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LittleFATMe 2 years ago

LittleFATMe 3 years ago

LittleFATMeThe big plan!

I think that this goal will actually change! I have the same as a New Years resolution – I think to keep better track, and therefore make sure it happens – I will break it down month to month – this will become January. Once the year is over I get to check the BIG box! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 1; # 3

See, this is where I REALLY wish I could change something about! I LOVE THIS SITE – really, I feel like this site (along with, Weight Watchers, Zumba, running & blogging) changed my life. As I use it more, I find that my goals overlap and I wish there was a way to “double tag” entries to go to two or more goals. Internet gods – get on that.
Anywho, I have been in a funk to say the least. Today I finally got back outdoors. It was SO cold at first, but I warmed up. I hooped and Zumba-ed. Thing is, I love to run – solitary, transcending, amazing, purifying – and I love to Zumba – fun, funny, camaraderie. What I LOVE more that those things is when I get a good work out and have my kids have fun outdoors, moving and laughing.
That is why today was awesome, ‘cause the kids were outside riding bikes and scooters and just having a great time! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 1; # 2

Wednesday I kicked my own ass at the gym. Ahhh, nothing like self torture! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 1; # 1

I didn’t want to go. I went.
I went to the gym and I elliptical-ed my booty into a good sweat. Thank you so much Zumba play list! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week "between months", # 2

I am not well. My nerves are shot and I am stressed out beyond belief. So of course my headaches are flaring and I feel like I all on a roller coaster each time I stand up. Today my left eye is blacking out. This is all why I MADE myself go to Zumba yesterday, when normally I would not have. I knew I had to get workouts in while I could. 2 years ago


Wish your mood was brighter, but glad you posted anyway! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week "between months", # 1

I hooped for 15 minutes and then did hard core Zumba for ten. Cooled down for 25 minutes and then hooped for 15 minutes and “Zumba” for ten. I say “Zumba” because in reality I was (TMI WARNING) stripping and grinding my wife, still a work out – a fun one! Oh, in the spirit of TMI I guess I will mention that I feel like I am pretty good at the (self invented?) art of strip hooping! That’s right, in my bedroom – which is in no way big enough to hoop – I sexy hooped (grinded and got dirty, club dancing style all while hooping) and then was struck by the thought, “I can so get this shirt off and keep the hoop going!” I did, at first the banana didn’t even realize what was happening. Then the only logical though that could possibly follow, “I could SO get my bra off and keep this hoop going!” AND I DID!!!! 2 years ago


LOVE that you are here! This site has been one of my biggest tools, along with Youtube! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeOne hour and 26 minutes.

That was last years Crescent City Classic time. I want to beat it by at least 10 minutes. I am thinking about making that by 20 minutes, but I strive for reality and I am not sure that is realistic! 2 years ago

LittleFATMe31 minutes; I sh*t you not!

I ran TWO 31 minute 5Ks – you can read about them under the workout challenge BUT now I have to push for longevity. SO that I can run the 10K in NO TIME! Woot, woot! 2 years ago


I just added this as a resolution for 2012. SO now it has to happen! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeOur 5 Minute Move sessions.

It’s hard, you know, to have your kids move and play. The world it WAY harsh and you you can’t just let little girls go off and play. Anything could happen. Also, I am lucky to home school. When your kids are in school, like mine were, there is hardly time for anything and school doesn’t have them actually play. I used to drop my kids to before care at 7:30 in the morning and pick them up at 5:30 in the evening. We got home at 6:00 and had to complete assignments, study, bath, have dinner (which needed to be prepared.) If you get them to be even at 9pm where is the time to “play” for 60 minutes? It isn’t there.
Well, I started doing this really fun thing for myself way back when I worked (WAY back – lol!) I have Fibromyalgia and it cause my body to ache when I move, this is worse if I am not mobile very often. So after 4 hours at my desk walking felt like hell. I started doing a Zumba dance once and hour. It really helped. Now that I home school I set the timer for 55 minutes, when it goes off I set it for 5 and we spend that time alternating stretches, cardio, movement and just plain silliness. To make sure everyone is back to “serious school behavior” afterward the kids are told they will miss our next 5 Minute Move if they don’t behave! They love it so much they snap back, even better they are awake, alert and full of life!
We spend 6-7 hours a day with school, so that ads up to 30-35 minutes. Plus, we have a 20 minute recess after lunch (outside if available) and a 15-20 minute play time after school if it’s not too late.
It’s a really good feeling, and I feel like it’s just the beginning. With my oldest now riding a bike, we will have even more healthy, happy MOVE time! 2 years ago

