGIF!
-Being in such a fantastic mood that day and so full of praise for the Lord :) His goodness and grace is truly beyond words.
-Getting home at last to find that my husband had dinner in the oven and Scrabble ready to play! He thought he was going to win again…I decided to prove him wrong, or at least try!
-After our delicious dinner, we watched a hilarious comedy show while we played Scrabble. He smoked me…AGAIN! I don’t know how he does it. Then he asked me to join him and the guys online for CoD, but I decided to feed my new Pinterest addiction instead :D

Day 100:

-I got a little extra sleep while my husband made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and listened to “Home” bu Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes! It was stuck in his head, so of course he had to get it stuck in mine :) The song expresses a sentiment we share…
-Starting up my Etsy shop again!
-It was simply a wonderful day :) My husband gave me an impromptu piano lesson and after I learned a few pieces that didn’t sound very much like anything to me, he played them all together and it was part of “Vanilla Twilight”!
-Cleaning our room like you wouldn’t believe and I got a year’s worth of filing done before we got lunch and relaxed.
-Grocery shopping!
-More relaxing :) 3 years ago

KaiLouxDays 92-95

Day 92:

-Instead of focusing on my troubles I focused on trying to help a young newlywed couple who lost everything in a house fire in my hometown. Posting to my wall got some response, and a girl I was friends with was just moving and hoping to find someone who needed her furniture since she couldn’t take any of it with her, so that worked out nicely :)
-Catching a would-have-been banking error that would have wrecked our finances pretty badly.

Day 93:

-Going out for a nice lunch after looking at a house :) We shouldn’t have, but it was nice to anyway. The house was awesome, but not ideal (3 bedroom would have been). I felt good about it, though since it had so much going for it and a great price, but my husband thinks we should wait until we’re more financially stable. I know he’s right, but I hate wasting money on rent…
-Watched some Jib Jab videos my mother-in-law made, and made
some of my own.
-Goofed around with my love.
-Made peanut butter fudge!

Day 94:

-My love insisted I buy a humidifer since I have been suffering every morning from the dry electric heat.
-Watching “Never Been Kissed” on Netflix while he gamed via xBox live with his brothers.

Day 95:

-Discovered another perk to having a husband! He gets ready for bed faster than I do, and warms up my side of the bed for me :) This morning he tucked me in and put his pillow behind me as he so often does so I could get some extra sleep (I have the worst time sleeping without him).
-An extra glorious hour of sleep.
-Getting A LOT of stuff crossed off my ever-growing To-Do List!
-Sharing about my experience with intense bullying as a child/teen, and finding out my story might help some people :)
-Got some good news.
-Came home and Aaron had our little Christmas tree all lit up waiting for me, and a leather 2012 planner from Ferrari :) I can’t live without a planner in my line of work, so it is a perfect impromptu gift, and so much better than the one I am using now!
-Breakfast for dinner! 3 years ago

KaiLouxI guess I am done with this one!

This was more of a goal to get a second vehicle since my husband and I have been sharing what started out as his truck. Over the summer that was easy since we have a motorcycle, but being up North and winter approaching we needed SOMETHING, anything. I figured we’d find me something, but we ended up getting his co-worker’s little S10. Since it is two-wheel drive, and he is more accustomed to snow driving than I am coughcoughSoutherngirlcoughcough he will be taking that. It is way better on gas than our big Ford, so I wish it was four-wheel drive since my work requires me to drive A LOT. We hope to get something nicer in the summer. 3 years ago

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