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Kierra_Searson 2 years ago

Kierra_Searson 3 years ago

Kierra_SearsonGetting back on it

I haven’t gotten on my stepper since my mother got onto me about it. I still have been doing exercise(dancing), but I don’t think that it is as effective without the stepper, so I’ll start using it again tomorrow. 2 years ago

Kierra_SearsonOh well

I did work out today, but I didn’t get to get on the stepper. I had been going to hard on it yesterday and my mom said I couldn’t get on it today. I did do about 75 sit ups and played dance central 2 years ago

Kierra_SearsonFeelin' good

7000 steps in 60 miniutes! I didn’t keep track of the sit ups, so I hope I did enough. 2 years ago

Kierra_SearsonI'm not insecure...

...about my body!! I love my body. I’m not fat at all; I know that I’m good where I’m at. However, with summer coming up, I have the desire to acquire abs. So I’m going to work for them.
I plan on doing about 6000 steps a day on my stepper, preceded and/or followed by 50-100 sit ups. I think that if I get up my stamina or endurance or what ever I can do even more. 2 years ago

Kierra_Searson 2 years ago


I got up right when the alarm went off! It was nice to have so much time left over in the morning after getting ready. I have got to keep this up! 2 years ago


My school has this event called honors night. People that excel in certain areas receive awards. I got the honor for excelling in my German class! =D 2 years ago


I cleaned the bathroom today! and I vacuumed my room. 2 years ago


I haven’t been doing so well on this, but I have an idea. If I put my alarm next to the light switch, then I will turn on the light considering that I’m already standing beside it. I’ll how this works out. 2 years ago


So this goal has not been going to well at all. I just, I’m lazy!!! It’s hard to stop what has been a natural behavior my entire life. I just need to learn to stay consistent. Which is going to be hard, like everything else. I will push through!! 2 years ago


So the school year is coming to an end and my German class has to cram the rest of our work into these last few weeks. It’s a little overwhelming. I have a project due tomorrow that I really should be working on… 2 years ago


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