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New blog!!!

Recent entries from LittleFATMe
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LittleFATMeGo, go Gary!

My friend Gary is doing this with me and that is awesome. He is a runner and hopefully wont smoke me too bad! lol I am hoping having him there will make me take myself more serious! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeFebruary 2012 - the new plan.

As I stated, I am rearranging how I do this. The only SET workouts are runs, other than that I left it up to me what will happen for each session! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeJanuary summary.

I really have to get on this shit. Not the working out, got that. I need to get on my blog and on my 43Thing account. I hate it being so damn quiet. It’s so easy to vlog, I always have the camera out. Writing is another story, I love to do it, but I have to stop everything and do IT.
So here is my January wrap up – a week late, I killed this month. I did learn a few things and I have changed my tactic. I have decided which days I will work out, but have not decided what I will do. Leaves it a bit more flexible and I learned that I needed that in January! 2 years ago


OMG!!! I am so happy! Just remember that different instructors can make or break the whole thing! Try a lot! When I come to Australia I can’t wait to do Zumba, you guys have some killer instructors! LOVE IT!!! 2 years ago


I like you. I don’t know, I think it’s your blog and just your energy – which is funk sometimes. I like you and I hope you find the urge to be amazing, ‘cause I think you kind of are. I’m married to a chick and we are all sorts of loved up so I am not hitting on you. Just reaching out and letting you know you are sort of a really cool person and I want to know you, now and after you get over this and become amazing to everyone. :)
fat little me at(the symbol) gmail dot(the little dot) com – anywho! Reach out if you want. 2 years ago


Isn’t that the most amazing ever!
I remember my first time working out through a cold, I was so happy after! lol 2 years ago

LittleFATMe12 minute miles...

I ran 5 straight. I ran for a solid hour and I ran it at 12 minutes a mile. If I did that I should be able to beat my time by 10 minutes. Add a few sprints and I can SO do this! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeI want you to die.

I don’t want to have a dead grandmother, you are not only the best grandma I had but also the last grandparent. I don’t want to tell my tiny heart that you died. I don’t want her to hurt, I don’t want to hurt. I don’t want to feel scared and I don’t want to be lost. I don’t want my mother or her sisters or brother to hurt.
I do want you to die. I’m sorry.
I want you to drop dead from some crazy heart attack, when no one is looking. I want you to get hit by a car when we are all tucked in. I don’t want you to die slow, slow, slow, s l o w . While we all stand around unable to help. I don’t want things to hurt worse everyday. I don’t want it to take so long that you lose who you are even more than you have. I don’t want to dread phone calls and then feel numb because it’s never the end, it’s always just the beginning of the end.
I love you, and I want you to die. What kind of a person am I? 2 years ago

LittleFATMeI am going to forgive YOU.

You think that I did a long time ago, but I didn’t. I am going to really let this all of this go… and I am going to talk to you like an adult. I mean, we’ve grown up. We are, like, so far from where we’ve come and I think if I am going to keep loving you then I should forgive you and work on making this as healthy as it can be for both of us. I do, love you. Different and less crystal meth, still love. So, there is this: I forgive you.
Now I am going to actively work on not being scared of you anymore. 2 years ago


I am going to a new church on Sunday.
I hope it is gay friendly. I don’t want to take my wife and make out in the pews, but I would like to have my wife and kids and not feel like everyone wants me dead… 2 years ago

LittleFATMeJanuary 1-17 2012

I have been doing quite well. Adjusting workouts, yet still getting the set amount done. It’s been rough as I have been feeling kinda crappy and couldn’t figure out what was up until I had an erathema bump show up on my shin in the first week of January. I have had several which never really erupt the way they used to but nag enough to drain me and make me feel like BLARGH. Anywho, I’m doing really well with things and I hope to do even better as I have another half times how this weekend and the half marathon on March fourth! 2 years ago

LittleFATMe2012 Work out personal challenge:

