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Recent entries from Kameido
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Kameido 21 months ago

KameidoRenewed progress

When I added my first entry to this I was quite determined to lose weight. I had an idea of how to eat and exercise. And then something tremendously serious and life-changing happened to a family member which has left all of us in a very strange emotional place, and it’s really just a slow progression to learning how to cope with it and trying to not give up too much hope in a recovery taking place.

So with all of this my plans on working out and eating well kind of… didn’t happen. I went to summer school and that helped me keep my mind busy, and when that ended I went out a lot with a new friend and drank quite regularly. I also got high quite a bit. Funnily enough I lost about 10-15 pounds at this time, getting down to around 145.

School started up again last month, and I started working part time in late July, so I stopped going out as often (not at all since school started). Enrolling into my classes and starting to work again really gave me the nudge I needed I think to get me back onto a healthier lifestyle. I really wanted to commit myself to getting in shape, not just losing weight. I started working out again on campus and have now increased it to 5x a week: cardio every week day (high intensity interval training on elliptical, upright bike, and rower, and I’d like to eventually throw in the treadmill and maybe the spinning bikes) for about 20-50 minutes, and weight training with free weights and body weight on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I’m still trying to figure out which exercises to keep so that my workout doesn’t take TOO long (as I’m sure some of the ones I’m doing are working the same muscles) but overall I’ve already noticed an increase in muscle mass and I believe I have lost more weight (or at least inches). I don’t know if I’ve lost much in the last month or if it’s been since the summer as well, but overall I’m happy with my progress so far, especially with me getting over my fears of using weights. I would still love to get down to a lower body weight but the number isn’t too important; ideally I’d like to be around a size 4-5 as I am currently more of a 6-7 or 8-9 in some things. I am mainly needing to work on my torso, upper arms, and thighs.

As far as diet is concerned, I definitely still have an issue with indulging in certain snack foods too much. I find that overly salty things make me feel bloated and gassy and make my stomach a bit larger. I also think that I need to eat more during the middle of the day by means of a larger breakfast and lunch so that I don’t eat so much in the evening, but I do want to keep snacking – just on healthier choices. I’d like to get back into a predominantly fresh diet so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish that by the end of the year.

The key to my success with exercising just seems to be about making it a routine and making it more of a planned schedule than just “I’m going to go in whenever I have the time.” 2 years ago


Glad I can help :D And remember to try other methods of working out though just to see if you enjoy another method (that would also be cheaper!) Getting a few day passes though is a great way to test out the gym, that’s what I first did!


No problem :)

And with exercise, it’s definitely trial and error to see what works for you! I tried going outside for runs and such but I quickly lost interest. I tried using the elliptical we have in our basement, and I couldn’t even get myself to stick to that! I have tried going with friends too outside but that never worked. And neither did using websites or videos that provided workout routines. So ultimately I had to cave in and just pay for the gym membership, which is the only place I feel comfortable working out – I think seeing everyone else motivates me, and since I’m not actually interacting with them in any real way it allows me to still have “me” time and my own space :D


Thanks Indigo! It’s a great relaxing time for me, probably one reason I like going so often :D


Thank you! I do hope you’ll be able to get over your laziness and find a way to slowly commit to exercising more. Even just a few times a week every week helps! You just need to remember that, while sitting around and doing other things may be fun now, exercising more now will definitely show much better rewards in the future.

And adorable cat!


Kameido 3 years ago


I lost 50 pounds in 2010. When I stopped working out in 2011, I gained back some weight, and now I’m up 15-20 pounds from my 2010 weight loss. I hope to be able to get back down to around 140 (or if possible, 130-135) by the end of June. I’ll be doing this through regular (5-7x a week) workouts of cardio and strength training and through dietary changes. The first step was weighing myself to confirm that I was in fact gaining weight, now it’s just time to take things seriously.

Current weight: 158
Goal by June 2012: 140
Desired weight: 130-135 – or at least dropping back down to a size 6 (currently about an 8-9). 2 years ago

Kameido 2 years ago


It’s actually three mirrors with the two side ones being the cabinet doors, so they do open a full 180 degrees – the mirrors can meet each other at the centre and not be visible. Might be easier than the towel trick, but I like the idea of hiding the mirror! Even looking down at the sink while I brush my teeth or wash my hands makes me want to look up, so I’ll have to start actually covering it up to help lessen that urge.

I hope you’ll be able to get back on track with your progress soon enough, it’s such a hard thing to deal with :( 2 years ago

KameidoStarting over.

So I’ve not at all followed through on this. And my face has suffered for it. I don’t have acne anymore but I get periodic breakouts more than I’d like, and 99% of it is because I pick at small clogs or tiny blackheads and such that I can’t even see clearly from half an inch away from the mirror. I currently have a couple of healing spots between my brows (likely from tweezing more than picking), a couple of minor raised bumps on both cheeks, and some minor flesh bumps on my chin and forehead.

