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Mae_109Im FinE

“I’m fine” is always the words that i say so that i can deceive my heart. But i guess only the people beside me can be deceived by those words and not my heart. I promise myself that I am never gonna cry and it turn out to be like an over flowing water. A container that is full. I want to be brave. I don’t want to be affected by those people. Like yesterday my birthday. They sung the happy birthday song but only for my other classmate. It really hurt me. My friends are asking me if i am happy on my birthday and i keep on saying yes but I’m not really sure if I’m alright. WHOOOO!!!!! Whom I going to cry on? I cant even tell anyone of my feelings. 17 months ago

Mae_109 17 months ago


Thank you… Ill try to message you sometimes… I fell happy to know that i can talk to people about something. :) thank you 20 months ago

Mae_109You feel irritated because you cant choose a right course

I ask my mom everyday what course do i take and she always have the same answer “What do you want?”.
i am getting irritated because I am graduating high school but i still don’t know what course to take.
I mean i want to be a chef but everyone tells ill just end up as a waiter. That there is no future for it.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what to do….what to do…. 20 months ago

Mae_109 20 months ago

Mae_109Feel like something is missing??

do you sometimes caught yourself crying over something??
well i do… I know something is missing but i do not know what it is… i really hate it. 20 months ago


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