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change everything

needs to spend her time more wisely

Recent entries from change everything

change everythingOngoing, but lots of victory

Little things left, but taking them on one at a time and fairly confident I’ll get there, eventually.

Yesterday, moved my china out of two disgusting cardboard boxes in the garage and transferred to a really beautiful cloth hardsided bin, repacked with felt separators.

A few weeks back, I cleared out my office closet, made huge progress. Even went through my fabric scraps and organized those (little scraps, larger scraps). Put my sewing machine where it’s easy to pull out and work with.

The computer has been completely redone and is in good shape. Made a separate profile just for work and writing that is clear of everything except those ventures, so I can work there without distraction.

Bought a labeler! 2 years ago

change everythingTake it bird by bird...

I’m about a third of the way through now. Still chugging along… 2 years ago

change everythingSpreadsheet

I made a ridiculously awesome spreadsheet (making spreadsheets is one of my favorite things to do, though I don’t often have a great purpose, which is why something like tracking my TAL consumption will inspire me to make a spreadsheet).

I am at 21.74% heard. I am close to have listened to all of 2011 (6 shows left), so I’m going to work on finishing that up and getting caught up on 2012. I need to make a dent in the 90s shows, for sure. 2 years ago

change everything19.6% there

Not bad considering the show has been on since 1995 and I’ve only been listening since June 2009. 2 years ago

change everythingProbably won't happen

But my new goal is “during 2012,” which is only 7 months extra and I think still doable. It was nice having this semester off. 2 years ago

change everythingMade it on the nose

I like knowing how many I’ve read and looking over the variety. It does take some effort…I need to spend time reading, but I am doing that a lot more. Taking the bus once a week has helped me get some positive time in with my Kindle. For the forseeable future, this is going to be my goal, I think: 30 each year. 2 1/2 per month…seems like a good clip while still having a life. 2 years ago

change everything 3 years ago

change everythingTotally over indulging

Things about my job have changed a bit, so my deadlines aren’t overwhelming. I get to the end of the day and I feel like I’ve accomplished what I’ve supposed to, so it’s easier to leave on time.

But I still totally love my work, could go in every day. I just need to work on creating more things in my home life that I find comforting and fun. They won’t be the same as work, but they’ll be fun and awesome in different ways, and I’ll want to indulge in them. Sewing is one thing that I Get kind of obsessed over…I start a project and I can really get lost in it. So maybe I need to do more sewing. 3 years ago

change everythingcomputer

Tons of progress made here…moved all my music and podcasts off my computer to an external hard drive so it runs much faster, then cleaned up my horribly messy desktop. I feel calmer every time I look at the screen. 3 years ago

change everythingIt won't break my heart

If I don’t finish while I’m 30. The only rule is that I have to have my preliminary conference and my final conference scheduled in different semesters. I am working on getting the prelim scheduled in November, but yikes, that means I have A LOT OF WORK to do on my proposal. And then, of course, I have a lot of work to do on my thesis.

If I am mostly almost there done, can see the light, and can finish next summer, just after I turn 31, that will be good enough too.

I do feel like I am a few weeks behind…I probably should have been more diligent in getting started once I got back from training. But whatever. It is what it is. I sent off my first official-ish email to get my panel started today and asked for the layout of my proposal.

Things to do immediately:

—send email for state data (I got a hold of the right person, at least)
—ask about best way to obtain federal data
—finalize panel members
—schedule conference 3 years ago

change everythingI used to take it every day

And then we got a second car, which was becoming a necessity, truly. But since then, I haven’t taken transit at all. It does take a little more time, yes, but I do feel some car driving guilt, and I miss the time I had to read and relax, to some degree.

So I looked up some times, and the routes are looking like they line up more smoothly than they have in awhile. I’m going to work on taking it at least once a week, starting tomorrow. Good for earth, good for me, and nice for my coworkers, who then can have access to my free parking spot. 3 years ago

change everything 3 years ago

change everythingI did paint my desk

It’s a little lighter than I think I wanted, but it’s probably the right color so it’s not so dark as to look like I attempted to match my bookshelf and failed.

Of course, it’s covered with stuff, because I just can’t keep my desk clean no matter how hard I try. 3 years ago

change everythingmore than just stuff

Really, it’s such a mindset. It’s about stopping subscriptions to magazines you don’t read that much, taking a blog that isn’t that interesting off your google reader. Giving books back to people that you don’t like that much, allowing yourself to be a girl who wears mostly grey and black and jeans and not thinking you should be wearing color or accessories or whatever. It’s finishing projects to clear out your mind, deleting random stuff in your email…

I was gone for six weeks this summer and fit everything in one suitcase (granted, I wore a uniform while I was there, but still) with the extension closed and came home with the same suitcase, extension open. I had to go out of town yesterday and my coworkers were surprised I Was able to bring one bag total (for work supplies and my overnight stuff).