In May of 2010, actually it was June, I decided to challenge myself to work out 30 minutes three times for a week. I did it. At the end of that week I decided to do it for a month (meaning, at the time, four weeks.) When the end of the four weeks came it was only like a week and a half away from the end of July and I thought, “I should do this monthly and why not start by finishing July?” That was the first shadow of what would shape the rest of that year and my life. I LOVE my workouts, seriously. I think of them, plan them, look forward to them, like to share some, like to keep some for myself – my workouts have become what fast food was to me. Only I am PROUD of them, I sing and dance and talk to everyone and anyone who will listen. I adore this me. (When I was hooked on fast food I was lonely, unhealthy, sad, sick and so ashamed.)
For a year and a half I gave myself the little goals of month to month workouts, this year I am starting a new system. I am planing monthly and then sticking to that plan. I have 19 workout PLANNED for January, there may be more – there will not be less! I figure I will update weekly – instead of each work out. Some were getting skipped (clearly as I didn’t post for TWO WEEKS!) and I don’t want to lose them! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember challenge: Week 3; # 2

OMG! Friday was Kringle Krump, Zumba. Two hours of fab instructors and calorie burning fun! 2 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 3; # 1

I love Zumba, and I can’t seem to get enough!
I am SO making plans for Wednesday and Friday! 3 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 2; # 2 & 3

So Friday I danced and hooped JUST enough to call it number two. Saturday I went to Zumba for the first time in SO long. It was just as beautiful as I always thought it was! 3 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 2; # 1

Hula hooped MAY ASS OFF!
Zumba-ed and did weight work! Hell yeah! Wednesday was a good day! 3 years ago

LittleFATMe13 Dec 11

Right shin, two inches below the knee. Slight bump, quite a bit of pain. Erythema nodosum. My anxiety is up, I am sad and it hurts to move. It is a different hurt than the fibro. Fibro just makes it hard, like thick fog and a pull, a hurt that just kind of throbs in the back. Erythema – hurts, like broken bones. This is actually how it all started. A horrible erythema nodosum outbreak that resolved after MORE THAN A YEAR and left me with Fibromyalgia.
I am scared. 3 years ago

LittleFATMeThe chair.

I have this whole thing in my head so clear. All my odds and ends on shelves behind me. All my books and things all around me. So many pieces and the PERFECT chair! Thing is – I found the perfect chair and the perfect fabric – separately! I want this to be my FAV chair ever, I am not sure this would be comfy enough! 3 years ago


I have a little corner where I usually film anyway, so we are just going to let me custom it up! I’m looking into more shelving and an alternate chair! 3 years ago

LittleFATMe 3 years ago

LittleFATMe 3 years ago

LittleFATMeI change my reward.

I want and NEED a pair of boots! I die for. This will have to wait even longer! 3 years ago

LittleFATMeI didn't do it.

But I am not GIVING UP. I am done with the goal. I don’t want the treadmill, I have progressed too far for this goal! 3 years ago

LittleFATMe 3 years ago

LittleFATMe 4 years ago

LittleFATMeThe big plan!

I think that this goal will actually change! I have the same as a New Years resolution – I think to keep better track, and therefore make sure it happens – I will break it down month to month – this will become January. Once the year is over I get to check the BIG box! 3 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 1; # 3

See, this is where I REALLY wish I could change something about! I LOVE THIS SITE – really, I feel like this site (along with, Weight Watchers, Zumba, running & blogging) changed my life. As I use it more, I find that my goals overlap and I wish there was a way to “double tag” entries to go to two or more goals. Internet gods – get on that.
Anywho, I have been in a funk to say the least. Today I finally got back outdoors. It was SO cold at first, but I warmed up. I hooped and Zumba-ed. Thing is, I love to run – solitary, transcending, amazing, purifying – and I love to Zumba – fun, funny, camaraderie. What I LOVE more that those things is when I get a good work out and have my kids have fun outdoors, moving and laughing.
That is why today was awesome, ‘cause the kids were outside riding bikes and scooters and just having a great time! 3 years ago

LittleFATMeDecember Challenge: Week 1; # 2

Wednesday I kicked my own ass at the gym. Ahhh, nothing like self torture! 3 years ago

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