Game plan: no makeup (only wear eye makeup anyways) for the next few weeks or longer – or at the least only mascara which can be easily removed without looking in the mirror – and no looking in the mirror with glasses on unless from a moderate distance. No looking in the mirror in the bathroom for extensive periods of time. Always maintain at least an arm’s length distance from the mirror. And any time I feel the urge to pick I will make sure to take a deep breath and walk away and occupy myself with something else (napping probably, or homework). I will also try to avoid touching my face outside of scratching or leaning my face against my hands, as any other type of touching often leads me to wanting to pick. 2 years ago


Since purchasing a membership (again) for my local recreational center, I’ve worked out at their gym 3-5 times a week on average. That was late December. I’ve started to even get myself going more often. I’ve been doing 30-40 minutes of cardio and then working on stretch machines, focusing on my arms and abdomen. I’d like to learn some mat exercises at home though so that I can include more strength training without feeling embarrassed about not knowing what I’m doing. Guess I’ll have to start looking all of that up! I have no idea whether I’ve lost any weight, but I do think it’s been helping a bit. I think that, while I still eat somewhat poorly at times, my eating schedule is better. I do eat more after a workout sometimes but I usually don’t feel the desire to eat all throughout the day if I worked out the previous night.

I will post more follow-ups in a few months, or maybe in the summer, and hopefully I’ll have weight-loss news to share :) 2 years ago

Kameido 2 years ago


The whole at-home exercise stuff wasn’t working. I’ve worked out three times at the gym this week now, and when I start school again I’ll work out at the campus gym. I was simply not wanting to work out so far from home, but I realize that I need to stop complaining and just do it – an hour bus ride after a workout is worth it if it means being healthier. 2 years ago


I’ve taken to jumping rope and doing a few random easy exercises I can do inside. I found that doing 5-10 minutes at a time works the best. I think looking at it as a long block of exercise just seemed daunting. But in the last few days I’ve been exercising in between studying, which I find works a lot better than watching TV when I take study breaks as it gets me amped up to go right back into studying! I definitely have sore legs just from a few days of jumping rope. I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep this up, and perhaps start going for walks with my friend a bit as well during the Christmas break. 3 years ago

Kameido 3 years ago


I haven’t exercised in ages. School makes me not want to do anything because it’s so mentally taxing. And since it’s way too cold to feel comfortable going for runs now, I need to find things I can do indoors. I’m thinking of teaching myself yoga, using some body-weight exercises, jump rope, and maybe DVD workouts for more cardio. I want to commit to ~20 minutes 4 times a week of cardio and another ~10 minutes of body-weight exercises, and about 1-2 times a week of walking or yoga. So something like this:

Monday: cardio + weight exercise
Tuesday: cardio and weight exercise
Wednesday: Relax day, yoga or walk if desired.
Thursday: cardio and weight exercise
Friday: cardio and weight exercise
Saturday and Sunday: Yoga and/or walk

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start this as a “strict” schedule, but possibly not until I am done this semester. I will try to get some more exercise in though, maybe start on using the jump rope in our basement and some a few body weight exercises that I already know. Hopefully once I get into a schedule by the end of the year it will continue into next year while I’m in school. 3 years ago


Just a quick entry to share that things are still going well, and I rarely pick now :) I never pick zits, but I sometimes pick at whiteheads. Not often, but still sometimes. So, obviously, still not ready to call this one finished. I’m getting better at not picking my back – I haven’t even looked at my back in at least 4+ days, maybe a week, nor have I touched it. I plan on going another 2-3 months like this. I also don’t really pick my legs anymore, and leave my chest mostly alone.

Great thing is that my red marks and scars from picking are way better now! 3 years ago


Two things that can help: 1) walk more (park further away, don’t use the car at all if you don’t need it, etc), and 2) start engaging in physical activities or sports you enjoy more often when you feel like sitting around doing nothing (you could even take a walk to a nice location and sit and read or something). 3 years ago

KameidoCurrent workout schedule

Until mid-September, I’ll be going to the gym, probably 4-5 times a week depending on my school schedule. I usually walk to and/or from the gym – one way takes about 40 minutes. I then do about 45-50 minutes of cardio.

Once I stop going to the gym, I’m hoping to instead go for walks and eventually proper runs, and learn some mat exercises, possibly some yoga or something similar. Once the weather is too cold/snowy for running, I’ll start going skating and go for walks, and then do at-home workouts.

My goal is to lose another 20-25 pounds by December. 3 years ago

KameidoI mostly consider this goal completed

But I still have a lot of red marks that need to fade (and scars, but those may not fill back out completely), and I still get some minor clogs here and there, so I’m not marking this complete just yet. I think I know what is triggering some of the clogging, so hopefully in a few weeks once I lay off what is potentially contributing, my skin will look even better. I also still have body acne, albeit mild, with numerous red marks as well. I’m hoping that by this Christmas my skin will be at a place where I feel I can complete this, but so far I really only get a couple of pimples every few weeks at most.