So I know I can be like this in some areas. It’s just eliminating those last hold outs….like my desk. My office closet. Mail. 3 years ago

change everythingWell worth setting a number goal

It makes me purposeful in reading. I am currently 1 book ahead of pace and plan to up it to 35 books next year. I use to track what books I’m reading, and they have a challenge you can set which tells you what pace you need. 3 years ago

change everythingI still struggle with this

I like routine. Routines are good. I need them to accomplish anything really.

What is so weird is how I am so regimented and disciplined at work and then such a slacker at home sometimes.

I’m out of my exercise regimen, and starting up again just makes me want to pout. I’d rather read a book than spend any time at the gym on anything. My membership starts up again next week, and now that you can borrow library books on Kindle (OH YES YOU CAN!!) maybe I just need to suck it up and make sure I am either reading or listening to This American Life so I can enjoy it.

I guess that’s about all that feels out of whack. I suppose that’s not too awful much at all. Except maybe for my spiritual life. It’s been lagging for a long time. I don’t know what kind of kick I need to get it back in gear. 3 years ago

change everythingI have the app

So I can mark them read. The best way to do this is wear my headphones while I’m cooking or cleaning or doing dishes. Sometimes I can knock out three in a day.

I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful things I learn about through this program. Just when I think I haven’t heard anything good in awhile, I hear an old episode that BLOWS MY MIND. Most recently: Mistakes were Made. I dare you to listen and remember that THIS SHIT REALLY HAPPENED. Un fricking believable. 3 years ago

change everythingI think I've settled on this

I’ve made peace with my decisions. I avoided buying yogurt for awhile, because of the recycling standpoint, but honestly, I need more dairy in my life just like the next girl and if it’s between not eating yogurt or dealing with some unfortunate waste, well, I guess I won’t be the perfect environmentalist. I do like the greek yogurt at TJs, which at least has the lids so I can reuse them to so degree.

I like the farmer’s market. I like eating veggie when I can. I still eat meat. I eat cereal. But I also make all my own beans, can my own tomatoes, and have a nice patch of rhubarb.

Too bad I still hate to cook. 3 years ago

change everything 5 years ago

change everythingThe 30s

I just entered this decade and was completely fine and happy about it, unlike some of my friends. I tried to explain my reaction to them in this way: It just felt very comforting and exciting to start out a decade NOT BEING CONFUSED about who I was or what I am about or what I love or what I’m going to do. When I think of starting my 20s, and all the angst (and yes, paralyzing insecurity), and think of all that changed in my 20s, it’s like I figured a lot of stuff out. But now I get to just revel in those realizations and actually enjoy my life instead of constantly second guessing, “is this the right decisions? How do I look? what the hell am I doing? Am I projecting the right image here?”

I also love this quote about aging:

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.
~Emily Dickinson 3 years ago

change everythingA weird problem to have

Work has been crazy, but I love my work. The problem is that I could work until 7 or 8 every night, and quite honestly, I sometimes wish I could. Work is so fun and interesting, to a degree, that I wouldn’t even mind that much (and I would feel much better about all my deadlines, to boot). That doesn’t seem right, does it, that work seems more fun than my personal life?

I am torn between just accepting this and celebrating that at least I don’t mind when I have to work late or feeling like I need to FIX MY BRAIN because that just doesn’t seem right. 3 years ago

change everythingI HAVE PAINT

It’s happening this weekend. I’m excited. The color is “vintage grape.” I ended up choosing not the darkest on the swatch but one up, because I don’t want it to be so dark that it looks like I tried to paint it brown but it came out purple….

I have sand paper, primer, rollers, everything. This week, we’ll move it out into the garage for me to work on over the long weekend. ROCK. 3 years ago

change everythingI'm painting this weekend,

so it will have to be cleaned out, at least for that. 3 years ago

change everythingInsanity

My weeks have been insanity lately. I know it ebbs and flows a great deal, but the next few weeks are looking to be very difficult with deadlines. I’ve been working outside of work hours and I know that needs to continue to some degree, at least for a little while.

However, I’ve made good strides thinking about what I want my spare time to look like. Good talks with people about my weird tendency to feel guilty if I’m not spending my time well (whatever the hell that means). I’ve also made good strides getting certain things done that I mean to do but never seem to get around to. I even got the paint for my desk, which is going to happen (YES, FOR SURE) this coming weekend.

FOOD is struggling. and I’ve gone through a lazy exercise stretch which is making things seem hard when I do try to work out. Need to get back on that bandwagon but anticipate and wholly look forward to my week off this June. 3 years ago


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