LittleFATMe 2 years ago

LittleFATMeWeight Watchers Weigh In (Wk 79)

So, because I had to work I didn’t get to weigh in. I can’t go every Thursday. I don’t know what I am gonna do. I think at home weigh ins are going to be official now – EVERY Saturday – and I will of course update you dudettes when I do weigh in with at work. Work – he he he – that’s funny.
Oh – would be nice to update. I weighed in today at 136.0 – I like it! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeFirst day.

I worked my first meeting as a receptionist. It was so light, most people didn’t want to come two days after Thanksgiving. All went well, pretty much. 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week 4; # 3

Girl – get the hell out! I am whipped. I love it. Today I scooted over to Zumba – weight lifting. I was late, but who the hell cares? Then I caught a full class after the workout. I was DRENCHED and that means it was a good day. 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week 4; # 2

Nov 23 – my birthday. I took the kids out to play and managed to get in 30-40 good minutes of hooping, then they did Zumba with me for 20 minutes. Once they lost interest I picked the hoop back up and started to Zumba-hoop. Strange, awkward and hilarious – SO MUCH FUN! Later, because my wife is awesome I got a solo visit to the gym in and I made sweet exercise love to the elliptical! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeWeekly Meeting (Wk 78) Holiday eating tips video!

Somewhere my weeks got effed – it might very well me 79. Grrr. ANYWHO, I weighed in an officially was at 137.8 – I lost my pound I was gunning for. Actually I lost 1.4. Fun stuff! 2 years ago


Do you actually have to change tires for each season? A real winter is such a foreign concept to me – it like fall all year down here with a few weekends of frozen thrown in. 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week 4; # 1

Thank God! I got to a Zumba class and burned a bit of calories. I was SO needing a good dance off. Zumba makes me run better, I take the songs I really love and really have to push through and put them on my running play list. Then when I hit that wall of I CAN’T a good hardcore song comes on and I do! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week 3; # 3

Sunday I went back to the park, my legs aching in their sockets. I stretched and thought, “It’s okay if I can’t match my time.” Then I set the stopwatch and got going – 3.2 miles later – 31:54.5 minutes later. Not a fluke, not a rare undo-able thing. I am gonna kill this years CCC 10K! 2 years ago


LittleFATMe 2 years ago

LittleFATMeNovember Challenge: Week 3; # 2

OMG! I got to go an run – RUN – outdoors, in the evening, in the cold. I got to RUN until I was warm, hot! I got to run until I couldn’t and then I ran even further. I got to RUN and RUN and pray and cry and hurt and RUN. It was beautiful. My lovely wife got home in time for me to get to the park and it was alive with kids and people and so amazingly fun to RUN around. I want a puppy. I want a dog to run with!
I got 3.2 miles done in 30 minutes – which means that it’s possible I can keep working on it and set my Crescent City Classic 10K goal as an hour! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeI am jonesing.

Monday. Monday was the last time I got a good REAL work out. Sure I have hooped here and there, but hooping alone isn’t what I crave. Lately I crave the run, even though I am less than stellar. I feel like I am chasing her (THE run) and that I will catch her if I keep going. Like and addict KNOWING they can get higher. lol
I know I am hitting the gym tonight, which kinda sucks because Zumba in the club is happening… Honestly I would rather an afternoon at the park to just go. I kinda fell in love with running outside. My love has been out of town this week so getting a good kid-free workout has not happened! Blah. 2 years ago

LittleFATMeThe search for a name ends:

Boy – Wiley
Girl – Brennen 2 years ago

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