I cleared my acne up within 2-3 months by going water-only. I no longer use any tools or products, and I do believe that leaving my hands out of the cleansing equation the majority of the time is the most beneficial, using my hands only to rub away any flakes or if my skin feels like it might need it. I stopped picking, which helped immensely. I’ve also been water-only head-to-toe, and it’s been pretty wonderful thus far. 3 years ago

KameidoStopped picking pimples, but...

I now keep picking at small clogged pores, mostly on my nose. And then I keep trying to scratch off minor flesh bumps on my forehead, which I know are made worse by doing just that.

So. I start school again in 2 weeks, so from tomorrow until the weekend before I start school, I’ll be keeping myself away from mirrors unless they are from a distance. So that way I won’t be able to see my skin in any detail, which might hopefully help reduce my urge to pick at clogs. I also pick at minor clogs on my chest and back (chest acne is gone while back acne is still mild, but mostly just marks), so I need to keep my hands off. I’ll post a picture of my skin in similar lighting to the other one I put up in about 2 weeks, hopefully there is improvement! 3 years ago


Well then… another reason to start drinking more water for me, I need to lose another 10-20 pounds! 3 years ago

KameidoA few words to everyone wanting to accomplish this goal:

Today, my acne is pretty much gone. I still have the red marks, albeit much lighter than they once were but still very noticeable in natural lighting. And looking at my face in natural lighting, I can see shallow indents and scarred pores (possibly ice pick scars) over both cheeks. I even have a few on my chin and forehead. Thankfully they are just shallow. Based on a few other shallow indents I’ve gotten in the past, I do believe they will eventually fill out, at least to the point of not being so bothersome to me. I even have a newer indent caused this past year on the edge of my eyebrow that is now pretty much flat, while the red mark in the area is almost gone. This gives me great hope, but it seems as though my pores will always be slightly scarred. The chicken pox scar I have on my forehead is instantly recognizable as an indent, yet the ones on my cheeks aren’t as obvious. Still, this will likely be with me for many years to come. While I may see improvement with the fading of my red marks as the months and years go by, this is something I did to myself. I’m also sure that once the minor flaking on my cheeks goes away, the skin will look much smoother (as that was what happened a month ago when my skin was flaking).

But really, the discomfort I will experience during my 2nd year at university this fall and when forced to meet new people will not at all have been worth popping pimples that I thought looked horrible in order to not feel so bad about myself – pimples are just temporary, scarring is very likely not. So keep all of this in mind, unless you’d like to wind up with slightly wavy cheeks like mine along with all those red marks. I have little whiteheads on my nose I wanted to squeeze, until I made myself look at me in natural lighting.

And this really is not just a facial problem for me. I’ve picked at my legs quite a bit, although thankfully the skin is tough enough to bounce back. I really do wish for all of your collective support in my attempt to 100% rid myself of this habit, especially on my face – I’m almost there, just need to stop picking at any little things I see. And perhaps as even more incentive for everyone to stop, here’s a picture I just took. Not great quality, but I’m thankful for that. This still does show the extent of my marks; just remember, 98% of the redness you see is post-acne red marks, with only a couple of somewhat current or healing spots. Also, if you can tell that it’s indented, please say so. I know the quality is bad, but any feedback is good feedback. Good luck to you all. I will hopefully one day be able to share a picture of myself without these red marks and with minimal scarring, and a genuine smile on my face. 3 years ago


Sounds like dehydrated skin, not dried out skin! My skin doesn’t seem to benefit from more water, as it’s only externally dehydrated as opposed to internally dehydrated (which is why I have been able to stop using lotion on my body despite taking hot showers now that I’ve resolved the external dehydration). At least my lips always benefit from more water! 3 years ago


Woo, thanks! As for closet organizing, what I did was basically figure out what clothing would have to be hung up and what would have to be folded. Then looked at how much clothing I had to be folded away and got an appropriate piece from Ikea that would fit it all. And then figuring out what is to be kept or not is also useful. 3 years ago


I mostly don’t pick anymore, but sometimes I scratch minor things. Which leads to inflammation. My primary issue is actually not picking (my face) anymore, but physically examining my face with my hands all the time and constantly worrying about it. Which is not helping my remaining bumps clear up.

And lol, I did end up picking today (August 3rd). Although I just put my sides of my two fingers next to it so that it was sandwiched there, then gently squeezed. Oh well. 3 years ago

KameidoAlmost there

I’ve been doing a much better job at keeping my room clean, but I still have some things I need to clear out (mostly just on my desk). But I’ve now mopped the floor, my closet has been mostly organized, and I am figuring out storage! I just need to get a hamper in/near my room now, as the only real issue I’m getting is that I throw towels and clothes onto the floor. I’ll likely put my old small hamper beside my desk, then bring it down once a week when doing all my main laundry. Then I need to clean and dust surfaces and I’m pretty much done. I no longer keep dishes or garbage in my room now, at least for no longer than a day :p 3 years ago

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