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Katylady123February 2014

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison 2 months ago

Katylady123January 2014

Paris by Edward Rutherford 2 months ago


I saw one one pinterest that someone had made from an old baby-changing table! So cute! 4 months ago

Katylady123 4 months ago

Katylady123October 2013

The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald 5 months ago

Katylady123Oh dear!

I haven’t read a book since I discovered Pinterest! On the other hand, I’ve been crafting :-) 6 months ago

Katylady123Las Vegas

Many new places! 6 months ago


Vegas, Baby! 6 months ago

Katylady123Fun group project!

2 of my friends and I made honey almond oatmeal soap. We were a little scared of working with the lye, but, we were careful and I could do this by myself next time. We read the directions from a book and followed a recipe from the internet and now we have 25 lovely bars drying for a few weeks! If you do this, leave plenty of time for the lye solution to cool. You can expect to make a day of it! 8 months ago

Katylady123 13 months ago

Katylady1232 in 1 day!

1. Explored Ephrata WA on foot while he was in a meeting
2. Overnight in a yurt (!!!) at Cave B Winery and Inn 9 months ago

Katylady123Kite store

Ocean Shores, Washington. Picked up a blue butterfly kite and flew it on the beach all day. 10 months ago

Katylady123June 2013

Irish Tiger by Andrew M. Greeley 10 months ago

Katylady123June 2013

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella 10 months ago

Katylady123May 2013

Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates
The Lady in the Attic by Tara Randel 10 months ago

Katylady123White Spot

Accompanied my husband to Vancouver today (so he could use the carpool lanes- lol) and after his business meeting we had lunch at a Canadian restaurant called White Spot. Something different for a Wednesday :) 11 months ago


The top of the volcano on Maui, and then we bicycled down. Loads of fun! 11 months ago

Katylady123Close, but not quite

Yipes! We bought a timeshare in Hawaii! 11 months ago


Thanks for the nudge. It always takes me awhile to use the latest technology! 11 months ago

Katylady123Boston Strong!

After the bombings, and seeing how great the people of Boston are, I really want to visit that great American city! 12 months ago

Katylady123April 2013

Them by Joyce Carol Oates
The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haley Pomeroy 12 months ago


1. Quinault Rain Forest 12 months ago

Katylady123F Scott Fitzgerald

I liked it much better than his first novel and I sensed his maturity. Just this week I read an article about how he used material from his wife Zelda’s diaries and she accused him of plagerism! I guess I am reading his works because I had a teacher in HS who used to tear up when she talked about him. WTF? Haha 13 months ago

Katylady123I have

The yarn, a pattern, and, best of all, a friend to coach me! I am practicing my knitting with some leftover yarn to prepare. It is happening! 13 months ago

Katylady123March 2013

F. Scott Fitzgerald:
The Beautiful and the Damned 13 months ago

Katylady123My Guardian Angel

Last week my friend Gloria sent me an email about meditating and asking your guardian angel to reveal his/her name to you. So, I meditated and was very still and specific in my thoughts, and, what a surprise! The name CYNTHIA popped into my head! I don’t know anybody with that name, so I guess that was my angel revealing herself to me! Thanks Cynthia! 13 months ago

Katylady123 13 months ago

Katylady123What, no Dickens?

Everyone should read “A Tale of Two Cities” before they die (IMHO)
If you don’t cry at the end…you aren’t human!
Seriously, it is a great story and an early example of an historical novel. Give it a shot :) 13 months ago

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