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Recent entries from Margarita_67days
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Margarita_67daysMeditation: Day 14

Did the Evening Mindfulness meditation with Maritza. Feel calm and serene – the opposite of how I felt before it. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysPractice Yoga: Day 12

Did the Mindfulness Yoga from the meditation DVD (the PM Meditation with Maritza). Very gentle poses, just what I needed. Felt as comforting as mashed potatoes. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysAverage 30 minutes of cardio daily: Day 9

Did a fast paced climb on the maximum incline (15) for 50 minutes while trying to leaf through the back issues of Runner’s World looking to get some motivation. Initially was only going to do it for 30 minutes but figured since I already have a 10 minute surplus, an extra 20 minutes would allow me to take a break tomorrow – now that was truly motivating. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysStretch daily: Day 5

It’s only Day 5 and already stretching feels like a habit. Probably because the benefits of stretching (or, more importantly, the harm of not stretching) are so clear to me. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysPut things back in their places: Day 9

Perfect is the enemy of good. Today was “good” – I’ll take it. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysCardio: Day 8

Did a slow pace 30 minutes on the treadmill – on the hottest day of the year it’s 30 minutes more than I wanted to do. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysStretch daily: Day 4

Didn’t use the foam roller but did the running stretches – the bare minimum I can get away with I think. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysYoga: Day 11

Didn’t have enough energy for the 45 minute Vinyasa session (it’s hoooot) but did do 20 minutes of sun salutations. Wish they were called “ice salutations” or “ice cream salutations” – that would be motivating for me today. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysMeditation: Day 13

Listened to the “Find Inner Peace” guided motivation today – could not concentrate for the life of me. Ah well, there is always tomorrow. 3 years ago


It’s a great idea to skip the timer – I was actually quite startled when I heard it, not the best way to come out of it for sure. My only fear is that I would fall asleep but I think there is very little chance of it happening. I’ll look into the breathing technique. I hear you on keeping the room warm – I actually started turning the AC down, sitting motionless one gets cold pretty quickly. Congrats on sticking with this, it’s not the easiest thing but seems to be worth it. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysStretch Daily: Day 3

Still loving the post-running stretching program, a few more days and I can probably do it from memory. Only did the foam roller on my right side today (where I needed it most) – didn’t have enough time to do the entire program. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysAverage 30 minutes of cardio daily: Day 7

Did the jumping rope/treadmill combo again for 25 minutes. Current surplus is 10 minutes. The cool thing was I didn’t have to think twice about going down to the gym – just got dressed and went. Very habit-like. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysPut things back in their places: Day 8

And we’re back on track! Catching up on this habit in the making is very time-consuming, have to remember it next time I decide to ignore it for an hour or two. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysKeep a to-do list: Day 8

This goal is now on hold, since, as per my last post on the subject, I no longer see any benefit to keeping it up. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysYoga: Day 10

Can’t believe it’s Day 10 – this never would have happened without the commitment I made. I think tomorrow I’ll try to up the ante and to the Vinyasa Flow DVD – which is physically more demanding than the Flexibility Power Yoga DVD I’m been doing for the last few days. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysMeditation: Day 12

The shortest meditation in the history of meditations. Had neither the time nor the inclination but forced myself to sit for a little while. Better than nothing, I suppose. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysMeditation: Day 11

So up until now, I’ve been doing recorded guided meditations (with varying degrees of success), today I decided to try the real thing. Set the kitchen timer for 6 minutes (1 minute to get comfortable, 5 to actually meditate – small steps) – the timer is kind of loud so had to cover it with a blanket. Tried to tune everything out, focusing on the breath at the nostrils. Worked much better than in the last few days. When the timer beeped I actually could have gone for longer. Maybe will try to do 10 minutes tomorrow. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysYoga: Day 9

A small breakthrough – was actually able to get my heals on the floor today! Not sure how much of it has to do with my hour of stretching and how much – with all the yoga I’ve been doing but I’m pretty happy nonetheless. For some bizarre reason kept skipping the upward dog today and going straight into the downward dog, interesting. The poses definitely feel much easier. Look forward to Day 10. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysStretch Daily: Day 2

Ended up stretching for almost an hour. Really glad I found the two youtube videos yesterday. The “Stretches for Runners” were great, though I replaced the ITB stretch with another one that worked better for me and modified the piriformis stretch. Never would have done the inner thigh one on my own, so this is a nice little addition to my repertoire.

