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MacSasha 22 months ago

MacSashaPlay guitar 1

I’ve owned a couple of guitars for over two years. I have picked them up several times, but after a short period of learning, something has always made me quit. A pity.

So, time to try again, with a little more determination! :) 23 months ago

MacSasha 23 months ago


About 4 years ago, I lost a huge amount of weight – very pleasing.

However, due to illness and a couple of other issues, I’ve regained about 10 – 12ish lbs over the past year. Time to work some of that off. Also, I’d simply like to be a tad more healthy.

I will be starting very gently. 23 months ago

MacSashaLearning Italian

I’m no linguist, I have a fairly poor memory and I’m almost 50 years old. Ideal for learning a language, eh? :)

But I have an Italian friend living in my home until September 2012, and it would be foolish not to make use of this opportunity. 23 months ago

MacSashaMeditating daily

I’ve been following an online meditation course for almost 2 months, now. Unquestionably, it’s proven helpful and I simply want to commit to taking this valuable time out each and every day 23 months ago

MacSasha 23 months ago

MacSasha 23 months ago

MacSasha 23 months ago

MacSasha 23 months ago


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