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Recent entries from [♥]-Emily-[♥]
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[♥]-Emily-[♥] 13 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥] 13 months ago


It took much longer than I thought and this stupid cold added days to it. 13 months ago


I just finished it. 13 months ago


I was still making mistakes with a practice ball but was getting annoyed so thought I may as well just try knitting with the proper wool.

The scarf is not nearly wide enough but I’ve done about 1/4 of it so far with no mistakes (that I can see.) I have a horrible cold so I’m sat in bed watching crap TV and knitting. 13 months ago


I remember when I was small asking my mum if I could change my name (when I first found out you could do it) and she said “when you are older.” I think it was because my name was really popular for the year I was born so in class I was always Laura number 3 instead of just Laura.

So we are planning to move eventually (We thought it would be sooner than later but the house seems to be falling apart around us) and I thought moving would be the perfect time to change it as here I have to tell people I’m called Emily now. There I will just be Emily. J thought it seemed like a good idea and as we are engaged we thought we would choose a surname together rather than me taking his name.

Have you picked a middle name yet? 13 months ago


1. No, I hate Christmas shopping so I put it off for as long as I can.

2. We didn’t have any to begin with :(

3. Yes but mainly with other people

- I went with an asthma attack on NYE and missed a party as I got admitted.
- Took J when he stood on a cup to get stitches.
- Took my ex when he cut his knuckle open with a knife and needed mini surgery.

4. I sent off a signed contract thing last week. Does that count?

5. I mainly text when meeting people or to arrange meeting. I prefer using email, FB and other sites. more words13 months ago


I changed all my names a while ago. The last name was difficult to choose.

How I did it was I thought about what sort of name I wanted. I wanted something shorter and more common so I didn’t have to spell it out so often.

Then I knew I wanted something at the beginning of the alphabet as my old surname began with a W and I was always waiting in school be it for the register to be called or to be put into groups.

Then because J is also changing his name I asked if he had any preferences, he didn’t. So we looked at a website that lists surnames and looked under the letter A. He picked 5 and I picked 5 to see if we had any in common. I don’t think we did so we just read down them until we found one we agreed we both liked.

I do like the family names idea but I have a lot of Irish catholic family with really long surnames :)

Good luck choosing one. 13 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]Number Forty Two

36 Crazyfists

They cancelled their gig 2 years ago and I’m so glad the came back last night. New album and tour next year too <3 13 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥] 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]Day one

So I learnt how to cast on. That seemed to work. Then I tried knitting a few rows.

It started out about 3 inches wide and straight. In the end it was like a rectangle attached to a square attached to a triangle.

So I’m adding extra somehow somewhere. Knitting does not relax me.

I will try again tomorrow. 13 months ago


I am going to try an knit a scarf.

I have ordered some wool and I’m going to watch some tutorials. 13 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]Still smoking but still vaping

I have a RCS system now instead of the refillable carts. It means I save money on atomisers now. 13 months ago


Happy birthday :-) 13 months ago


They had a zip on the inside leg so they were quick to get on and off.

The ones like this took 3 minutes to buckle up though which was a pain. 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]I miss my old school shoes

I loved them so much 14 months ago


Why won’t it grow faster? 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]Just noticed

When about to purchase a Kindle book how many devices are registered on my account. 14 months ago


It’s water vapour. It is like steam from a kettle, it doesn’t smell or linger so no passive smoking.

I think they are really good. There haven’t been around long enough for studies to show the long term effects but we do know how bad smoking regular cigarettes are. The e-liquid doesn’t have any where near as many chemicals in.

If smoking was still legal inside I would view it as rude to smoke while eating so I wouldn’t get my e-cig out and smoke at the table anyway.

I think people are used to not smoking indoors in public places now. I know that I don’t smoke my e-cig walking around shops or on public transport. The only exception is in a pub. Alcohol triggers the want to smoke. But again I don’t do it in crowded places and still go outside with others when they smoke. 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥] 14 months ago


11) Bring the Flood’s Debut FULL LENGTH ALBUM
12) The Art Of Dying
13) Glyphs & Co.
14) Smart Mug: your favourite hot beverages served right
16) Density Playing Card Deck — Printed by USPCC
17) TruGlide Apex 14 months ago


Happy birthday, hope you have a great day :)

14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]14. Carve a pumpkin

It was smelly and messy and I got a sore hand but here is pumpkin man.

next mission bake the pumpkin seeds14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]A boy's best friend is his SISTER.

Ha :) 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]16. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

Oliver <3 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]Paid the loan off

and paid the mortgage which were the two most important things. Next thursday money should be tight but all things paid in full with a spare few pounds to go shopping. Yay! 14 months ago

[♥]-Emily-[♥]2. Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

In my trolley! 14 months ago

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