And man did I need the foam roller today – found the spot that’s pulling on my knee, excruciating pain and with daily rolling it should get better. I’m definitely motivated to keep going. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysPut things back in their places: Day 7

This is officially a goal I need to recommit to. Of course I wasn’t expecting to suddenly become a neat freak by Day 7, but I’m curious to see whether I’m capable of become a neat-ish freak by Day 67. Right now, I have some serious doubts. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysKeep a to-do list: Day 8

Feel pretty close to giving up on this goal. When I started, these are the benefits of keeping a to-do list I came up with:

1. I’ll have less mental stress

2. I’ll have the bigger picture of all the things I need to do and consequently, will be able to prioritize better.

3. I’ll have more room in my brain for other things.

4. Crossing things off is pretty gratifying.

5. I will probably accomplish more and have fewer things fall through the cracks.

Eight days later, I find that actually reflecting on this goal gives me more mental stress than the actual to-do list keeping relieves. I get very little satisfaction from crossing things off and not forgetting about certain things is the only benefit I get. In the past I only kept to-do lists where I was unusually overwhelmed (getting ready for a big trip, for instance) and had a million little things to do – since it’s not the case right now, I’m having a lot trouble motivating myself to keep this up. Will see how I feel about this in the next few days. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysKeep a to-do list: Day 7

Five completed items in my Logbook today. The bad news is that 3 items I really wanted to check off today did not get done. The good news is I know what I’m doing tomorrow morning. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysPut things back in their places: Day 5

Being stressed and tired got in the way of this goal today. However, I will take the time to put things away before I go to sleep, at least I’m aware now of what things are not in their places – that’s progress right there. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysMeditation: Day 10

After yesterday’s fiasco, really needed today’s session to be effortless and helpful. I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a while, called “Meditate Now” – it has a bunch of guided [pseudo] meditations and I’ve used the “Fall Asleep” one to, well, help me fall asleep and never listened to other ones. After today’s yoga session, I listened to the “Find Inner Peace” track which ran for just over 6 minutes. Even though it seemed more like a hypnosis than proper meditation, it was incredibly relaxing and I definitely feel more “peaceful” than before. I especially like the “cloud of peace” reference, made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, forgot to mention that yesterday’s guided meditation with Maritza yielded a solution to my numb feet – she suggested the use of a “meditation pillow” and I have to say, my feet feel much better. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysYoga: Day 8

Very stressful day. Only had time to do yoga now, as the day is winding down. Did the same DVD I’ve been doing for the last couple of days and today I really needed it and really enjoyed every minute of it. So much that I stayed on the floor for about 5 minutes after the session was over. Feeling much less stressed, hope to remember how helpful yoga is next time I feel frazzled. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysCardio: Day 5

My knee didn’t feel great this morning, which was enough to convince me to take advantage of the 35 minute surplus I have accumulated and take a rest day. I also made sure to stretch my ITB and I think the knee is better. Tomorrow will either cross train, or maybe take it to the treadmill, which is easier on the knees than the pavement. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysStretch Daily Day 1: Planning

About 4 years ago I got injured pretty badly while playing squash, the doctor diagnosed “hip bursitis” and told me tight ITB and hamstrings were the reason. I had to walk with a cane for about 3 months, do regular physio and about 30 minutes of stretching a day – since I had a trekking trip planned at the time, I took the stretching very seriously and was amazed at how much my flexibility and range of motion has increased. Of course once I got better, the stretching quickly subsided to 5 minutes here and there and the tight muscles seem to be back. Now that I’m trying to have a regular cardio program, stretching seems more important than ever. So the benefits of stretching are pretty clear in my head, all I need now is the discipline to make it a habit (again).

The plan is two-fold.

1) Use a foam roller. The Top 5 Foam Roller Exercises video from KineticFines (for the link go to does a good job of showing some basic stretches.

2) Use a running-specific stretching program. I’ll start with the one shown in this 10 Best Stretches for Runners video (again, the link is on my web-site)

The best time to stretch is of course after a run, or some other cardio activity, which is what I will try to do. On rest days, stretching is a nice way to start the day, I will just have to be careful to not overstretch. 3 years ago

Margarita_67days 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysCompletely agree

I am a big believer in recovering, but averaging 30 minutes a day seems more than reasonable and I do try to listen to my body. Yoga actually feels restorative so I think I can do it every day without any damage. 3 years ago

Margarita_67daysClearly I'm not very good

at being aware of my breathing, but I am amazing at being aware of how many more minutes i need to suffer through!! 3 years ago

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