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Recent entries from LunaBella....Glitters
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LunaBella....Glitterswonderfully silly goal

Such a wonderfully silly goal -if I had a cheer. I would definitely give it to this :) 5 months ago


New Year -New Resolution (again)
I will lose weight this year !!!! 11 months ago


I just love Christmas Shopping :)
Starting early keeps it less stressful more joyful. 14 months ago

LunaBella....Glitters 19 months ago

LunaBella....GlittersOk, It is started -Yeah!

Now for a new goal. Get people to actually want to read my new blog!. Could be harder than just starting a blog. Guess it is time for a new goal -just blog! 17 months ago

LunaBella....GlittersGreat goal :)

One of those wonderful forever type goals. 17 months ago


Sounds fun. I’ve always wanted to do this. Get to make creative molds that go with the different mixtures. Not to mention making felting wraps over the soap. Not yet a goal of mine (too much on my plate) but one day. 17 months ago

LunaBella....GlittersArtfulBitsandBytes is now a blog

Well, I started my blog.
It’s an art/lifestyle blog. I’ve got to work on exactly what I want it to be about though (or maybe tis will just evolve and come naturally?) I mean I know generally but not stylistically. I haven’t promoted or linked it to anything yet as I’d like to sort of develop a rhythm first (and I know I’m going to work on the header and appearance) But it is a start.

I was so sure this was what I wanted to do -to help expose my art to others, to have a personal forum for my artist thoughts, hopefully connect with other like-minded people. But oddly enough now I’m kind of scared. And Not really sure why, maybe of not being to live up to my own expectations, Maybe the perceived pressure of consistency, just not sure … 18 months ago

LunaBella....Glitters 8 years ago

LunaBella....Glitters 8 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersMore a lifestyle

A lifestyle I’d like to continue to pursue, more than a goal. 19 months ago

LunaBella....Glitters 7 years ago


LunaBella....Glitters 22 months ago

LunaBella....Glitters 3 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersYeah! I've done it!

Completed my biggest canvas. Quite happy with it. A blend of conceptual, cutsy, and abstract. Very Me….

I Used it as the focal point of my tent at Arts & Crafts.
Took 2 weeks (weekends & nights) and I’ll definitely be painting big again. 21 months ago

LunaBella....GlittersCompleting a few

I’ve actually met a few of my goals lately and just need to post. Life is so busy and balance is so hard. It is good to see progress.

I need to resort, hopefully this weekend. 21 months ago

LunaBella....GlittersNashville 2013

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite awhile now but everything was always so far away making the expense (travel, lodging, supplies, + retreat) impractical. But I found one in Nashville around Easter. I was going up there with family anyway so shared travel cost and since my brother lives there no hotel cost. Yeah!

I would love to own a gallery/studio and teach art and architecture related subjects then actually create an art retreat one day. BUT first I guess it’d be a good idea to go to a retreat and see what it is all about then who knows maybe a new long-term goal could come out of the experience. 22 months ago

LunaBella....Glitters 2 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersReally Big

I bought the big canvas as my Cyber Monday gift to myself (even though I actually went to the store) Michaels had a 2 day Only 70% Off Sale. Amazing, I now have enough canvas for the coming year.

The big canvas is 60 inches by 48 inches. Took an large SUV to get home. The biggest they had. Now I need a super 70% Off Paint sale to cover the monster. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to get started. I think that because it was reasonable priced, I’m less nervous about painting on it. Less personal pressure to make it perfect. (and it is that perfection prblem that can totally stifle the creative spirit)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 2 years ago

LunaBella....Glittersstill at it :)

I have laid the entire porch and am now just finishing up the steps. It looks awesome if I do say so my self. Funny what I thought would be a couple month project is now a two year project but good things take time and I’m ok with that (today anyway) I’ll take pics on the next post. 2 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersArtfulBitsAndBytes is now open

I’m open and still filling it up. It took much longer than I thought to get everything set up. I think I have a system down so I copy all the text from the previous items and just modify and add new pictures. I also joined 3 teams (as it seems that is important to get folks to look and like your stuff) I also made 2 treasuries (same reason) That’s fun but alas more time. I’ll truly consider this done when I’ve filled my first page. I thought I would also say make my first sale but there is so much stuff on etsy that it may be crazy hard to get noticed so I think I’ll make that a separate goal -tomorrow, got to get to my paying job now. 2 years ago


Getting some items completed. Replacing some damaged wood. Replacing damaged windows (have quote -just need to put down the money) Almost completed the mosaic. Slowly but surely (very slowly)

Market is a little better. Hopefully before Christmas (?) 2 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersBack to it.

after totally not focusing on this goal, its back. I would like to take my test by the ned of May. I have started studying again -this past week was Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency. I’ll start studying the next two tomorrow.

(The upgrade in priority is mostly because my work will pay for the exam now -as long as I pass it) 2 years ago


I really need to do this -not just for my 43 things goals but for real.
I have a tendency to just glide. Not always bad but this is life. We only have one time here on this earth. It should matter. I’ve heard the quote (something like this) if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it. I don’t want to bulls-eye nothing. Life goes up and Life goes down. Ebbing and Flowing like the Tides.
Lately, It’s been my time in the valley. Since the start of 2012, the garage, office, and studio burnt down with minimal insurance (still so blessed the rest of the house did not go up in flames) work has been insane (contractor going bankrupt on one of my biggest jobs, firm identity crisis, more midnight hours than I care to count, .... I could go on and on) not enough money then a severe incident of vertigo -enough to send me to the hospital and lingering enough to make even walking painful.
No excuses but I am just plain tired and ready for a bit of a break. I am almost ready to re-evaluate some of the hard goals, the ones I’ve been putting off. I am also excite to try and figure out how to make some others more real.
I do know even through it all, God’s hand has been and is ever present. I am grateful (even if I sound sort of whiny at the moment) I want to make the most of my talents, gifts, and interests. I want to share and not hoard what life has given me -even if some of that is just experiences that allow me to empathize with others going through this same journey.
So soon. 2 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersAtlanta on a Whim!

Ok, I’ve been before. But this time, spur of the moment hopped on a MegaBus (So Cheap!) and visited a girlfriend. Went to the Modern Art Museum, then the High Museum, IKEA, went Beading, Chilled in a Hot Tub with Chocolate Tequila Coffee, and much more then back home.
Will be doing more Quick Spontaneous Trips Soon. Meeting friends in New Orleans in a couple weeks in fact. Life’s Short, Live It Fully! 2 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersNot Quite

I didn’t quite make it through the entire Old Testament. I still have many minor prophets yet to go but I’m happy. I’ll finish up this year. I’ll also reread the New Testament. This isn’t a one time deal anyway. The ultimate goal is to listen as God speaks and to be available as he reveals new ad wonderful things through His Word. Peace! 2 years ago

LunaBella....Glitters 3 years ago

LunaBella....GlittersNot Quite.

I didn’t quite make it through the entire Old Testament this year. I still have many minor prophets yet to go but I’m happy and will continue. This years goal …. Reread the New Testament and finish up the Old. 2 years ago


So Awesome! Our God is Great, 2 years ago

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