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Recent entries from LilLoAnn

LilLoAnnGlass House

How am I judging others when I am so flawed myself. I find myself doing it alot and I am working on stopping this. I have no right and I need to be more positive and look for the good in others, pick out one thing right away that is nice, a compliment, a smile a thank you anything; just not a judging eye. 2 years ago

LilLoAnn 2 years ago


LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnnthe lull will stop!

I used to paint, sew, draw, write, make jewelry and other fun things all the time. I’ve been wanting to blame why I stopped on my ex but it is MY fault. I have made 2 little beaded bracelets already this and can’t wait to create more! I will try tonite to do a little something fun and artsy :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnnYes I do!

Thank you for the inspirational words. I caught myself texting something bad about me today and I stopped erased it. :) I’m working on it, everyday I feel myself coming closer to being my friend and eventually my best friend, loving myself despite my flaws and mistakes!!! 3 years ago

LilLoAnnbest wishes

I hope you find your Dad! Good luck, your intentions are loving and pure and I think that you will find him!! I will think positive and wish you well on your endeavor. :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnno dice!

Unfortunately it didn’t happen that week :( It rained but I couldn’t find anyone worth kissing lol… I can feel that it’s going to come soon. Next rain, watch out cute boys!!! 3 years ago

LilLoAnnHD's Rule - Black and Orange forever!

I also have motorcyles running through my blood. I have a Harley too, an 883 sporty that’s all customed out. What kind is yours? My dad and mom both ride too! I think that is soooo awesome that you accomplished this goal. Nothing beats the feeling of riding and being free with the wind on your face. I’m happy you got your Harley! (btw you could’nt have picked a better brand for your ride :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnThank You!

Thank you for your inspirational comments, I appreciate them greatly. Your tips have already helped me alot. I can’t wait for like 5 more months when they really lock up and I can do all this cute stuff with them. But thank you and forget all of that and people’s judgement and negativity. I am already getting better at this goal and rocking them all crazy. I have started wearing them down everyday even though they are kinda wild and not worrying about keeping them up until they are perfect. Once again thank you for the tips, I would have never thought of all that! :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnYes he Was!!

I only have one of his :( His somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world played at my best friends funeral recently. I love that song so much and wish I was in Hawaii. Yes, it was a very sad loss. I wish he would have gotten healthy so he could make more beautiful music for us!!! I need to go to Hawaii asap. I’ve been trying to win on Kearth 101 because they give out 2 trips a week. You should try because you are in the area. I live in Glendora and work in Azusa so were practically neighbors :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnSheryl Crow Guitar

So I already have the guitar, now I just need to learn how to play it! I’ve always been in love with the ukulele and even named my puppies Luka and Lalee :) A few years back I won an autographed Fender electric guitar signed by Sheryl Crow and a private concert with her at 104.3 MyFm studios in Cali!! Since then it has sat in my spare ent. room staring at me. I am going to learn how to play it and then hopefully branch out to the acoustic and ukulele. Has any one ever listened to IZ (rip) from Hawaii? He is amazing you should check him out!!! 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnngood weekend

I actually got a lot of things done I’ve been meaning to do. I cut and trimmed all my roses and ended up with 14 vases full that I got to give to some of my friend and mom and the rest has filled my home with a beautiful aroma and a little pick me up. I did some laundry, dishes and a little cleaning I’ve been putting off. Still a lot more to do like get ready for a yard sell thats only like a year in the making lol. But I AM making progress and this site has definetly helped that! :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnnstocked up

I have about 10 lil bottles I got at a craft store and put some sand and shells in them. I was going to use them as my college graduation announcements but that didn’t work due to an illness. They have been sitting in a closet for like 6 years. I’m going to get them out and give them to people with cute messages in them and also send one out to sea :) I’m excited, thank you for the idea fellow message bottlers! 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago


I just recently dreaded my hair about 3 weeks ago. Since then I already feel the looks and judgement and someone even called me a weirdo! I dreaded it because I’ve wanted to for years and really don’t care what people think but I have found myself a little self concious… not just about my dreads but about myself overall. I want to stop this thinking and rock my dreadies like a natty should!!! ;) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnit is hard

I know I have the capability to be kind and love alot!!! I just have been depressed and lost my constant kindness and loving ways. I am trying to change and want to be kind. There is a quote, I’m not sure who from but it goes a little something like: to be kind, that is enough. I am going to try and just be kind and loving and see how that goes. 3 years ago

LilLoAnnLavender in November

November is National Epilepsy Awareness month and the ribbon respresenting this is Lavender. I have suffered from epilepsy since April 23, 2006. It has been a rough road: full of injuries, er visits, hospital stays, embarssement, pity parties, losing my license and deep depression. I am going to now stop trying to be a victim and be proactive about my disease. I am young and full of life and I still hope to have a good one. Epilepsy is not talked about much and most people don’t know what to do if they see someone having a seizure. I am going to inform people and start commiting myself to awareness and supporting others and making a difference. If you would like to learn more please visit Thank you for reading this :) 3 years ago

LilLoAnni've been lazy

Sometimes I get home from work and think letting them in the house and loving them up is enough because they have a big back yard to play in. I realize I need to actually go outside with them and play with them more. I need to get a harness leash so I don’t choke them and will try to walk them at least 2 times a week starting off and then increase more and more walks a week! 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago

LilLoAnncrossing my fingers

If I get rain this weekend I think I’ll be able to get this taken care of!! Wish me luck ;) 3 years ago

LilLoAnnoff to a rough start!

Yesterday I found myself downing myself via text to my friend, saying how I’ve done so many bad things and I don’t deserve a very good and happy life. Later I remembered about my first goal. I was sad that I talked bad about myself. I am trying to remember that although I’ve made mistakes and hurt people I care about I still am a loving person who cares. I am going to try and love myself more and better and stop downing myself and calling myself names like stupid, idiot, and b*@#$. I say them jokingly and casually but until my friend pointed it out and wouldn’t let me say that to him I noticed how constant I do this. I am trying to stop… 3 years ago

LilLoAnn 3 years ago


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